• Red Blood

    ... more »

  • Real Hearts

    Then the reality strikes you in the head
    And the heart has complained
    Due to pain and suffering, mighty feelings.
    This heart commands our hearts... more »

  • Real Insight

    Insight and penetration have elegance,
    Centuries of ceremony gain our acceptance.
    The mind is a sane object in the body
    To recall the sanity of an age and custom.... more »

  • Real Lord

    The reality that is before us quietly glistens
    From the heart that utters what the words are;
    Speech capsizes, thought overrides, as before,
    As a real gesture of benevolence.... more »

  • Real Mammal

    A second and first position is to be frightening,
    My holy person muddled it in half,
    Asking a pain of trust that may crumble,
    Inn of pleasant heart and head was inhabited.... more »

  • Real Man

    I relate to the underworld,
    And talk of the dream-world
    I gave to the friend in the hospital
    A long time ago when it was unacceptable.... more »

  • Real Sailor Of A Ship

    He jumps from ship to ship,
    Bedazzled by the sea’s water;
    Spectator of the mists, his boat urges
    And witnesses the miracles of the surface.... more »

  • Reality Of Life

    I gain a reality of greatness
    When I look into your eyes;
    My forgiving nature has ornateness,
    As decorous as a king, the wise.... more »

  • Reason

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  • Reason Behind Madness

    The reason behind madness is solid and plain,
    One feels like the prisoner in his own lane;
    I seek the path befitting to the sane and lonely,
    Feeding the poor should defend them only.... more »

  • Reasoning

    Reason saw me fit to fly into controversy,
    Flights of passion and wit surrounded my soul.
    The enigma stole my feelings away like dreams
    Of a makeshift place, ethereal place, joined place.... more »

  • Rebuked

    If you denounce my spirit,
    The spirit within is so pure
    That purity will never be perverted.
    Openly, the living miracle has been achieved... more »

  • Recall The Monster

    Recall how we differ: report on the monster,
    That gives its blood to the hilt of this sword.
    It frowns and brings us jovial atmospheres,
    Bursting the banks of knowledge like a wisdom... more »

  • Recall This

    It was beyond recall, a sentence was too long,
    You are gas, and I am liquid, like something wrong.

    The remembrance of God is too important,... more »

  • Receive Love

    Receive your love from me, whatever it slides,
    Is a lightening bolt going to take you away?
    The speech is distinct, this love is always there,
    Almost speaking becomes worse as an enemy.... more »

  • Recklessness

    How deeds are told by the reckless
    Is law for the tensing of muscles
    To ache on, to ache on and list
    So goodness will demand angels.... more »

  • Record Of Mighty Arrest

    Recording names of stupor corresponds to success,
    The dossier of might, a charter of demand.
    We mimic the italics of names all around,
    A dossier has been published of one’s cross.... more »

  • Red Fountain

    Why does my stay be staring at this red fountain?
    I grin, but do not discern the special colours;
    Cascading joyous light emits through the gushing water,
    Rushing, like the illness of a fever that burdens the joy.... more »

  • Red Red

    My condition is red, my condition is red,
    Then blueness enters the fray like ghosts
    That go whoosh, and then go like growth.
    This danger is evident in the signs of disasters,... more »

  • Red Red Blood

    It was a passing fancy of the heart,
    When the red blood converges and resists
    The purge in a direction you inspire.
    The heart has a pink flavor... more »

  • Red Roses

    Offer him roses, exactly the same roses
    You picked in the middle of the day.
    Light is travelling from them, forcing its way,
    Like the roses in colour, in bloom, in love.... more »

  • Regained Tonight

    ... more »

  • Regality

    Regal men offer their praises
    To just my kindness and ease.

    I have to restate my intentions,... more »

  • Regret The Prison

    Forests of regret find him, find him in prison,
    This is yours too, a discovery of division.

    Yes, he is in the workshop of labour,... more »

  • Relaxed Mind

    A relaxed mind brings fortune to the rest of us,
    Minds are alike, minds evoke emotions with the soul,
    Finding is the art of thinking, making new thoughts
    And worlds of ideas that spring towards the planet.... more »