• Religion

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  • Release Me

    I release you with me, this time,
    The sea is an ocean beneath following division.
    It was the eighth second in that hour
    When someone knew danger of the deep.... more »

  • Relentless Doing

    Relentless expression of doing,
    The gods do not want you with destruction,
    Rather it is irresistible to break the bonds
    Seated near to the heart, and to let the disease... more »

  • Reliance On Murder

    Your reliance on my vision instils murder,
    The murder comes from the dirty mind.
    Murder is the culmination of centuries of work
    And fulfilling is the question, so wonderful is the crime.... more »

  • Religion Of A Child

    It is religion that you speak your life for,
    With a voice of angels, with certain talk.
    Your mother is very great at living with God,
    And she is becoming thin, unhappy, and glum.... more »

  • Religion The Trust

    We welcome the past to ride a fortune,
    Fixing places of worship, the elaboration.
    Much complains for the memory to last,
    It is about remembering a major fast... more »

  • Religions

    Open us up for the religion,
    You have realised the relics.

    Enter our formation,... more »

  • Religion's Devils

    The devils of religion face the music
    That reads itself like a spinal chord.
    The really clever demons prevent the ions
    From escaping the flesh.... more »

  • Religious Dress

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  • Religious Family

    Sisters and brothers are one of those precious members
    In the family. Their role is infinite.
    They shock themselves with delight.
    They read signs and play with them.... more »

  • Religious Life

    She comes into my room for the religious
    Experience called prayer, holier than anything.
    She comes out from the Mountain of Joy,
    Tells her juices grow from the fountain.... more »

  • Religious Nature

    Why do you sleep when time has finished,
    And cheese is a food for the sheep to make,
    For the cheese asyouknow can bind you;
    For cheese is recommended more than milk... more »

  • Religious Path

    I was going to the path of a religion,
    And this meant verity of a kind incomparable;
    Agreeing to this path meant it was an origin,
    I call it a road so allowable.... more »

  • Religious Table

    A table wooden to the bone cushions my side of the bone,
    Tables and chairs, chairs and tables work hands and feet.
    My real furnished appearance stages a welcome,
    By talismans so religious and bold, and also stronger than the furniture.... more »

  • Reluctance

    On your part do not lie or tell stories of deceit;
    As for those who do, with them is wrong,
    So follow the leader as you may,
    And even the soldier can evade the young bull,... more »

  • Remarkable Light

    The colour the light bears changes according to our wishes,
    It is like something of our persistence, our very perseverance;
    It was the yellow of the light, the white light burnt us,
    As genius opened its patience as we perceived,... more »

  • Remedy

    Remediless fascination governs the scope of vision
    As far and glum goals wilt from the sudden gas;
    Of earth there is soil and air, but not now in gases.... more »

  • Remember Him

    Where are my visions of your remembrance?
    Every woman of kindness escapes from her dream,
    So many men enter her heart to console the heart.... more »

  • Remember Me

    Remember me and look at deeds
    Imagined from the air of management;
    Deal with mighty powers in an instant,
    Hurt nobody now that you’re alive.... more »

  • Remember Them Well

    The twigs resented being called kids,
    For to steal from rabbits was a start.
    Then they repelled and attracted
    Due to laws of nature.... more »

  • Remember Your Medicine

    You remember my coming as an act of trade,
    Smoke arises to burden the ones who convey;
    A mirage has more degree and events
    Than the only trade of neglect.... more »

  • Remembering An Arrow

    I put this cipher to my memory
    In the hope of elongated archery-
    The proof of worth is in the arrow,
    A blade may construct as narrow,... more »

  • Remind Me

    Always the reminder is in the head,
    We compel others to the taste of downstairs;
    The underground world beckons the followers
    Of an absentee, this sense is called nonsense.... more »

  • Removal

    Remove him from the role he imposes,
    So that connections be made for those who propose;
    A leader like that needs removal, for a time,
    And then this exile has been with us... more »

  • Removal Of Envy

    It is the removal of vice and envy that gathers knowledge
    For the heart to display and congratulate, like a buzzing word
    That never dies, and a wand of heavy cavalry, inner peace
    Can arrive. For we mend the bones we see with rivalry, collecting... more »