• Removal To Please

    He was removed from the area and idea,
    Revolving around a bee that buzzes by;
    Itself knew the deathly shallows of speech
    As the wording of the cold blade seemed justice.... more »

  • Repeat The Words

    Repeat the words you cared about since you were a child,
    Yesterday these sentences meant nothing, just mere points;
    Then ideas came to fruition, like a fixed price,
    One that wants the same gift, the same appeal and charisma.... more »

  • Repeat, Repeat His Name

    Repeat His Name from the heart like a statue
    That obeys solidity, inner fractures are destroying
    The beauty of it, cracks appear like the servants.
    My freedom is of the worthy poets who spend from... more »

  • Repentance

    God has caused the souls
    To ask lovely questions to other souls.
    Thus, souls are called persons
    And they are unique,... more »

  • Replace Me

    Replace me with another person,
    Replace my efforts with his,
    Remind me of the pleas you made,
    Produce us further if you wish.... more »

  • Report Of Belief

    So he lay a very long while,
    At once shaken by thoughts of money,
    Thick clots of congealed blood
    Rushed in to make a guarantee or report,... more »

  • Reptile Ghosts

    You are reptiles and ghosts,
    Goblins that master their kin
    To a family of hate and sloth,
    Licking their loves with hate,... more »

  • Requests

    So twist your head in this direction,
    With some obedience, without disagreement.
    Change this reality if you dare,
    If, if you stare and escape this request.... more »

  • Reruns

    I found her watching reruns from the money of mummy,
    But daddy confronted walls so innocent and fine,
    That beneath the daughter of this ideal age was a party
    So old and greater than merely wishes and mutton.... more »

  • Resented Dreams

    When the dreams of sudden energy
    Contrived my garden of joy
    I too flowered and blossomed
    In my very youth.... more »

  • Resigning

    Do not change the philosophy of your marriage with thoughts,
    Rather, contempt shall arise from other quarters,
    And thinking a certain madness will rebuke the Lord.... more »

  • Respect And Holler

    Respect as far as little talks, looking,
    Swaying and seeing, to blindly walk.
    Gosh, the manners mastered are exact,
    Often we sell products of beauty.... more »

  • Respect His Books

    I respect his face of hair and skin,
    The butterflies cluster around his noisy head.
    The faults he wears currently are extinct,
    Those wonders in his heart shall never be sin.... more »

  • Respectability

    Respect enlivens us fully to the purse of delight,
    Death endangers us fully, when lighting surrounds;
    The way to salvation brings slants of disgust,
    The opposition is a devilish crown, so much great work... more »

  • Rest Is Leisure

    Rest and leisure accompanies the days
    As well as the nights in some maze.
    Why do sleepers find it always
    To keep on repeating their rest in days?... more »

  • Rest Me Once

    Rest and reassure me once my sins are forgiven,
    The resting phase is the epitome of existence like clay
    And powder of a divine aspect, feeling like your soul.
    The body is distressed, appalled... more »

  • Rest On Their Souls

    Rest on those soldiers who fight a way called war,
    Like them and loathe them as much as law,
    But altogether celebrate the taste of battle
    That is pungent on the mouth of the passer-by.... more »

  • Restaurant Eating

    Will the restaurants argue on this issue?
    Can the fork and knife be argued with the teeth?
    A moment only too soon is measured
    To eat the correct fill.... more »

  • Resting-Place

    Dreams have come to bestow depictions
    Of a husband and wife with happiest memories.
    Memorize the verses suited to the task,
    Never deviate from the truth, and everything... more »

  • Restless Souls

    The restless souls of men reside in the galaxies,
    In their twists and strains a falsity has appeared
    For the stars are like droplets of sweat,
    And the constellations are similar to medicine.... more »

  • Rests And Reasons

    A mad man is hurled into oblivion,
    His entrails scatter like ash and soot;
    My sanity appals the majority,
    But inside the sane man wins.... more »

  • Resurrected

    Broad resurrection unites the arisen of us,
    A single uninterrupted plain of white flour
    Has transformed our diversity into garments
    That we wear, wearing them has cooked food.... more »

  • Return Harm

    To return to the harmful carries wit,
    Inside the island is a world hated,
    Feeling like the gun that swings to and fro.... more »

  • Return Of A Man

    Return of a man who spent his holiday
    Resulted in purges and monuments of way;
    The man who lunched in an Autumn
    Is bringing peace in the form of food and activism.... more »

  • Return Of The Chariot

    The return of the queen defies the resolutions
    Of nations in war and in honesty of substance.
    The return of the princess is subjugating the presence
    Of lords and ladies that define our way of sight.... more »