• Angel Of Death

    We found rest when he was absent,
    They were in death, in life with absence.
    We curved the living as a luxury
    To sustain our feelings and emotions... more »

  • Angelic Light

    Spirited light touches us in hearts of light,
    Our beauty plummets in front of them;
    The gaze of distaste manicures our faces of light,
    Gauze and metals will collect these rays.... more »

  • Angelic Prayer

    ... more »

  • Angels And Men

    For the various reasons we provide the angels,
    There are none compared to mankind and men.
    For those who interfere there are winks and whistles
    To entertain the castles of our fathers and saints.... more »

  • Angels Are Alive

    Angels stun us when alive,
    The wings of death and life collide.
    This day bespoke wonders for the speakers,
    They were men so solid and hearty.... more »

  • Angels Cry, Humans Weep

    The angels cry with peace, peacefully and directly,
    So God who created them and their wings also cried.
    God’s unique work implied clever secrets to uplift his appearance,
    God spoke so forgivingly over us, He spoke to the whole city.... more »

  • Anger

    ... more »

  • Anger In The Heart

    There may be danger and anger for the lucrative,
    Weak handles and strong doors of higher fact.
    Those who are furnaces must be blamed for theirs,
    Since the kings and queens have sweetness then.... more »

  • Angering Me

    Eyes have angered me, eyes have destroyed
    The time that plays with my heart in the day,
    At night wise men see the spoils of war and then
    One minute is enough to suggest a lie has appeared.... more »

  • Angry

    ... more »

  • Angry Ache

    My anger rests tonight forming,
    Of west and east the buds do grow,
    I crazily ride from the aching.... more »

  • Angry Amusement

    The amount of amusement angrily delivers,
    Angles at this vary very much, like a river.
    The art of being awake is sodden with rage,
    The animals of this sense dictate the changes.... more »

  • Angry Mountain

    The heat smothered close, flames are bright
    And vividness is exceptional and beyond belief;
    The picture of fire is now preying on the thinkers
    That thought out their messages of the volcanoes.... more »

  • Angry Wind

    ... more »

  • Animal Men

    Animal men do think a dangerous weapon is kind,
    And fortunate songs are written due to states
    Inside a few mirrors, noses are pinned to smell.
    The smell of a finger is like guests,... more »

  • Animal Of Desire

    I must asphyxiate the animal of desire,
    For its wishes I must quash, like learning is praised.
    Wise help I seek for those in song and burden,
    Like a soul of strength is mine, like a continuous burden.... more »

  • Animal Spirits

    They love all the secrets of animal spirits,
    Launching a missile at them, like a bullet or three.
    Afresh the missiles flow at a second quarry,
    These project a dangerous blow to the spirit inside.... more »

  • Animals Destroy

    A mass of animals destroyed my life,
    Within the land of fancy that is too strong.
    Their strength accumulated through the century
    And the next was wrong in its weaknesses.... more »

  • Animals Need Us

    Animals need a land to print books,
    Towards the horizon of trials and moves.
    Animals have the right to digest
    And intervene with calamity.... more »

  • Annoyance In The Garden

    I am distaste, I am the watcher of moons,
    Cursing mystical realms is my carefulness.
    The macabre noise burdens my soul like the care
    I give and create for the purpose of annoyance.... more »

  • Another Deity

    I entertain a many-sided affair of rigidity,
    The lecture to bestow upon the galaxy.
    It strides the giant of worlds, into an alien region,
    Then there is nobody to hit him in there,... more »

  • Another Wink

    Looking out of bed, I slept another wink,
    Listening to the speech I delivered the day before.
    I went to sleep in that speech,
    Twelve people wanted me alive,... more »

  • Answerable To Lying

    He is answerable to lying,
    May the leader compress his speech.
    The speaking of a born legend is near,
    Fear him like a boar and elephant.... more »

  • Anthem

    A country I see inside has partnership with me,
    With gladness they invoke an anthem of joy.

    A country might describe ours, ours,... more »

  • Antigravity

    Antigravity is my hypothetical force to be wolf,
    It shouts and barks up at us in ways of antigravity.
    This alien-wolf is lame, is conniving, is deserting me,
    When this wolf beams on me when it’s blast off!... more »