• Rolling The Eyes

    Stephen struggled not to roll his eyes,
    Built on the ground, his legs sprouted.
    Being friendly his fire came from the heart,
    Guns were from his soldiery a lesson... more »

  • Roots Of Men

    If you're hiding anything be certain of godly men,
    For they have been dismissed from alert rides,
    The finishing journeys and the hated tribes.... more »

  • Ropes Of Dignity

    Pull some ropes of dignity,
    Up in the heavens and planets.
    Push into green pastures
    Open are the fields so large,... more »

  • Roses And Bravery

    Roses are them who flourish like seeds of the wind,
    The winds are forcing their lairs into the grass of happiness.

    Free him, the brave one, who is the holiest prize of the world’s bliss,... more »

  • Roses Are Calling

    Still they are roses so sweet to the smell as musk is to gardens
    Of gold, of silver, of bronze.
    Do not understand the men who hear sounds from the wilderness,
    The calls beget calls, wedding the legs and arms with thickets,... more »

  • Roughly On The Ground

    I set him roughly on the ground,
    I first thought to loosen his tie
    Then the baby crawled into a barn
    Of its own, so he set off, like a flame.... more »

  • Routing The Fight

    All over at last, all over
    Like the man who fought
    A thousand courages with eloquence,
    They formidably fought like stoves... more »

  • Royal Accent

    Royal people are fitter to have authority,
    As they cannot find fault with companionship.
    Howevermuch the world has fullness... more »

  • Royal And Moral

    Yes, the leader of princes is a lightning bolt,
    And women gaze at the righteous man
    Who thunders at people in poetry.... more »

  • Royal Queen

    It succeeds on the basis of wellness,
    Yet since we learn on matters of health,
    The story is the same and the very same,
    I agree.... more »

  • Royal Treatment

    ... more »

  • Rugby And Drink

    Good fogs are maintained by drama of nature,
    The drums of the ages are upon us,
    As well the noise of scrummages
    Are found in the rugby fields,... more »

  • Ruined By Sitting

    Do you discard the ruins of sitting?
    Let us walk hand-in-hand down the river Nile,
    Like centipedes or milestones, whatever.
    This learned man is wise as well,... more »

  • Rules Of The Game

    The rules are broken when games are played,
    Rules mean absence of the rules, as they are afraid.

    I have aid for the players when I expect them to try,... more »

  • Run And See The Tree

    Run and see the tree, so fair and ancient,
    Jokes of summer enter the fray, as a region of light
    Called sunlight beams down on timber and talk.
    Many coins barrage the town of owls and ospreys,... more »

  • Run On

    Run smoothly against the slopes overheating the legs,
    A castle is built for the kingdom to arrive at the doorstep.
    Many hypocrites define my actions as insane,
    However much I warn myself on encountering them.... more »

  • Run To Death

    Run to death, run to the place of nights,
    With all its pleasures and scares;
    Taste of it this death as it stalks the night,
    Ready to weep into the cells of the floor.... more »

  • Running Wisdom

    That running away is from the death,
    Death justifies itself by accusing, staring
    And poking the eyes out, with sting and wing;
    Tomorrow the dying ceases, as we strive... more »

  • Rustle

    Permit the rustle of stupidity,
    Once your crime has been fashioned.
    Never awkwardly craze or beleaguer,
    The plague of life has forbidden.... more »

  • Sacred Doll

    To him is sacred literature as he stood
    Wailing like a sitting dog,
    What is the language of speaking?... more »

  • Sacred Men

    Fathers are the sacred men of this generated world,
    Feeding the proper virtues with their awesome zeal;
    Loathing the compartments of ultimate reasoning,
    The devils become strongly evil in their playing.... more »

  • Sacred River

    Why do reasons say their mind?
    The creams of the sacred river love
    My abundant sight, as it swims from
    This moment of joy to the instant of respect.... more »

  • Sacred Story

    I am from a family of heights delivered to past
    Lives, living within evolution like the speedboats.
    I absorb the sacred story, I travel to the furthest part,
    Real commentary has been blown by the buried men.... more »

  • Sacred-House

    ... more »

  • Sacrifice

    Nothing has been occupying my minds,
    I have all the requirements for them to be classed as two,
    For I have double-vision as to the religion of my thought,
    I am not guilty and I have no stigma,... more »