• Say To Me

    Say to me my song in tomorrow’s time,
    At the table preach to me the wisdom
    Of your book, the many-sided volume
    That turns into food or lunch.... more »

  • Saying No

    I say a No to life if I'm a doubter of trades
    Or a rejector of wishes for another being;
    Throughout my career the lesions are separate,
    Brain after brain resound in the heavens... more »

  • Scared Man

    A scared man released me
    When he became yellowish,
    An ornate jewel beamed on
    With light so noxious and bustling.... more »

  • Scary Illness

    Had a man walked the lane so prized
    He would have noticed specialists agonized
    By the scene too complete, too sacred,
    We scared them with our illness hinted.... more »

  • Scary Walls

    Black and white passages are carried
    By winds of change that are distinct.
    The scribbling on the wall is about
    The wind that delivers its scariness,... more »

  • Scene After Scene

    The scene inside the scenes of our masters is wilful,
    And actual sin has elated returning trainees,
    From these hearts have the boats been.... more »

  • Schisms

    Going to the ends of the world
    I take on new meanings and realities;
    The further work entails a schism,
    For wisdom has approached my door... more »

  • Scholarship Is Poor

    I fancied myself a scholar one day,
    With uncaring money the books displaced the books,
    Which was assuredly first class, with no expense,
    Like the cheap and deep recesses of Hell.... more »

  • School

    You go to rotten school quite late,
    And hope to ask to write
    How rigid is the life we state,
    How awful is this right.... more »

  • School On Fire

    Caught in a fire we stray and commit blasphemy,
    Lulled by the flames, a man is always in a sin.
    The Hereafter must be dying away like a rind of cheese,
    Opening a future closely and certainly, for the peace.... more »

  • Schools Of Talk

    Decency is a place of the decent ones,
    Talking in grandiose manners and unthinking talks.

    Talking is aspect after aspect after aspect,... more »

  • School-Time

    ... more »

  • Science In You

    ... more »

  • Scientific Life

    I was a custom practised by the young,
    My meaning was unknown to the gentle ones.
    I was glory of the world, golden and incident light,
    Monotonous sounds, delicate rhythms, delightful tunes.... more »

  • Scientists

    They were scientists named after chases,
    Giving the gallant ghouls of ghastly guesses,
    Blood entered their veins from the head strokes,
    Experiments riddled their brains for busts of steel.... more »

  • Scoring Goals

    I have a goal or score to make,
    In the end there is a solution.
    Their activities range from slow to fast
    And the stages for excellence are many.... more »

  • Scourge

    A scourge causes death to open enemies,
    How hard are those who whip and punish severely?
    A threat cascades into the death of a man of blasphemies,
    His throat hurts from exertions and everything nearly.... more »

  • Scraping

    To scrape the ground believes in my one soul,
    Fatigue and vision saw the real rocks now,
    Toys spring entirely, forcing somehow,
    My stones exert and exhaust me to coal.... more »

  • Screaming And Half Dragging

    The road wound around
    The base of a mighty hill;
    A man roared with pain 
    As there were also the... more »

  • Screaming Toys

    They toy with wars enough to scream,
    These wars devastate me at best;
    One weird one is speaking to me at length,
    Diving in to my weird brain like today.... more »

  • Scrolls Of Mankind

    Tied together the letter aroused mankind,
    Letters lit up, words astonished the gases,
    Then winds corrupted the pages,
    On the merits of the daughter in lane,... more »

  • Sculpture

    A creator is aboard, feelings are strong,
    They are sinful, tears run fearing the worst.
    The creation is a statue, with one wise eye
    And another one to see, so that creations appear.... more »

  • Scurrilous Talk

    Scurrilous talk of your nation creates absurd consequences,
    In this sedulous statement is banished the humours of God.
    My fruit evades my creation of the history, that banishes
    The lords and ladies, the profound thinkers of fraud.... more »

  • Sea Encounter

    I caught a massive shark
    and kept it beside the raft
    half out of the nightmare waters
    with its head dangling from the... more »

  • Sea Of Land

    My animals are swept from the sea and land,
    They inhabit the outer realms when awake
    But die when asleep, the peace is so immense for them.
    My friendly parrot is upon my skull,... more »