• Seek An Adventure

    Seeking the truth is a man’s adventure,
    Believe in treasures of knowledge
    And only we are fit to attain piety
    If the commencement has been achieved.... more »

  • Seek The Verses

    Seek the verses of another man like mothers,
    The fathers write on the block of wood in earnest;
    Seek the writing of a day and night that glows
    Fuming with spitting gases that deny the rights.... more »

  • Seek The Words

    Seek the peace of your soul from the One,
    His patient beings are walking the grounds,
    It is a feast on this world where lonely travellers
    Enjoy food, calming themselves down with justice.... more »

  • Seeker Of Truth

    O Seeker of Truth, let your arrows fly toward the sun,
    Shoot the one who loves and cry after that since it begins.
    What is the beginning? Of what?
    The truth has begun, the lies have revolted, chained to hells,... more »

  • Seeking Heaven

    Do not seek me with the heaven of seeking,
    Do not falsely associate partners with my God.
    I have a secret of the abundant grace involved
    In the attraction and repulsion of the electron.... more »

  • Seeking The Truth

    If you seek truth then your woes are missed,
    The beginning of words is at an end;
    Shadowy truth beguiles you as you turn
    The truth into perishment, only hearing us.... more »

  • Seen Him?

    Caught in the middle of crime,
    The thief waits for his next skill.
    Your days are numbered like his,
    But the days are too far away.... more »

  • Seize Him

    ... more »

  • Sell Your Heart

    The selling of the heart is a rare ability,
    As you start to deal with hearts you learn it.
    Forces are controlled by the willing muscle,
    Inside the hollow trunk of a tree is a heart.... more »

  • Semi-Evil

    ... more »

  • Sense After Sense

    It was a sign of the senses,
    It was dry, dastardly and sour,
    The moistened lips retracted and spat,
    For we are on unions with thoughts,... more »

  • Senseless Prison

    It is senseless prison in the night,
    Optional and asinine collection of oneself.
    Once mindless manacles, the same trap for me.
    I find the irrational act an act of hypocrisy,... more »

  • Sensible Thinker

    ... more »

  • Sent To Pain

    We were sent to the halls of pain,
    Then a bulky mass of water collapsed;
    Our heads were drenched, sanctifying
    The brain and spine, so far we were hurt.... more »

  • Sentence Of All

    Hunt a sentence this day to the next,
    One can not find a finer one
    Than the very joke I have reasoned with.
    What is this joke? What is that joke?... more »

  • Sentenced To Life

    Four have a solution and they are right,
    Five more are in the way of life and are right,
    Seven can be many to some, and too many to most.
    I have you known ten many are too many, and too many.... more »

  • Sentience

    Intelligence strives for completion of tasks,
    Inside the holes and work, the very flasks.
    May we steal the treasure of all time and infinite space,
    Then intelligent beings shall perish, along the walls that disgrace.... more »

  • Separate Him From Me

    Religion has calling powers I want to agree,
    Demand as droids would long to be,
    Metallic worries all glued and embedded,
    Much to mindful science and that died.... more »

  • Separation From The Sea

    I am a wave of the ever-expanding sea,
    How could the refraction of sunlight be without me?
    Know that the separation of the seas coats the passages
    Of time, like a giant under the shade of the tree.... more »

  • Serving

    To work in the system you ensure a marking scheme,
    The british public outweigh the huger bosses
    For smiling improves in the course of time,
    Since the support is more solid than golden premisses.... more »

  • Set In The Ways

    Set in the ways we recognise,
    The ways of men are not condemned;
    Do not harry me intentionally or frustratingly,
    Harry me never in this world.... more »

  • Setting Sun

    The Setting Sun said too many evenings,
    Adored by some, loathed by some, it shines still.
    It is an established beauty of the stage called the sky,
    Radios mutter the Sun as it rises on the day of my bed.... more »

  • Settlement

    A settlement has been praised by the loners,
    My individual salary is not slavery but good itself.
    The real energy I must certainly communicate
    Is like the flower-seeds of a future far too bright.... more »

  • Shackled

    We are shackled by the devils and nobodies,
    Yes, our pulling and pushing can not help.
    The real pushes enter the system of penalties,
    Slaves join and nightly the internal talk begins.... more »

  • Shake Me

    Shake me with your eyes that scream
    In sudden swirls and whirling pools enlighten
    The soul inside my heart that swells and bloats
    According to the existence of this world.... more »