• Shameful And Successful

    Shameful and successful, half of the humans
    Gain the upper stories of the higher conjecture,
    Yet the books fly off the horizon, angering
    A flight for the gods,... more »

  • Shaped

    The magnitude of a shape can be reflected by the shape,
    This small animal of some use can argue with us.
    Under the microscope it is delicate, and easily deformed
    Into different behaviours to make it look living.... more »

  • Shatter Tonight

    Shatter and matter, frown if you like,
    Frighten the neighbourly people to overstate;
    Physically the meanings of odes are sincere,
    On this end of the dance we surprise the ends.... more »

  • She Broke My Heart

    She suddenly understood belief,
    Her heart murmured a belief as well;
    One was a demigod, the other a pain,
    Like the disbeliefs of monsters and animals.... more »

  • She Has A Formidable Love

    She caresses everybody, like a coin of platinum,
    We have fought through amazingly fine weather.
    I do not know for sure, I do not know for sure,
    I want the best for love to increase, and justify itself.... more »

  • She Just Is

    After all this time,
    We open to the sky,
    Undressing our minds,
    We are on par.... more »

  • She Loves

    She loves those sailors of the holy deep,
    To go is too much of this blade that hurts,
    My distant scene is loved by those alerts,
    This life misreads and damns the rest asleep.... more »

  • She Shrieked Outside

    She shrieks in broad daylight,
    Opening her wounds, to the day.
    My window seen in the wind is grand,
    More than a plain sight of abundance.... more »

  • Sheep Of Sleep

    One sheep is a prized animal,
    That may have spoken words
    We cannot distinguish but it can
    Trust with its own form of intellect.... more »

  • Shepherd And You

    An echoing blue will enlighten you,
    So the shepherd arrives to greet his sheep;
    One day you will set to light a heaven
    And give money to the dead who leap.... more »

  • Shimmering Silver

    Shimmering silver combines its sight with life,
    I seem to think and consider first, with this knife.
    I have a woman of gold, a place to surround,
    The kings and queens are our companions around.... more »

  • Shining Animals

    A ship of animals constructs a sword for its weapon,
    Yet we decide and constrict like bleeders;
    The onset madly depicts adamant relics of pain,
    Painting on sordid areas, our acre of fish is again.... more »

  • Shining Light

    I like to drive into the light
    With a wailing sound in the night.
    I like weapons of the frightening kind,
    To dwell within the cities of the reign.... more »

  • Shining Stars

    I weigh a ton, I am at rest,
    Why does the star above be strange?
    For it shines on my head,
    Even at night with dark lusts.... more »

  • Shining Worship

    I have a letter from the air addressed to you,
    And in it I dare to fix the regularities and parades,
    To you is the regular practice,
    From my heart the intellect is won... more »

  • Shooting Ducks In Space

    Dancing arrests belief in wonderful planets,
    Worlds of open enemies control the realm.
    My oblivion is like the void so blank,
    Agony and ducks contrive more of the void.... more »

  • Shopping

    A shop is of beauty, as a greater building
    Of worth and gifts, the plenty of grouping.
    We save our money and spend our glory,
    The very riding of the vehicle is sorry.... more »

  • Shorelines

    Beyond the shadows cast by the trees,
    The realities of the shore were seen;
    Its sand was whiter than the rain,
    Promising everyone who learnt its strength... more »

  • Short Torture

    Open him up, where he lay,
    Dissecting his brain is to say;
    The torture is incomplete,
    My tests are never to beat.... more »

  • Short Worry In The Twisting Lagoon

    Short crises chasten the pools of love,
    Their flowers bloom with blood on the lips,
    Letters of the petals are shrunk and spun
    Like dinner on a disaster and its plate.... more »

  • Should We Do?

    Should we do as we please
    In this house of shelter?
    The roof is above us when we speak
    And is my life so fruitful?... more »

  • Shy Souls

    Some of us shyly creep into existence,
    Doubtful of wide-eyed heaven and its sayings,
    Letters unravel towards the clouds,
    With poised mountains and spotless oceans.... more »

  • Sick Danger

    Danger us when sick, solemn is the quest,
    For we laugh abundantly and loudly, about the best.
    The dangers from the breasts cling to mortality,
    A home occupies the soul so wildly with ambiguity.... more »

  • Sick Of Woe

    Sickness is the sweetest woe,
    Lovesick men are older than the snow;
    For it shrinks, exploding the scene,
    Welling in eyes, overcome by gleam.... more »

  • Sides Of A Triangle

    We provide what we divide in thoughts of you,
    And so the subdivisions collect and reside from you.
    The acidified sides of the triangle are three,
    Collect these points and lines for applications.... more »