• Sighting

    I ask for a chance to sight a bird,
    May winter run away afterward.

    This season is just some of the year,... more »

  • Signs Of The Believer

    Under us are signs of the believers,
    We walk upon snow and ice too cold.
    The ice age reigns like winter,
    Always in shine, ever in weather.... more »

  • Silence

    Silence is the art of living,
    Abstain from the torture of life
    So that language sets a mark
    On life.... more »

  • Silence Is Magic

    Silence has a rigid magic
    The obvious one
    With red and blue and green
    In lights... more »

  • Silenced

    I am silenced by my gun of chance and success,
    My guns below are the guns above, so seep into sleep
    Of the barrage and bomb, the trench of eternal struggle.
    My gun exploits like dice of the deathly dance, of tiers... more »

  • Silent Words

    The word silently worked like fire,
    The laws of joking quality do speak.
    The word of some joy is again in speech,
    Nonsense matters, no sense is about.... more »

  • Silver

    Silver is a wonderful element,
    A fierce wonder, much honoured;
    And its help is great, forever,
    And forever. I give in to silver.... more »

  • Silver Ring

    I wore a ring of silver elaboration,
    Undoing the wept tears that followed,
    Each time it brought new tongues
    And happily bestowed grace and reality.... more »

  • Similar Act

    ... more »

  • Similar Worlds

    The world married to another world,
    Pleasing us with its thoughts always.
    May it be forbidden to slaughter someone else,
    Placing blame on others for their own misdeeds.... more »

  • Similarity And Difference

    Ladies have a problem with contortions,
    Yet these are secrets of the highest stage,
    Filling the universe with tears and expert sounds,
    These are the very sounds of beautiful laughter.... more »

  • Simple Enemy

    ... more »

  • Simple Fight

    Simple men destined for fancy fights
    Find the treasure chests
    In their evening rest
    Frowning on the cuddly toys... more »

  • Simple Life

    O breath of simple life, aid my understanding
    That in this dawn of minds and souls I shall be prolonged.
    Inner light shines forth from the first man,
    This breathing is precious to some expert angels,... more »

  • Simple Like Grass

    Simple lads of the grass grow long like grass,
    Jostling with the wind of the two rivers;
    Join them in their songs of great happiness,
    Like lasses of lead and silver so hard and tough.... more »

  • Simple Speech

    ... more »

  • Simple Treachery

    We are simple treachery,
    One watches the time relentlessly.
    To begin with times of change
    Is to catapult into the future.... more »

  • Simple Universe

    A ray of light shimmers in the dark,
    It has travelled for all its time;
    Light has divinity when you perceive it,
    Looking at knowledge is the matter of Light.... more »

  • Simplest Life

    Life is called simplicity,
    Its layers of kindness exceed
    Those qualities of right.
    Life is the food of sight,... more »

  • Simplicity Wins

    To define the meaning of certain words
    You must pass tests controlled by the nameless.
    You celebrate dangerously lengthy speeches
    But prefer asking what to do for your actions.... more »

  • Sin

    Sin is a flaw of the soul within us,
    The head resonates whilst sin accumulates
    And needs washing.
    The hurt is measured beyond belief,... more »

  • Sin Of Man

    It seems empty of a man to sin,
    Seemingly quiet is a man;
    He is callous at times, temporarily,
    Only to fall into flames on a certain day.... more »

  • Sin To Astound

    Replicate the sin to astound God,
    Our genes shall spread forming lakes of indifference.
    My sin is not huge, not huger than what partakes,
    In this existence lies the cure to all ailments.... more »

  • Sing In The Evenings

    They sang in the evenings with sadness,
    Underneath the trees of the old legends.
    Yearly, a new bridge was formed tonight,
    Night's fame joined with our lasses of the night.... more »

  • Singing In The Hills

    I have hills to sing to and lie beside,
    For the pen is for erasure as much as sin;
    The music of the clouds is of the mountain,
    The self is a profession of polite health.... more »