• Ants Crawling

    The genealogy of the ants was mistaken,
    As they strode boldly like ants to be their tears
    And weeping pride.
    For we could see them in their treks,... more »

  • Any Courage

    Any more courage frees the mind from the mayhem
    Of the utter losses, minds are afraid of heartening wigs
    Worn by doubters and dwellers so hurtling and fetching.... more »

  • Ape Is Him

    One ape is applied to the masses,
    Simple seasons twirl around the masses,
    And the tasks of a matter are complete.... more »

  • Ape Land

    The ape is a parrot of the hairy variety,
    Including health and buttons and laces
    For the shoes that spring to mind, overall.
    Yes, the bridge of its mind is solid,... more »

  • Apology From The Heart

    My heart apologises to my brain
    When the world shines its light on me
    And my eyes; dazzled by the spectacle,
    And wanting to reach a normal perspective,... more »

  • Apparel

    Apparel admired, adapting to new phases
    Advertised by the papers and papas,
    We administer appointments of the bulbs
    And the lamps of virtue, bubbles burst!... more »

  • Appear This Way

    To appear this way returns pleasure,
    House this treasure in the gaps
    That open up along the way and to this day.
    Mighty winds may let us fall from pleasure,... more »

  • Appetite

    It is appetizing, the meal is appetizing,
    I consumed a mighty warrior of steel.
    My concession was plain, just give me food
    So I give you a meal, food for two now.... more »

  • Apple Tree

    I was under the apple boughs
    Being simple
    Been sick
    And mentally unstable.... more »

  • Arab Men

    ... more »

  • Are We Ill?

    How many men are against us when we are ill?
    Illness desires you as a last resort, when ill.
    The magnificent and the abhorrent ailments
    Need both cures, again and again in the hospital.... more »

  • Are You A Philosopher?

    Coding the dark thoughts into good thoughts
    Is hardly the job of a thinking soul.
    Do you think, and perspire from the darkness?
    Is your evil the worst distressful feature... more »

  • Areas

    Areas are slight actions, with solving to do,
    Their emissions are like bombs of balls,
    Flattened on the quests of our minds.... more »

  • Argument

    You must behind be sent
    Argument presses us
    Antipathy prevails
    On mind and matter off... more »

  • Armada So Vivid

    Peculiar instances are gusts offered by schisms,
    Fineries, armadas of fineries, and those passengers of the ships.
    A sea of tranquil setting obtains the queue so vivid
    In the act of satanic worship, after us, and all the people on board.... more »

  • Armies Of Ghosts

    Commotion is stronger to feel when near,
    The agitating sphere crazes us when to adorn.
    Censure must be made of the despicable,
    A funeral has appeared openly for those back.... more »

  • Arms And Bones

    Arms are dug forever, armies of winter,
    Winter is upon us like the guns of power;
    Almost a lost person enters the arena,
    To make blessings on us from the angels.... more »

  • Arms Of Love

    What is his fascination in ams of love?
    They move fast and slow with crawling feet,
    Realising the religion of the outlying dove,
    That cleaves and grieves for flight of an athlete.... more »

  • Arrival Of Faith

    Faith may change and alter if man lets it,
    Your religion needs you, where ever you are,
    Its range calculated the actions of the heart,
    Of the soul there is no equal other than faith.... more »

  • Arrow Of Hate

    An animal is an arrow of hate for the smart,
    This beast belongs to a loquacious friend,
    His destructive powers are supreme,
    He was a fortress of healing and word.... more »

  • Art As Art

    Describe a work of art as Art,
    Concentrate, concentrate, relieve your heart.
    Destiny has a loving feature,
    One of us cares for the creature... more »

  • Art Of Exiting

    The exercise of exiting is astounding,
    One mans a night of deceasing liberties,
    Those dreams are of rocks that swim,
    As the nights roar to the full effect we disengage.... more »

  • Art Of Light

    I have to be green with love as I venture
    Forth, with the core of love and the outside.
    This adventure is an art that solves a problem,
    The act of our general doing is a forgiven moment.... more »

  • Arthur's Tower

    Twas a Camelot and a quiver to root it,
    One of the wanders in this wonder,
    A barge had upright manners alongside it,
    The flimsy caress came in with a wand.... more »

  • Artwork

    Artwork is particular, general works are about,
    The scrutiny of an artistic work is immense;
    The world profoundly elucidates me as an artist,
    The big methods employed are far beyond mere thought.... more »