• Small Race

    Small car-race is bigger gust,
    Letters proliferate with carrot-engine;
    The monster inside gardens a hose,
    A gate to the elephant desires itself.... more »

  • Small Seeds

    One has a small seed in the plants of the world,
    It has watched over us when we sleep and pray.
    The wise women of the land abruptly speak
    And cause the wise men of this laid land to listen... more »

  • Small Television

    The small television was on us and them,
    It could make more for the years than dust
    On the books and rules of the pen.
    Writing for its sacredness compiles a larger area,... more »

  • Small Trees

    I am little like the small trees,
    These are at least bigger than flowering plants,
    The richness of theirs is far superior to us.
    Since they are richer and we are taller,... more »

  • Small War

    There are small portions of this shadowy dark world
    Where males rise from the breasts of dark and desolate hills,
    Their soldiery is difficult to dig by their dreary nameless state
    For a cloud of incense surrounds those who tread on with journey.... more »

  • Smaller Artifice

    It was a cultural blessing, for the face of leaves,
    Unwrapping themselves with a silent mind.
    The face was upturned to relics, to artifice,
    And to sentenced weaponry, the bleeders.... more »

  • Smaller Instrument

    The red Martian plain suffered from murder:
    Up he comes to analyse a microscopic sample,
    In a dry ocean, in a chamber of madness,
    Like the murder and blood of Mars.... more »

  • Smell The Fragrance

    Come for yourself here and taste the fragrance
    With your nose, far removed from the smell of fatality;
    Peace, you gifted souls! Peace until the desires are shown!
    I caught the ball of light as I lit the horizon,... more »

  • Smile Endlessly

    Smile in the mighty mirror of amazement,
    It is your face inside that is a day of years,
    Every morning and every noon the sun
    Shines to glorify the creatures under it.... more »

  • Smile, Don’t Scorn

    One smile is enough to smile a mile,
    A crocodile should not scorn the exile.

    One river bows to the future of that isle,... more »

  • Smiling Thinkers

    Applause rippled through the people
    Who beheld changes of the smile.
    It made all difference, all calamity,
    As calm entered the arena of thought.... more »

  • Smoke And Fire

    Smoke lifted its head along the boundary,
    Past experience was of the fiery hell or jest.
    This fire of the night ignited from youth,
    A place for fire was a place for joyous quiet.... more »

  • Smoking Fires

    The smoke was like incense,
    The fire was like seizures of heat
    With scents of hell and sires,
    Who died with hot people,... more »

  • Smooth Cream

    The smooth nice ice cream is tall,
    The rice of the skinny men is small;
    But noisy heads poorly meet their dames,
    Like privileged men of such higher names.... more »

  • Smooth Shadows In The Night

    The shadows are darker than nightmares of the past,
    The smooth work of their highness is awkward and upsetting;
    This is the dark regard, the story of a man who respects us,
    The inner delight must soothe our repose, our respite.... more »

  • Smooth Slope

    On a smooth slope we sleep,
    Throats are in anguish,
    As the dreaming is in concussion.
    Some sleep in a bedroom of higher... more »

  • Snake In A Bag

    I carry a venomous snake in my bag
    That hangs over the playing field,
    Sorrow entered the district to see me,
    Offering food to the mouth that stretched... more »

  • Snow Has Fallen

    Snow has fallen due to the war,
    Snow may fall each year for awe.
    Piling up, it soothes the healing heart,
    May your skin be alert and corrupt.... more »

  • Snowy Plain

    To trivially plod through the snow
    I carry on with the mud, the appalling fitness
    Is against me, as I submerge my feet in the cold.
    It is rainy now, too dangerous, and my stiff nose... more »

  • Snowy Season

    Snow is a sentence of feeling,
    It is language of mighty thought
    And the thinkers have much demand
    For the snow to indent the window... more »

  • So Believe In My World

    The celestial thoughts are concentrated in your heart,
    So believe in the one truly favoured by the very start.
    The big ocean is the door of the soul and the body,
    Huge earth mounds connect to fill the void and story.... more »

  • So Eloquent

    I work in a library of plain novels,
    Within five hundred yards of a prison,
    That buys a twinkle in the eye of life.
    My words are actual like liars,... more »

  • So Finer

    To bear a dress one picks from the academy
    Is to deliver a speech for the other men who are men;
    The laity speaks with a duty to be heard,
    One expert has spoken on the tasks of beauty... more »

  • So Flamed

    Sometimes thought could say nothing,
    Smell of burning arrived, fully in action.
    Then she thought of a saying to pleasure,
    Letting flowers fall, feeling nobody but shaking.... more »

  • So Many Stones On Us

    So many stones were cast that I swivel and stretch,
    Cowering from forms of remembrance, forces of dislike.
    The triangle is another image of the way we describe
    A pitfall, for the three rights are the only sights and only pillars.... more »