• Stinking Person

    The chieftain stank, with tender skin,
    Lungs of steel, breathing was still a problem.
    He incurred a loss due to old age,
    Scoundrel thoughts entered his stinking body.... more »

  • Stoic And Weary

    Stoic weary breadwinners expound the details
    Of wages and earnings that smile at their chests.
    Their memoirs are sent to the press of offerings
    And shavings carry sights of the sacred.... more »

  • Stone Wall

    Stone wall, collect your plight from the invaders,
    Your felony awaits trial for you are my guardian;
    This vibration ceases and none can pass,
    The same failure has arisen as before for me.... more »

  • Stones

    Stones of the future are like diamonds,
    Glistening in the moonlight of our wishes;
    Youth will be harder still until the world has ended,
    My hard stones are like a conquest of a kingdom,... more »

  • Stones Of Death

    I gather the stones of death,
    My options are few and a breath;
    This I design with my hands
    And the feet may be from badlands.... more »

  • Stoning The Devil

    Be the first to throw your pebbles of diamond
    At the same creature who devours the young.

    His beauty is exactly strong, for the beauty is far,... more »

  • Stopping A Doctor

    I stopped a doctor for the gas victims,
    In places a stand was shown to exist
    By the largest of the crows that know
    Of what his arms were barred.... more »

  • Stories Of Humanity

    I gain the stories of time with a river of lines,
    They strut and glimmer after a yawn and laugh,
    This hate inside condemns no other than me,
    You must hurt one day, you are your pain.... more »

  • Storm At Sea

    Below us there was a rising and falling,
    Waves of breadth claimed a devastation;
    The comical waters were customs and beliefs,
    Persuading us as sailors to listen and learn... more »

  • Stormy Weather

    Walk! The swarm of locusts has arrived.
    Sticking to the city of God I march and run,
    Towards the storm so much like a tornado
    I run and chase so that I am tired.... more »

  • Story Of Drowning Family

    This is the story of a son who paused
    And saw his family drowned in an ocean
    He swam also, to shun his people was strong.... more »

  • Story Of My Name

    My name has degrees of description,
    Yet as we speak, the whole left and right
    Is again in fruition, in dictation,
    Whilst the reach of the hands is light.... more »

  • Storybook

    In the storybook, we are introduced to an elf,
    A mind to exact wrong on the fellow man;
    I was twenty-three when I heard of him in the real world,
    After entering the astral gate transporting me there.... more »

  • Straight Like A Light Ray

    Whether you are straight like the rays of light,
    Or shadowed by the meaner sort of mighty man,
    My arrow is forbidden and its sting is of fire and art.... more »

  • Straight Pathway

    My opening of the doors created folly,
    Abhor those who sit and wait, with ice.
    The life of plenty condemns nobody,
    Letting fences be built for the gardens.... more »

  • Straight Road

    ... more »

  • Straight To Heaven

    I strike a stone on your shoulder,
    A warning seizes swiftly the man.
    A beginning obliterated me when I cried
    So meaningfully.... more »

  • Strands Of Hair

    I smashed at the strand of hair,
    Doing dazzling beauty and byes for the speakers,
    My continuing concerns reminded my reading.... more »

  • Strange Deeds

    Chivalrous men walk like chills and blasts,
    An explosive meets them in the life they lead.
    The chemical I wear does strange deeds,
    In this clothing my jolts arise to eradicate hope.... more »

  • Strange Hero

    Behold him! On the dewy ground, dark and cold,
    Like a strange marvel or hero of the night.
    Will anyone tell me what he is like?
    I saw him singing at his work,... more »

  • Strange Love

    Let me supply you with love,
    Stations of this quality abide
    In the inner circles of this world,
    This world that widely worships... more »

  • Strange Mists

    Up where the long avenues besiege mountainous wastes,
    A little star went to heaven like a little star in smallness;
    Up where the strange mists roamed delighted in existence,
    We matched the ideals of a bygone age in such light.... more »

  • Strange Night

    Strange sights are in the night,
    Showering the eyes with complete light.
    They say weird tales, causing fear by it,
    But there has been a coast of well-being.... more »

  • Strange Rats

    A strange old rat-maker whistled over the sea,
    He made the rats blind and perfect and supreme;
    With the passing rivers the rats wept and dived,
    And the the rats were reproducing for the old deaths.... more »

  • Strange Sounds

    My recovery is my recourse and accomplishment,
    So may people thrive on the words of the press,
    Wheeling on feet of so strange sounds
    That the feeling of the words is resonant.... more »