• Strata

    The stratum so sealed is the vein,
    An artery collides with the busy brain,
    As it hurls the brightness of oxygen
    And falsehood vanishes with a scar.... more »

  • Strategy

    Yours is the strategy forthcoming and straightforward,
    Blindingly followed by troops of disciples,
    Jostled by the real strategy and realer men,
    Fortress I dream of to solve the unsolvable.... more »

  • Stray Dog

    From the beginning of the book
    A stray dog barked, walls hid it in splendour.
    One evening, it worked its way to hard
    Ways, feeling like gods of the dogs and joys.... more »

  • Stretches

    A brother tinges with blue,
    A sister lengthens and stretches;
    One of us collect colours for heaviness,
    The same people called our parents... more »

  • Strict Dangers

    Strict help may cause alarm,
    How do we forget and be warm?
    My help strengthens the fearless soul,
    Like no mind has ever, no control.... more »

  • Striding With Staff

    So I picked up my staff of striding luck,
    When I was appalled by the eastern winds;
    I was sent to arrest this pest of scoundrels,
    The initiative was mine and I struck the bald head... more »

  • Strong Are Weak

    We have all the eternity for destroying the strong,
    Who speak of wrong as a hated aspect too long,
    That speech of right is a weak affair,
    And longing and yearning is in fear... more »

  • Strong Arms

    Frozen by the arms of strength,
    The man who is a fighter fights
    To the end that is bitter,
    For the opponent’s arms are strong.... more »

  • Strong Love

    Love carries strength upon the spring of strength,
    In motion, this surrender worked length.
    A bird appals my soul of stronger cells,
    Fresh stings commence like thoughts of steel and hells.... more »

  • Strong Love For Death

    Love inside realises strength
    When thoughts are strong and certain,
    Then thinkers adjoin phrases
    For the great strength is near.... more »

  • Strong Points

    To perceive astounds my life of love,
    Stars happen on the event of my eye.
    Strong travel has passed, and torture
    Is passed, and future is passed,... more »

  • Strong Royalty

    Dry is the pie, white is the straight dress,
    My eating overpowers, like the mess;
    May we merely bite the bears of strength,
    A strong illusion amazes my will and length.... more »

  • Strong Swimming

    And now slowly nothing happened,
    He remained and looked at me;
    The pain increased and cheapened,
    He at last left me behind seemingly.... more »

  • Strong Whiskey

    Strong and sturdy are the decrepit,
    Ugly and coarse are the seas of old manners;
    One human defuses a bomb for everyone,
    Yet the realities of rods swallows our food.... more »

  • Stronger Sword

    The path is stronger than the sword
    That shakes and quakes the earth,
    So that sounds, noise and music erupts
    Like volcanic lava to the universe.... more »

  • Stronger World

    Some of the days strengthen me extremely well,
    Leaving the skin of colours a different hue;
    Underneath the seas of grass is worn the underworld,
    A gracious darkness of the words we speak and reflect.... more »

  • Students Of Numbers

    In these days of stupidity
    Having a voice for the signs
    Then in the rivers of mud
    We strive for the heavenly bridges... more »

  • Study On The Desk

    Desks of study are erected,
    We turn over the pages,
    Reading what the currency is,
    Discussing the frequency of pain... more »

  • Studying

    We survive and comprehend
    The courses of study,
    We cannot dwell in a playground
    Itself a place of confusion.... more »

  • Stuff Of Disease

    Through the light of learning we have certainty
    That all which infests our soul is a dramatic illness
    When we drink of false imitations
    And false dreams.... more »

  • Stupid Man

    I looked grave, so great was the graveness,
    In surprise, behind me were great cracks;
    With an old man crying and lying, seeing,
    It was his washing day, the day of labour.... more »

  • Stupid Vocation

    I dwell in stupid occupations,
    Forfeit the business due to bad taste,
    A fear enters finding your opulence,
    Must I feed on stupid acts longer?... more »

  • Style Of A Coward

    ... more »

  • Successful

    Success forces us mildly to accept and swear obedience,
    Towards whom is not known, but it is permissible to know.
    There is a test for the great and intriguing,
    Resolutions must end the matter.... more »

  • Successful Flowers

    A flower finds finesse inside itself,
    A sole plant balances itself with courage,
    A former gardener praises his offspring.... more »