• As A Shroud

    As a shroud my glory awaits me,
    Heavens and planets are at one,
    As my faults are of this world
    And merely a transmission of ideas.... more »

  • As A Spokesman

    I may utter the vain discourses as I write,
    But wandering in this plumage is deceit;
    For I do not write what is certain, but what
    Is right and that commands a sense of betrayal.... more »

  • As I Spoke It

    Please listen to my speech as if you spoke it,
    Relish the food of a purest heart that forsakes crime,
    Take speech by the throat and unleash a mind too complete.
    Remember the whole chair and table, resting to the side,... more »

  • Ashes

    Serene games crumble into mercy,
    One rampage ignites another will.
    These games by moonlight are fixed,
    Vapours escape to let us diverge... more »

  • Ask My Meaning

    My meaning clearly courses through the veins
    With surging blood and momentous occasion.
    The arteries feed our bodies with fluid so meaningful,
    Open the doors of life, the valves of your heart.... more »

  • Asking For Numbers

    My asking is my objective as of this day,
    The journey towards the world causes me to suffer;
    Let the adjusting be special among the old men,
    Wiser help orchestrates a new newspaper.... more »

  • Asking Questions

    ... more »

  • Asleep

    I am still, I am strange, protruding from the bed,
    For that night was a wept night, a fortunate dread.
    And so face down I sighed and dreamed of beauty,
    With crumbs in my sheet, blood on my very knee.... more »

  • Assassination

    An assassin amazes as a handler,
    Expert people desire the expertise;
    Criminals matter, assault is carried out,
    Must we attach importance to his task?... more »

  • Assert It!

    I have asserted my sentence,
    Your ancient nature is a token,
    Forming itself woollen, in a shroud,
    Opening and closing its scales and gills,... more »

  • Astonishing Travels

    Astonished by lairs and hazards,
    My soldier is ahead in the blizzards,
    Caring for his spirit, arousing nothing
    But monsters to his lap, always abducting.... more »

  • Astray

    They are stray and religion is away from them,
    A path may be meal, a path is a way of a diadem.
    The religious men sought a sweet air,
    When did they reach a heavenly tool to be aware... more »

  • Astronomer

    One metre is a distance to stay when sick,
    He who lived a long time ago is too neurotic.
    He who loved a fine day is paying some note
    To the gates threatening to open and devote... more »

  • At An Amulet

    At an amulet of a moment the treading collects
    Returning to the soil of our loved men and women;
    The near neighbours are the nearer forms of talent,
    A talent will inscribe the future as it retrains the men.... more »

  • At Every Instant

    At every instant, the call of the spirit
    Resounds in the split heavens.
    We are going to the dead land,
    The male earth of clay, to be joined... more »

  • At Her Feet

    He was still at her feet,
    In a tone of despair,
    As if he soon after came
    And produced justice.... more »

  • At Last I Overpower

    At last I overpower you when I am glad,
    My pleasure is my pleading, as my worship.
    The child swung tears from eyes of gentility,
    Turning with vicious bruises, wicked blushes,... more »

  • At My Grave

    At my grave be a lovelier flower of poems,
    Constrict your muscles to disown me, and
    I will see the authority of your living eternity.
    My ripened fruit is to inject into the finer flesh,... more »

  • At One

    ... more »

  • At The End Of The Road

    At the end of the road, a poem is written,
    Above the bridge is another form of poetry.
    The locusts appear accosting the humans,
    Healing humanoids banish the hungry mob... more »

  • At The Time Of Darkness

    I am feeling ravenous due to the taste of some food,
    Describing is like fortitude, for it is sweet in taste.
    My strength arrived at night, for mighty nights are
    Strongly out of compulsions, fully grown.... more »

  • At Times

    At times my astonishment beleaguers me,
    It takes away sight, hearing and speech.
    My flower is the primrose, suitable for my age,
    My art is the rose, a feeling that is esteemed.... more »

  • Atomic Genius

    Stunts are made of this substance of atomic genius,
    They are the atoms of this universe colliding with harm;
    Heat has been the trait of the traitor,
    It harms him like all properties of philosophy.... more »

  • Atoms

    Atoms are back, balls of flame, swung into desuetude,
    For they are light particles of enlightenment, to worship.
    Comely atoms are effervescent, for they are with ebullience,
    Areas are still, areas are bands of strength, banks of disuse.... more »

  • Atoms And The Soul

    I am an atom, I am the atomic nucleus,
    My neutrons are blamed, my protons are dismayed.
    This side of the story is true and exact,
    For leanings to rivers define the matter and energy.... more »