• Successful Marriage

    To arrange for a surprise,
    I gain a problem in the order of conducting it,
    In that effortful step to tax himself who is myself.
    I surprise my bride and my now wife,... more »

  • Successful Mind

    You dress the mind with success,
    It labours night and day, opening.
    We close it due to some sort of activity,
    Offering a bright future so wild.... more »

  • Successful Notes

    Noted by the successful, a gentleman dies for the richness of life,
    A speculation produces a brother, so efficient and enlightening.
    Noted by the failures, a woman fulfills her question,
    Fully imposing her views forming on us, we men are not against.... more »

  • Sudden Force

    Suddenly the force of an abyss entails a tale,
    This story invites new pain, a whole life.
    One making this stretch of the blue
    Must sing with fusions and masterwork.... more »

  • Sudden Walls

    In the sky above one rests tonight,
    Impossible stillness embarks on its
    Journey to the night-sky, past the stars
    Of milk and grease so pure and lovely.... more »

  • Suffering

    Singing and mocking is all they do,
    Sitting and walking carries on.
    See him looking and watching,
    Levels of pain are mastered,... more »

  • Suffering An Action

    An announcement follows an action of dire strength,
    The maddening relief has made guns and rifles.
    Your hand rejects the firing of men, the whole band of skills,
    Then finally a singing and tiring song mastered itself.... more »

  • Sufferings And Duty

    Because of my suffering my cause is sacred,
    And the furlough is covered, forming its food.
    As long as my glow follows you, the point
    Of disaster is shallow and blue like the sky.... more »

  • Sugar Cane

    Down the canes a sugar flows and subjugates
    The hours of the days that pass compared.
    This side of town seems sugary and sweeter
    Than most diets, more food in the blood stream.... more »

  • Suggestions

    I describe an innuendo or suggestion,
    She must inquire further and farthest.
    Countless generations consult too demandingly,
    Inoculating suggesters, or protecting the few.... more »

  • Suited To Earth

    I was suited to the composition of the earth,
    It had been some time since awkward words
    Displayed their status from works so plain.
    The earth itself soaked itself with rainwater,... more »

  • Summer And Winter Ghosts

    Summer and the winter, sprites appear wildly,
    But where are the sprites of the arrayed sort?
    These destinations are designed by the God,
    This dangerous duty is revelling in the sight of odds,... more »

  • Summer Is Spring

    Summer blooms like an angel with flighty wings,
    This summer is like a repose or bad taste,
    The feeling is growing every season into a summer.... more »

  • Summer Nears

    As summer neared pouncing on the young,
    We are yet to hear the whole irony of a gun.
    This gun is near called the summer and wind,
    I call a plain honour the height of vigour.... more »

  • Summer-Time

    At summer-time in our way of life,
    It hung in my head the factors so prized.
    Many days into the season of summer,
    I left a night to the pondering, and thinking. It was... more »

  • Sumptuous Sea

    A sumptuous meal was with a sharp smack,
    Spoonfuls of peas and forks of spaghetti,
    Without the odours carried by the ancient.
    The food emanated from the skyline or view,... more »

  • Sun And Moon

    There is a sun and moon for every star in this sky,
    Births of stars followed by deaths, comfort us faintly.
    The stars in the atmosphere carry affection as they flash and blink,
    Much like us in a way all.... more »

  • Sun And Sky

    The sky is nearer to the sun,
    And the stars shine so brightly to time,
    Then the times roll into each other
    Like the hands of a clock,... more »

  • Sun Has Pleasure

    The sun has pleasure, the moon has fun,
    They collide in thoughts of space fulfilling me.
    This action you gain from the soul is better,
    You ask too many acts to be made for the ruin.... more »

  • Sun Of Brightness

    The shunning sun is a star of brightness
    Piercing the soul with its brilliance.

    The slanting shadows are cast while the rays... more »

  • Sun’s Rays

    My sun appears to be open,
    One entrance so cold to it.
    A sun has appeared for the holiness
    Has great gardens from it,... more »

  • Sunlight

    Sunlight presents itself with favours upon mankind,
    The whole night has abstained,
    The world is jolly so much more than us.... more »

  • Sunlight Falls On You

    Sunlight fell, in the face of glory, who is my companion?
    The stars of heaven begged for being, mastering us all.
    It may be that problems are satisfactory for the forms of the soul,
    But philosophers argue that ague and agreement falter.... more »

  • Sunny Day

    Care is the clothing I perspire into them
    For the carelessness is making me sweat
    After the shirt has been removed
    And I am under the hot sun. It is far too hot.... more »

  • Superior And Bold

    Let the meaning of faith be established
    Throughout the land of the seasons.
    These winters crown the living summers
    With beauty and taste, offered are their atoms.... more »