• Superior Being

    Seeing is superior like the wind,
    It rages on with the light on,
    Feeding the humanoids with kindness,
    Depressing the enemy,... more »

  • Superior Dwelling

    Distil this sadness at the heart of your thought,
    Offer kindness to yourself if the worry is affected.
    Unfinished business remains too bought,
    By the dragons of conjecture, awful not grand.... more »

  • Super-Rich

    I am a unit of time, so long for my age,
    This creates special energy in my cage.
    The need for complex questions to cipher
    Is so large-hearted, so large in scale, please no blunder.... more »

  • Supreme Name

    The supreme name of He taught us the story of our life,
    Eternal life is everlasting and surprising to the senses.
    Someone asked if the living God is a supreme God,
    And the answer was as usual, your God is One,... more »

  • Supremeness

    Do not like me as a fine man,
    Just wake me up, find my logic.
    The sunlight beams on my head
    In the day and in the night from lamps.... more »

  • Sure On Me

    Resplendent light entered the cave when we neared,
    This life is authority, full of triumph and disaster.
    I have the author and the reader,
    I am the trained one of us in totality.... more »

  • Surfing Today

    To the day that suspects us of laughter
    We ride the waves as we surf, and evolve.
    As swimming is not our style, we damage
    The air with our style of surfing, then we evolve.... more »

  • Surprised Being

    Those perfect beings will always see
    The lights and lances so feathered.
    They started flight along the way,
    Pressures of the nature around were in taste.... more »

  • Surprising Sun

    ... more »

  • Surrender

    Act according to the dislike of a bad man and an evil boy
    To find in your life what is funny and creative.
    Your decision is finally made on the importance and realty,
    The body we carry is all you can bury, to do with badness.... more »

  • Surrendering

    Surrendering like an ape
    The subjugated man is akin to monkeys.
    Following in the steps of a god
    The men are like cowards... more »

  • Surreptitious Slave

    A penumbra masters my mind,
    That plethora of beliefs and thoughts;
    Mind’s duels are quintessential
    For the rate of ideas explodes.... more »

  • Survival

    Survival is cruel, as much as heat and wind,
    The menace of what is out there is so strange;
    My forest is a garden for the animals
    But a hell for my soul, a little is too hard.... more »

  • Surviving Riches

    A hated feeling
    Full of work and anger, so happiness
    Does exit and refuse all help
    For I am fed by desire.... more »

  • Suspect

    Tonight the real clues approach the detective,
    Angry images of a god parade the temple,
    Forces are at work eventually.... more »

  • Swallow Music

    Inside we swallow a storm of music,
    The cuttlefish run their rhythm when accosted;
    They have intellect, they have insulation,
    But do they have these both or nothing like it?... more »

  • Sway Of The Self

    My wretched self is exchanging the pleasure
    With disbelief, an irony has surpassed the weather;
    My arms fold, ranting mouth speaks potions,
    So ire besets a tired public when beseeched... more »

  • Swaying Action

    Have a player play around like a ball,
    Playing the scene brightest and hammy.
    You act on business too overweening,
    The action so considered is a contrivance.... more »

  • Swaying Bridges

    The bridge swayed though the dignity ran past,
    For there was no hand or arm of rests and paste,
    Keeping names of sweetness, bravery of sweat.
    One cries out taking up a musical rhythm,... more »

  • Swaying Ship

    May the ship sway for certainty and suspense,
    Inwardly the sailors feel and hurt in defence.
    My leader is on the sea and divides the slain
    From the not so dead, but those who are lain... more »

  • Sweep From The Mind

    I merrily sing along the days and nights,
    As my highness demands for all its worth;
    Glory has arrived forming beauty for me,
    Along the path that I command.... more »

  • Sweet Burden

    The sweet burden is immense,
    For frowning clarity erupts from here,
    So that this telling is stated with tongues
    Of humankind, fruitful with fists blindly following.... more »

  • Sweet Dreams

    A sweetness clouded my minced mind,
    The same just be with a meaning.
    The hell of thinking boils on like oil,
    Save the savage tank, save the soldier.... more »

  • Sweet Home

    I have seen in the home a sweetness
    That is you, and it is you that is sweet
    From too many sugary bites,
    Too much sorrow that spins.... more »

  • Sweet Odours Of A New Palace

    For a few minutes we pack for the journey named no more
    By our successes, and life revolves around violas and violins.

    The musicians have a stigma, the revolutionists cause mayhem... more »