• Tall Man With A Hat

    ... more »

  • Talons Of Terror

    The talons of desire are upon us all,
    The brush of wickedness is abrading the fold
    That covers us, with stimulated light
    And stunted might, a grievous penalty... more »

  • Taming

    It tamed my monsters when young,
    Curling the talons like sad sticks
    But lethal to the touch if used.
    The monster has a company of friends... more »

  • Tangled With The Sea

    A tangle of seaweed steamed in the sun,
    My children touched the wood with fingers.
    I saw a wooden plank, with a look of awe,
    Ready to ride the waves of glory once more.... more »

  • Task Of Nature

    Nature has a task of opulence,
    Our natures disregard the majesty
    Of a plant in danger that climbs.
    Natural virtues are in the soul,... more »

  • Taste Of Food

    In food is a certain quality of taste,
    May they abstain and be erased.
    For food manages my godly life,
    Just as the fish manage with strife.... more »

  • Tasted By Clothes

    Tasteful muses are ornaments of the relics,
    Grace has a divine power over those with decorations,
    Pictures reign supreme with harmonious pasts.
    The exquisite grandness of this day is offered... more »

  • Tattered

    The tattered man had a tone of repetition,
    With his speech the direct conversation flowed.
    He regarded the awakening as a joining of hands,
    The ground received a rude call from his hands.... more »

  • Tatters Of Flesh

    Your wound sir is puzzling and uglier than most,
    Such pity is to be that I forsake comfortable surroundings;
    The better you understand,
    the more is your income afterwards,... more »

  • Tavern Lit By Lamps

    The tavern tables stay lit by the lamps,
    These are the lamps of excellence.
    My tables collect more money
    And the energy is also collected.... more »

  • Teaching Of The Stars

    In this heart of mine a family creates my brain,
    They too are children who have them,
    A forfeit can never benefit the wearer
    Of these mistakes, and they too have children.... more »

  • Teaching Virtue

    Teaching nature is naturally expectant of virtue,
    The personality is the place, you peace them;
    The essential qualities beautified the man
    And the man whose nature was driven to hurling... more »

  • Teams

    Teams teach the winning of standing and sitting,
    Brainwashing is a kind of presence but also absence,
    For the teachers of this race of humans react
    To the aims we conjecture as the fences are built... more »

  • Tearfully

    You tearfully remorse over selling shops,
    Infant splendour is always on the streets;
    They tearfully put to you questions,
    Lying in the meantime, cooking their meals.... more »

  • Tears Are My Possession

    Why are tears possessions?
    Under the sea of tears is a golden item,
    Close this treasure chest.
    My crying is crying of the whole,... more »

  • Tears Come

    In the flood of tears we drown and curse,
    Forcing statements entrancing us.
    The flood has arrived for our enjoyment,
    To matter, the rains have us perished.... more »

  • Tears In The Sleep

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  • Tears Of Mankind

    Now it’s been a million years,
    Mankind obeys kings of crying,
    For what knowing can tell,
    Now reigning the kingdom... more »

  • Telling Rights

    The telling of this right steady body
    Could dance in the crazy moonlight.
    Wells of velvety muddy water were to sprout
    And dance in the waters of the night.... more »

  • Tellurian Nights

    One bows down to aquilons nightly,
    This tellurian night is of the grounds
    A burgeoning prize that is night;
    Underground is best served the right... more »

  • Temper Of The Night

    In these grounds and fields and rural area,
    A dark, unlighted estate remains shadowy
    Under the moonless sky of the night.
    It surprises us as it is dingy, pitch-black,... more »

  • Tempers In Knots

    One obtempers and obeys the judge on high ground,
    Like an obscure ruling and like a laughable act;
    This choppy speech separates and displays,
    As fast as a sonnet in despair.... more »

  • Temporal Universe

    You laugh as if you consume the peacock,
    With an eaten grain the words are alive
    To the sound of sound, a heart has concentrated
    On words to describe, so I lay at the door... more »

  • Ten Days For Nothing

    Ten days glided away for nothing,
    Where was my father? When did the slight
    Sound of my mother be heard today?
    This sunshine flew at me like a bird,... more »

  • Tender

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