• Tendrils

    Tendrils rolled and licked at the air,
    Fuelled by the blood of sacrifice.
    It bore the gods' talent, floating atop;
    Down from the great south the wind blew,... more »

  • Tendrils That Twirl

    The lone tendrils reveal a promising sign,
    The presence of the side was apt to wander,
    But a lone pair of electrons subsides,
    To ignite the atoms of a lonely trend.... more »

  • Tense Subjects

    Tense subjects ban us outright,
    Righteous men and women confide
    In the biblical literature,
    Yet books of wisdom shun us... more »

  • Tent

    Northern skies wrench the skies of eternity,
    Reward them with vests and teams, soldiers.
    Then robins enter the glade, without their attire,
    Forming bubbles as they crawl in the air with mighty wings.... more »

  • Terror Under

    Important large tasks cleanly overwhelm the under-waters:
    A park of warmth, ports of drink, words of boats and sounds;
    I want the cats of the past to think back to their young existence,
    And I wish them to see small, surprising toads in action underneath.... more »

  • Tests

    Tests growl at summer as dawn approaches,
    Volleyball practises many talents of slaves,
    We are trails of stepping shoe-prints, soldier’s prints,
    The stew of food goes down the throat that is a sheet.... more »

  • Tests Of Faith

    Your God is one of them who likes to be called One,
    Afterwards He proclaims that you were tested on it.
    I explore the success of the day and find faith in God,
    As much as the seeds and spores are still alive.... more »

  • Thank You All The Time

    Thank you for all the time that you experience
    With the both of us.
    Thank you forever, always on time your presence has been
    With the both of us.... more »

  • That Foot

    That foot smacks my stomach with its food,
    Often the drinking has been precise and grand.

    That foot smells of the news of the world,... more »

  • That Kingdom Of Corpses

    To see him is to see like him and evil,
    Many corpses are guilty of their trusts,
    But terror reigns with its ugly hundred heads.... more »

  • That Mental-Approach

    That illness in the mind, too strange,
    What on earth is he doing in a cage?
    Is his fortune been sold,
    Or is he too old?... more »

  • That Power Is War

    That power that requires us is to be a saying,
    Powerful is life of an ancient time when they said their life.
    It is joy too powerful when imprints are made
    On the heads of blooded men and women -... more »

  • The Accomplishment

    I seize the accomplishment
    In front of your eyes;
    My wearing of tears coincides
    With laughter and the design.... more »

  • The Admirable Truth

    Truth is admired by those who seek it,
    It tells of giving an attitude of restraint;
    Take a long walk and recollect your thoughts,
    For truth is a house of ultimate benefits;... more »

  • The Adventurer Of God

    They are solid steel, the rocks are built by gods,
    Mountains and volcanoes are one, by gods.

    Yet we see the lava flow and the abolishment,... more »

  • The Aftermath Of Acting

    The actor advises his aftermath
    To the woman who acts like apples,
    The badge makes winter always,
    This acting needs a basin for all.... more »

  • The Afternoon And Evening

    The afternoon stands around our heads and hearts,
    The evening suddenly approaches us from the spheres.
    Getting up early on a morning of the weekend,
    In an ice-trap of lingering aspects and respects,... more »

  • The Air Was Bright

    There the air was bright as the morning scare,
    This evening it was fair, with mild wetness due to cares
    So meticulous that natures were supreme and just.
    Their air succumbed to the bright stars of this night and day,... more »

  • The Alleys Of Rain

    Down the alleys the rain has run faster than a horse,
    This horse neighs like the stranger of the mists;
    My toes seal a victory for the forces of the old wizard
    Reinforce my shot, illegal shots are illegal!... more »

  • The Anatomy

    The anatomy surprises me with its contours,
    The map of heaven has unfurled forever;
    It is the academy of the body that belabours,
    With fright at its heels and talking thoughts at the mind.... more »

  • The Angels Above

    Select the right action and thought,
    To revel in nothing but divinity.
    I have movement of the mathematical mind,
    Of the blessings from an angelic man.... more »

  • The Angels Of This Dominion

    The angel was to heaven a property of living
    By so much and so very little;
    If it would be one it could have a new minion,
    Not what she or he likened to grass and roots... more »

  • The Animal And The Plant

    The animal has a name of wonder,
    A plant may never attack a wonder,
    For the body of an animal is taking the plant,
    And bodies are getting bigger... more »

  • The Animals’ Status

    It is quite uncommon for a friend
    To commit many acts of obedience;
    Fierce acts comprise the solid alleys
    Of the thoughts we lust for and desire.... more »

  • The Apocalypse

    An abundance of water dresses our coats,
    For while the clouds do rage on the boats
    My accusation is similar to intelligence
    On the limited number of sailors of no importance.... more »