• The Art Of Beauty

    If this beauty lasts I upstairs run,
    For running away is from outside the heart,
    And if this beautiful person is with strength,
    Then almost all of life has begun... more »

  • The Art Of Living

    May living be an art for the curiosity,
    This curious jelly is full of animosity;
    My founder is of my religion,
    He came and objected to a decision.... more »

  • The Assured Numbers

    The numbers of this race are elongated
    To see the circles in the sand of our foe.
    One tooth bargains for the entering feud,
    It needs to be chopped off by the chief.... more »

  • The Atmosphere

    The atmosphere was the higher place
    Of a heavenly proud action,
    Blasts were blowing in the firmament,
    Skies had breezes and winds.... more »

  • The Author And The Witch

    The witch moved on and struck a spell
    On a man afraid, to compel him towards a cell;
    One cart installed, the witch responded to the decibel,
    Two measures were taken as one kind of bell.... more »

  • The Axis

    I see he sees like the wind of harmony,
    My wheel on its axis turns and bellows below.
    The cart drops, cantering on, like a rainbow,
    Forcing witty remarks with the aid of a donkey.... more »

  • The Baking Street

    I smiled a slanting street,
    Seldom had I come to such a stinging fear
    As this student of the times and worries,
    This sucking smell of the past flours.... more »

  • The Bard’s Song And More Fun

    One day the bard who thinks barbarically
    Shall sing wondrous hymns of beauty.
    The beauty works within your body
    In a way too demanding of the soul.... more »

  • The Bath Of Babies

    The bathing rooms with fireworks
    Mattered nothing except for the good
    In the stars at the night-sky.
    Steven grinned continuing to pressure... more »

  • The Baton

    I have to begin to laugh,
    So conveying the thought of a tree;
    It bows to the floor of the earth
    That resides on this world.... more »

  • The Battling Of A Nation

    The inevitable battle strikes the awesome nation,
    We call this town a nation of strength, the battle.
    Itself the battle climbs, to put on an action of wounds,
    The unavoidable victory is theirs, the defeat even theirs.... more »

  • The Beach Of Children

    The beach and butterfly flew along the sky,
    Feeding loneliness into the light that took
    A slight edge with the act of existence,
    Little do people know the height of nature and its contents.... more »

  • The Beat Of The Brain

    The swift beat of the brain
    Suffers no pain in its surprise;
    The soul feels a dried pen of ink
    When calamity befalls a flying leaf.... more »

  • The Beautiful And Necessary

    The beautiful world is necessary,
    It is inscribed by the worlds and places;
    The beautiful earth is of clay,
    What human is not acting of this?... more »

  • The Beauty Of Doing

    Doing is in the beauty of the doing,
    What you do is naturally beautiful and cute,
    Waging war, escaping ruin, establishing care
    And entertaining others.... more »

  • The Bed Of Water

    Much is trained in the rebel who teaches us
    What to do and something retaliates in the plagues
    That munch distraughtly without the need to plunge
    Into blushing roses sitting on bridges of ice and water.... more »

  • The Beholding

    The countenance of God is gazed upon by the unique,
    After the soul is committed to the trials and tribulations,
    After the body exhausts itself in prayer, while in absorption
    Of blessings and divine help.... more »

  • The Best Entertainment

    Television is the best entertainment,
    Feeding pictures into the mind of the lover;
    A letter is regarded by some to be fortunate,
    Feeling out the rare sum, the righteous bundle.... more »

  • The Best Food

    The best of us abstain from the food
    Of lovers, the food of blessings, and the food
    Of taste. This bursts and revolves around the stomach,
    My science is my conviction as I eat these words,... more »

  • The Best Love

    He seemed to be the best horizon,
    He seemed to grow like the ordinary,... more »

  • The Better Beauty

    The better form of beauty is from the eyes,
    Ears love equally and lovingly from the very sound.
    The sounds augustly resonate smoothly when
    Legions of photons discuss their existence.... more »

  • The Binding

    A binding with faith is a madness of the wood,
    Those afflicting the prose are against the dread;
    Much of a mutated being prolongs its stay here,
    But the binding of the people who live in the wood... more »

  • The Birds

    The birds are singing out aloud,
    This dream starts now, so be!
    Let answers cry so high in cloud,
    A flight ability.... more »

  • The Birth Of Food

    The birth of a biscuit combines my mind with my body,
    Hardening the soul, hardening the mighty heart;
    May hearts collide in innocent gestures,
    Love has been tasted by the birth of an ingredient of love.... more »

  • The Black Ocean

    The black ocean and the awesome red sea;
    And the orange sun sent by the whole deity;
    Also, the joyous water over its salt, its minerals
    That combine and permeate the water world,... more »