• The Black Sea

    In the term of office we call the presents of festivals,
    The black sea is offended by the great sea,
    As of this moment it is angered from above,
    It is the black problem we are against.... more »

  • The Black Sky

    The black sky inhibited the rays of the sun,
    Or so I thought of the stars that ran amuck.
    These smaller wonders sparked ideas
    As they appeared like shadows, and I had won... more »

  • The Blackened Mansion

    A mansion blackens due to the night of its laughter,
    You similarly betray nobody when you are the house.
    A palace erected by decency corrects the longest paper,
    You artistically endeavour from a seat to express his concern.... more »

  • The Blind Of This World

    The many blind men of this world
    Function for the brutality occurring.
    The blindness is a separate issue
    Known to man, but man is then at loss.... more »

  • The Boa

    The boa is a darling snake,
    I find him in North Africa as a lake.
    I find him in Australia to spend an arrow.
    He is the concise constrictor,... more »

  • The Boer Wars

    The two wars are those Boer Wars,
    Bent on mastery of a continent too southern.
    There was Majuba Hill, a defeat of number one,
    A British nation, a link can be found of profundity.... more »

  • The Box Disappears

    The box disappears from the twilight,
    Then the sun appears to justify the success;
    One boxes the bags for delivery,
    As one opens the bars that stain the city.... more »

  • The Boy Of Books

    A boy of poisonous waters wades further and drinks copiously,
    He is too poor for the books, for the reading of enlightened stories.
    A book is enlightened by him, for a book is a soul of poverty,
    The rich are in heaven, entering the pages of papyrus, gasping never.... more »

  • The Boy Soldier And The Military Man

    Let the boy ridicule the military man,
    How cruel could words be uttered in Afghanistan.
    Akimbo with all spitefulness, like a rascal son;
    And booming with hatred and abomination.... more »

  • The Brave Genius

    Accepting the brave man is called genius,
    Elated by him, you strive and be grateful;
    The joys of youth are always heroic to be born.
    Kind gratitude is the rule of your hour,... more »

  • The Bridge

    The bridge has passed its test, forever,
    And we collect the truth about our travel,
    Like the goings of a monster.
    Cars and trains can save our life... more »

  • The Bridge I Crossed

    Very grand was the bridge I crossed,
    Forward I marched in the steps of my father;
    The world knew a little heaven and hell,
    But the lesser crimes were to be committed.... more »

  • The Bright, Good Man

    A righteous man involves himself in politics,
    The rare delights are shared by the one who loves.

    The gear of the gestures creeps in too late,... more »

  • The Brown Bear

    Into the brown bear was the bullet,
    Passing through as if adequate.
    It was a Kodiak bear, in Alaska,
    Opening too much, clever as a comma,... more »

  • The Bullet

    We must prise out the bullet,
    Keeping relaxed heads also in health.
    Your head and heart are linked,
    From the systems it is risked.... more »

  • The Bullet Of The Masses

    To feel the bullet of wine is to forsake the entities,
    To wear the flesh of an imperfect animal is destroying it,
    As reasoning is less every day and every year.... more »

  • The Burning Forest

    ... more »

  • The Burning Is About

    The situation was the scene of scorching heat,
    Its locale pondered, scorched like kindled candles,
    Offering us whims of a superior future,
    Its aspect was bound to the body offering me some... more »

  • The Butterfly

    The butterfly in the blessed sky looks up and sways,
    Futile flight is a gesture of the polite, a moment of days.
    I see cacti as we buy credible toys from the market-place,
    Stinging is singing, like the crying dolls over my race.... more »

  • The Caliber Of The Worlds

    The caliber caresses a human being with rationale,
    This thinking distends and preoccupies other thoughts
    And concepts that we despise, like the old punctures.
    This tendency to despise mollifies the despotism... more »

  • The Cannon

    The cannon was graded as I peered inside,
    It shot its milk that spilt on the other table
    Called a world of dangers and words of doubt,
    Injuries seemed like rain and ever so red.... more »

  • The Carriage

    The carriage held a death for the hasty,
    We slowly drove through the forest
    With a demon fixed there, some mortal
    Lunacy was afoot, like the offering of a lamb.... more »

  • The Cave

    Return to the road we love in some time,
    This time is to enjoy as we tread and climb;
    We reach and then cry, we stretch and make efforts
    Too strange, for we can ride pleasurable comforts.... more »

  • The Century Is To Trust

    To the century is trust of sadism,
    Toy the balloon of trust and faith,
    Been the beauty, been agnosticism,
    A religion has born from a wraith.... more »

  • The Cerulean Sea

    A cerulean sea awaits the canorous music
    Understood by the land, after the way we begin.
    Screeching past us, the waves of pleasure corrupt
    Us where the fraternity displeases and shocks.... more »