• The Challenger

    The challenger is the astrologer of facts,
    He charges at your soul with lines of hate,
    Challenging you with dodging thoughts,
    Wary ways, badges of devastation, and always... more »

  • The Chamber Of Hell

    The chamber of extreme sin is like Hell,
    Going on would excite my shoulder.
    This escaped, this I know, this I know,
    This escaped and let Hell loose.... more »

  • The Character Of Youth

    I can scarcely tell the character of youth,
    Nature is young with fruit, it ripens many times;
    Full of fever, young men and women define
    The basis for their lives, the ones that value us.... more »

  • The Charm Of An Instant

    Towards the statements I make comes a lorry or truck,
    Instead of their wheels my words I take in my stomach.
    The hunger of a puck is about and around the world,
    Food enters the mouths of motors and trains, unfurled.... more »

  • The Chaste Poets

    A reward of water is a penmanship for the poet,
    He drinks words along the air and waters, the seas
    Beckon to him, signatures are signed at last.... more »

  • The Circle Of Seating

    From experience I glanced at the circle of plush seating,
    And my argument started to run like the bones
    Under my skin, leaving marks was all a wide grin.
    By a slight movement my embarrassment had to begin,... more »

  • The Circuit

    The circuit of artificial men stammer and stain
    The clothes with juices of engrossed men,
    A caviar is sent, a turret is in the midst of us.
    One finds a carbon dioxide molecule inside us,... more »

  • The Cities Of Mummies

    The new quarter was well brought up,
    They were immaculate, well educated like the spawn
    Created by the predecessors, a city of well built types,
    My majesty quakes, as I lay awake.... more »

  • The City Children

    Around the city places are particular children
    Wandering like cruel expenses during the day,
    And only in the night do children sleep in the city,
    But the city does not turn off its lights in the deep night.... more »

  • The City Itself

    ... more »

  • The Climate

    The climate we spring from is hot,
    So hot and heavy, in a live manner such a lot.
    Eruptions meander in our minds with fighting balloons,
    These works of man, and all the baboons.... more »

  • The Clothes Of The Universe

    The clothes of a welcome man are solid,
    He wraps himself up in silk and cheese of the flesh;
    The prayers at night seem like mathematics,
    Half of them smash into the wars of old nature.... more »

  • The Cloud

    Your tree of hounds collapses in your eyes,
    Colder to the touch you supervise them as if forgotten.
    The rains should cease, they should just stop falling
    As their clouds uniformly clip those parts of the land.... more »

  • The Clown

    A famous clod rescues nobody in this world,
    A transaction is being made for all this recent world.
    The clown or clod reads into books of logic,
    Demonstrating damage, filling the time,... more »

  • The Coat

    The opposite coat was the only coat to dress yourself,
    It bore marks of distinction, arms lost in the body of your suit.
    My square hat acted like the contraption of a higher cult,
    Its jaws majestically appalled, your mouth was my act.... more »

  • The Cold

    The cold is a stranger and a cost,
    To all these students of cool nature,
    To all the trees I decide to occupy,
    And remark on cruel beginnings... more »

  • The Cold Cosmos

    Until I die
    The weather will turn cold
    And suns will pound on the Earth
    With ever vigour... more »

  • The Colour

    The colour must be changeable,
    Resetting the vision of our ancestry;
    One feels garrotted to be worshipped,
    But even the cases of relish have survived.... more »

  • The Conscript

    The conqueror was a script,
    I read him like a script;
    He invaded my life as if to die,
    And later he awarded me with death.... more »

  • The Constant

    Constant energy is surprising for us,
    Inner turmoil resides in your shell.
    For the conspiracy is not absent
    Of law being blamed for the self-destruction.... more »

  • The Cooked Meat

    When rice and milk and oranges and white icing
    Do their best to make you happy;
    I speak to you a moment for the luxury,
    I snuggled into the armchair.... more »

  • The Corners Of Life

    In the corners of the light of the soul of the life,
    We gather between them all a heart of gratitude.
    Lift the veil, and you will curiously embark on a journey
    To the other side where bulging cows dither and bellow.... more »

  • The Cosmic Light

    The cosmos is full of painful sparkle,
    The purity is so immense this way,
    Its devoted ends are folding in, like a mattress
    Or a tube of hardness, that wraps around.... more »

  • The Cosmos

    Bigger work is taking place in the cosmos,
    In this progress is a big telling for the tiros
    Of space and energy, in the middle of a firmament,
    In the sky of grace, always a place abhorrent... more »

  • The Countess Of Heaven

    A heaven, the countess,
    Not the king of jewellery and speak;
    A heaven overshadows our thinking
    While awake, innards change... more »