• The Country

    This country has a beginning,
    Instead the work becomes an ocean.
    Oceans boil up to the top,
    The sea is blood and gore.... more »

  • The Course Of Life

    To see me frightened of the course in life,
    My scared duty abides buttoned in the course of life.

    To see the cherished being from around the clock,... more »

  • The Course Of Swords

    The tracks of swords are omniscient,
    Difficult to behold, hard to distill,
    Unarguably all-powerful like the created
    Beings stirred by imagined spirits.... more »

  • The Course Of Time

    I was then in a course of time that ran afloat,
    The coronation of the emperor was upon my own thoughts;
    Seldom do wishes of difficulty concern duty
    And the virtues of a corrupt people.... more »

  • The Coward

    O these drums so bold in triumph
    You are dumb and deaf as drums
    Your drumming is charming and sweet.
    This war-ground... more »

  • The Created Life

    In the words of your Creator are many thoughts,
    Let my thoughts be at one with my own likings;
    Then the Creator will make you die, and then you
    Redirect your resurrected body to the full life.... more »

  • The Creed Adopted

    It is the creed adopted by the lava on the walls,
    His package of instruments displays a colour
    So ideal and straightforward by ourselves.
    My ink runs thin, my stains are a goodness,... more »

  • The Crown

    The crown is up in smoke,
    One tells lies to the queen with a backstroke.
    It flies, it ties with birds of prey,
    To be hunted, the thief is to say;... more »

  • The Crowns Were Made

    The licking of the crown was the lion,
    Its field of vision was like diamonds
    Shining in the guy of the whole ride.
    He wished for a sudden end to laughing,... more »

  • The Crueler Tyrant

    I refrain from his thumb of thinking,
    His fingers flicker, his feet fight,
    Never touch his being with a speech.... more »

  • The Crust Broke

    While she lay the crust broke and we cherished,
    Then we perished as if an earthquake shattered the ground.
    Indeed the shivering of the layers beneath looked right,
    But coldness and hotness were the opposites.... more »

  • The Crying From Misery

    The miser has concussion when sick,
    It is unholy and right if you end;
    It contains blessings, the world,
    When holiness has defeated;... more »

  • The Dale

    Another top feud appeared like a fruit unripe,
    Reviling, defeating and maligning the rest.
    In this dale boundless with pleasure of highness,
    A principle warm and enticing was begotten.... more »

  • The Dawn

    What is knowledge? What is wisdom?
    My sight seeks a candle, with a flame,
    And the eyes are finally better, it is
    The candlelight of good shining quality.... more »

  • The Day

    ... more »

  • The Day Has A Light

    To wetness the day alights,
    Towards the horizon of pain
    Painting its face with grimace;
    As the night outstrips the day... more »

  • The Day Shall Be Late

    The day shall swear to the books of gold,
    These tomes decide the worth of generations;
    In them a day collides with atoms of the dusts,
    Winds blow them out to the seas of brine.... more »

  • The Day’s Luxury

    You came from the heath and moor,
    Bringing their aromas through my open door;
    They used to see each other, the heath and moor,
    When school broke up, when there were no girls left.... more »

  • The Days Of A Monster

    The days of Summer are inside the atoms of this mild pain,
    It only comes from the distant oceans where the water lies.
    A picture is strapped to the heart as the wailing begins and fades,
    Lying close to the edge of an abyss so strange and rigorous.... more »

  • The Days Spoke

    Gone are the days we spoke to each other,
    Smiling is an art to deliver to the mother.
    How do rests and exertions complain
    In the face of danger, the main?... more »

  • The Dead Have Awoken

    This house madly speaks to the throat of wrong,
    Hastening its grasp on the young, a felony has hatched.
    This house runs deep to swallow for the pen
    To write a fortune of darkness, of sheer desire.... more »

  • The Death

    I have a death with my name,
    I amaze those with sleep and repose;
    Your innocence today?
    My days are in bereavement... more »

  • The Death Of Love

    The death of love is a wonderful emblem,
    Love teases with remorse, and love enjoys.
    One death is one heart in the ruins of the creation,
    The creation spreads to all quarters of heaven.... more »

  • The Death Of Lovers

    The death of the lover is a living episode,
    My dove flies according to dreams and force;
    The dead men and women are resurrected
    Like the forces and the moments, forming... more »

  • The Death Road

    The road to death lasts a fortunate amount of time,
    As simple steps are taken to avoid the authority of time.
    The death has been an event, an event has been the death,
    Like living quarters changed, like enemies slain and blamed.... more »