• Atrocity

    When atrocities are in the house of never land,
    Fought are the priests we stole from the sand
    Of the desert, and the land of snow, as they are cold
    And heavy with reward;... more »

  • Attached To The Heart

    The man is attached to the heart
    When he sleeps and he yearns for the mistakes
    To be forgiven, the repentance shall achieve wonders.
    There is music to be a light at once,... more »

  • Attack Of Love

    The attack is love, of intensive care, easy percussion,
    So that a theology is bred to outpace the magic.
    The attack on our life is of flying acts, majestic acts,
    Above the enemies' planes, fighting the edges.... more »

  • Attacks Of Comfort

    A family of comfortable spring has entered
    The land of troubles for now.
    A chainsaw is required to tenderly destroy
    And manage a family of hatred,... more »

  • Attitudes

    A stake must be driven into the heart of a person who kisses
    For blood and guts and ruin, for money of bloody water,
    And for the substances that destroy happiness and well-being.... more »

  • Avenue Of Love

    The modern and broad avenue of love
    Creates a prison for the rectangles of hate.
    Invented by the holder of pencils
    I hate all of the worse points and... more »

  • Avenues

    Inside the small avenue of death,
    Life enters and touches the feet.
    Were you pondering a solution to action?
    The sameness of being alleviates suffering.... more »

  • Await, Await

    Do not ease my burden brought by brethren,
    For their true hearts convince me of thoughts
    Inside the very chasm of our lives sudden.
    To say we ease our burdens is to dissolve the salt... more »

  • Award

    I define the award of Wednesday
    A priceless clinch of the week.
    A perfection believes in the response
    Of the next day - the very enjoyment.... more »

  • Awe In Stages

    Awe has trickled into a jar of young habitats,
    Lands admire our solutions of a prized promotion.
    These lands are in hearts of adoration and love,
    We became the servants of peace, inner beauty.... more »

  • Awesome Life

    Awe is deadly to the soul, the soul,
    For it damages the evil spirit and mince,
    The management of the existence is a role
    That we play, that may gain footprints.... more »

  • Awesome Lights

    ... more »

  • Awesome Thoughts About God

    Awe entices us with the thoughts about God,
    Do not be mean to be useless and funny;
    My sense flows afterwards, fellows rage on,
    Like open doors flung apart.... more »

  • Awestruck

    ... more »

  • Awful Burns

    Awful burns have divided us in the crashes of the bright,
    A coma has been attached to our words of much lift.
    The uniform has appeared to be abhorrent, to the senses,
    It is completely comfortable and unique, forever this way.... more »

  • Awkward Heads

    Awkward and hideous are coming out,
    Glancing at their heads we design the remorse,
    How well known is the period of lust?
    Grotesque, learned moments are of the dust,... more »

  • Babel

    A babel grabbed by understanding
    Concentrates us in wrong, the full worm;
    One amazement convenes to astound
    As they occur, we consider the old regime.... more »

  • Babies

    She touched her organic body
    once again, when walking, as the
    tormenting strains of the Dirt babies
    shook inside her organic body... more »

  • Baby Balls

    Baby and ball collected cookies,
    One ball ran so fast that a nose appeared
    And the baby defused the bomb
    Called life and certainty.... more »

  • Back-Pedaling

    We are abducted by those who abjure confessions,
    Then their udders are packed with milk of heaven;
    But they are babyish and unhappy, able-bodied
    As the background they have endured.... more »

  • Bad Bird

    I saw a bird of quite bad scent,
    I smelt it when it flew my way,
    Perhaps so speedily,
    Perhaps it loved me.... more »

  • Bags Of Fun

    The bags of fun one destroys are nothing,
    Gels of the loose change combine to fester
    And cost the individual an arm and leg.
    The funny men of the decade are murder... more »

  • Bandits

    Obnoxious oranges smell bad for bandits,
    They munch and are set in their munching,
    Collecting, repressing and eating their way.
    The fruit of a tree connects with branches... more »

  • Bandits On The Walk

    The defeated bandits read their inscription
    On the grave, on the board of travel and occurrence,
    They are tasked to find out the meaning of scriptures,
    Searching survivors and their barricades,... more »

  • Banks Of Money

    The trade of man is simpler than crosses
    To make on a sheet of homework.
    This distance of miles and miles specializes
    In the slogging nature of teamwork.... more »