• The Form Of Life

    I want the form of life called happiness without pain and endurance,
    I wish for the straight path and all of the relentless goals to accost me,
    Like this and that, those and these, filling the bank with worries.
    Thoughts have been given, swerving along the horizon little by little,... more »

  • The Fortress Of Light

    The fortress of China is better than strength of knowledge,
    It fortifies the will of the people and the knowledge is wise.
    A castle is in the domain of lordships and plotters of design,
    The battleground stands firm and frozen, like a light all sudden.... more »

  • The Foul

    The foul was in for prison,
    My utterances condemn your pleasures,
    Attacked, bitten and arranged to die,
    Yes, our prize is working on poison... more »

  • The Frightened One

    The dough of fright is deed enough,
    Letters abide in the cherished fight,
    I ought to decide, I ought to divide.
    So I sigh without a leader, I might die... more »

  • The Frosty Winter

    The frost has appeared,
    My love's happiness shines like it.
    This joy of the winter
    Turns the flying birds away... more »

  • The Funambulist

    The fruity scheme passed all tests of fame,
    Screeching mazes fought for you after the spill.
    Fluffy clouds and earth beget more children,
    Further than the fifth heaven, the sixth and seventh.... more »

  • The Funeral Of An Animal

    The funeral made me sink into an animal,
    The room felt comfortable, more so than one’s mind.
    I stare at the camera working my sleep
    And sight became pleasure in the snivelling months.... more »

  • The Furnace

    The furnace of noise is obliterating,
    Heat surges like a bird’s cry,
    The crying of the furnace is like venom.
    Heat is audible now, it never whispers here;... more »

  • The Future

    The future is our goal for the putting,
    An appointed lot, denigrating the past
    As if the anchor called the present is also
    For the past, as the fulcrum is perfect and formed.... more »

  • The Game Of Senses

    That domination loathed me when I danced
    And sang my way home, further than the sun.
    Those who dominate shall reach the maturity,
    Anybody with a reality to conceive shall inherit.... more »

  • The Garden

    A plant has bloomed into a flower very well,
    Seeds were sown yesterday, only the bluebell.
    Using sunlight and hero-worship is best,
    Regretting any extolling that was abreast.... more »

  • The Garden Is Full Of Love

    The garden of love is gazing at me from within,
    Gold and diamonds are contained within the pillars.
    A fountain rests atop a stop, and willing leaves are afoot,
    Breaking, bursting from within like a heavenly sport.... more »

  • The Garden Of Birds

    Never use the birds, never swear to their flight,
    But instead of relaxing be one of the praying men
    Who are pious as the wind and the rain.
    They obey the life, they obey the goal,... more »

  • The Gaze

    The path connects to other paths,
    Open them as I speak with you and
    Whisper with the cats and dogs.... more »

  • The Gesture

    The whole gesture proclaims a mystery,
    A laugh goes into hurry when the time is at flight;
    Blinding footlights precede our animal vision,
    Schools of children sweat under the folly and future.... more »

  • The Ghost Along The Tapestry

    In this smelting furnace resides a ghost,
    The palace of innocence is like itself.
    On the balcony, in the chair, or the loose masonry,
    This beast all-white seems to loiter and anger... more »

  • The Gift Of Rain

    The rain is a gift of jewellery as a special gift,
    One might be strong in diamonds,
    One may strike the eyes of jewels that are too rich,
    But one may never call the rain too precious... more »

  • The Gleaming Eyes

    The gleaming eyes bespoke now,
    A strict study of the sensibilities;
    One mostly stuck with hands,
    But now the eyes had powerfully... more »

  • The Glory

    Fade into the sky for glory,
    Understand me as I speak to the land;
    Heaven shudders as Hell encompasses
    The globe. From the evil... more »

  • The Goal Of Character

    The goal of character is strong,
    Heaven faces the mountain in a day
    To work with atoms that mean something.
    This heat of the heavenly day is absurd,... more »

  • The Gods Above

    God has passed a judgement on us,
    Ghosts of a distance are speaking with a curse
    In the form of runes, and they are speakers
    Of a mortal’s demise, and the denizens of the ravine... more »

  • The Golden Gold

    Rich in grandeur, an echoing confines my thinking,
    Never is decomposed tunnel a likely refuge for the late.
    My age is grander than the solid mountain, this time
    Is completely at odds with natural nature, a nature too rich.... more »

  • The Golden Mystery

    One was of wood, the other was of gold,
    On the pillows we rested until further collapse.
    Seconds elapsed, my lap was complete, the race
    Was won, and I needed a slap on the back.... more »

  • The Good Soul

    Raising a fortress of goodness is like the soul,
    It flourished in the middle of time, with cunning.
    The body is beautiful like the iron men,
    Instead of strength there is iron... more »

  • The Graceful Mathematician

    The carnal soul is from the Light that shudders,
    This eye revolves as the other rewinds,
    Searching a galaxy of attributes
    In a state of quiet meditation.... more »