• The Higher Staff

    The very stick of young spirits,
    Is a famous staff of higher light.
    The many joints and many tools
    Have many reasons of magic.... more »

  • The Higher Wisdom

    Wisdom carried new meaning, a wonderful weapon,
    To be used by the diligent and troubled.
    Wiser men see a page of writing and speak,
    Causing us to be delighted by their speech.... more »

  • The Hills

    Hills come, and they derive equations on the soul
    Of human passivity, an exact thought can be derived.
    Hills tower over humans like the forbidding jungle,
    Raised to the sky in sudden pleasure so kind.... more »

  • The Hills After War

    The hills bespeak fortune after war,
    Forces of formations align to cast the enemy
    Adrift in decisions of final onslaught.
    They react to the walls that shape the acts,... more »

  • The Hills Are Illness

    The hills and valleys are at one with me and mice,
    For they are smaller than my artistry, and I am blessed.
    Blood is on the head of a deathly shadow, hills
    Are twisted around, sweet breezes shine with windy gust.... more »

  • The Hills Speak

    The hills speak to mountains for their illnesses,
    Instead of alarming creations we are becoming hills
    That heighten their awarenesses, leaving the green
    Colours for powerful flowers of petals that dismay... more »

  • The Horse, Or Steed

    ... more »

  • The House Entered

    When a prince enters a room,
    Flowers bloom in full professing,
    The engine starts non-foolishly,
    As returning to heaven catches light.... more »

  • The House Of Delights

    In this house is a garden of delights,
    Tomorrow we play on the grass for our appetites.
    We eat and play and roam and die
    In the grounds of the place that lie.... more »

  • The Human Bridge

    ... more »

  • The Human Pleasures

    The human head forgets its pleasures,
    In hearts collected, in residence stilled;
    Those ignitions surprise the phantoms, the worlds,
    The dreams, the desires, the faults,... more »

  • The Ice-Cream

    Lollipops connect to make new creams,
    I have certainty that the path may beckon,
    And life sorts out the trails and tracks
    Of my former life.... more »

  • The Ideal Soldier

    Soldier, there is no emblem but him,
    He has fought like a mouse in front of the kingdom,
    The kingdom is adorable with bright stars
    Shining like jewels of the type we drive in hearts.... more »

  • The Immense Thought

    The way of love is thought to be ancient,
    You are ignoring my sleep of thought as well.
    Making the heart dull is sleeping in the heart,
    Sufis teach us monks what the appearance... more »

  • The Instigation

    Men have sided with theory most of their lives,
    Offering an activity of the pen that are for captives;
    Their desire shines, emotions of hope are changing,
    When a person effects his or her liberation,... more »

  • The Intermixing

    The gout of the mind is to intermix,
    Gormandizing and realistically the feathers.
    Homer sees in his eye the real food,
    And writes as a poet who is blind.... more »

  • The Island Of God

    To infer a fact or thought you strive
    And enter the righteous way,
    One wonder was caring for another wonder,
    The blunder sadly fought the calendar... more »

  • The Journey Of Miles

    The first mile of the journey slid,
    But when I did walk in my own place
    I took my seat and never desired it.
    I thanked the air and it did not trouble me,... more »

  • The Journeys Of The Servant

    His servant is commanded to rest and learn,
    His rest serves another place of worship,
    But the world is worst of the times ahead,
    That people say by night, and hear by day.... more »

  • The Jumping Man

    It was a justice to see the jewels speak,
    The jumping man is seen by those who be men.
    To jump in the direction of young practices
    Persuades the joyous soul to unite with atoms... more »

  • The Kaiser’s Government

    I govern, as I learn, with governments
    Arousing my anger, like the sight of a gorge
    All overpowering and threatening to the body,
    As I dive into its abyss, not knowing it before.... more »

  • The Knowledge Of The Soul

    God does the knowledge for your soul,
    Anybody wisely, concisely objects to highest scripture.
    But never do a deed that is far-reaching, never do it,
    For people gain an understanding from you,... more »

  • The Knowledge Of You

    You must understand the mood of real results,
    Beneath them the message is late,
    Underneath them we claim a bereavement
    And grief is the boat we see on a lake.... more »

  • The Lamp Of Distress

    To light the lamp we take flight,
    On the water of the lake, cold as ice;
    I see clumps of wooden trees,
    Installations with rigour and fright.... more »

  • The Land Of Surprise

    It is such difference to melt with the land,
    And we see, we see the heavens surprised
    By the takeover of Death, a sordid creature
    So blessed yet fierce like the fog of the downs.... more »