• The Magic Of

    I wondered how high the ocean was
    Compared to those continuous seasons.
    I wear the oceans and seas like fountains
    Bringing their vomit before the springs.... more »

  • The Male And Female

    The male responding to the female
    Is a polite plate for the food of famine,
    Families are devices from this good.
    The male is replying to his maid,... more »

  • The Man

    The man who hates the world shall carry it,
    Love minds himself, like light and dark a bit;
    My mother causes him to live and die,
    From life he goes, from death he will ally.... more »

  • The Man Is In Distress

    I copy the man of distress,
    He collides with a lady who cares,
    And marriage ensues when speaking lands.
    I release a socking to the cauldron... more »

  • The Man Of God

    A man is a lover of God, so desire him as his heart is great,
    This man should never cease his utterances of faith, even crying.

    For the man of God knows that God exists, learning of Him... more »

  • The Man Of Life

    He talked little, he spotted few
    In the arena of his intelligence;
    Fascinated, he took to burdens
    Of an united country, with likes... more »

  • The Man Of Open Godliness

    To focus on a name is like being the same,
    I see the habits of a praiseworthy man
    As the drawing of a day unravels
    Into splendour and sanity and godliness.... more »

  • The Man Rides His Horse

    To snare a thought from the deeper mind
    Carries a message for the young and old;
    This avalanche of my desire is created
    By the acts that are mastered by the few.... more »

  • The Man Who Accomplishes

    The man who punctually accomplishes
    Creates the loss of a century and its work,
    Words are about with residues and illness,
    Worse are the stripes stretching all over the light.... more »

  • The Man With Shoes

    I wear my shoes in a couple of ways,
    So children soon reply with a casual greeting,
    Those in school uniforms offer majestically
    The praise accorded to a sane hatted man.... more »

  • The Manhood

    The manhood of my father fattens me with acts,
    They have deserved me, like demolition, distraught
    On the terrace of terror, a balcony of riches awaits.
    If magic could spell its craze then manhood answers... more »

  • The Many Branches Of Knowledge

    There are many branches to knowledge,
    They smash and crash as if in the winds.
    So many wise thoughts are born from within,
    Like children of the parent and darts from their thrower.... more »

  • The Map-Maker

    I am a map-maker of high discernment,
    I am an agent so absorbent,
    The feelings attached to me created
    This felony so wide and long aborted.... more »

  • The Market

    ... more »

  • The Martyr

    My martyr was also an epicure as a rich man,
    Bold are the epithets to describe him, all a ban.
    The job epitomizes good goals and strong life,
    An epoch of calamities and casualties that were rife.... more »

  • The Master Of Judgement Day

    The day of great duration has arrived,
    Its mightiness is irresistible for it means a blast.
    The initial fancy is that of extreme measures,
    By reason of the excitement from resurrection.... more »

  • The Masters

    To see the master grin is far too grim,
    I see when he talks to the servant;
    To see him regard the cushion is absurd,
    For anyone retaliates and observes;... more »

  • The Matters Of The Ocean

    It matters not how I find the chairs of cheering ladies,
    In the clutch of grinning and gaining lads and lasses.
    I have not grimly answered the kings whose touch
    Replies to ancient accents, to steady stares and awe.... more »

  • The Meal

    Must I, exciting nobody, be a slight leader,
    According to pain and suffering of the meal?
    There was a solitary figure of importance
    Hanging up its head to the heavenly sky.... more »

  • The Meaning Of Stages

    To be is a must, to be requires justice,
    For just people are rational men,
    For jealous prisoners work like criminals
    Internally requesting freedom of desire.... more »

  • The Melancholy Night

    The melancholy night raises its dew
    To the height one marries with justice;
    For evenings are light like the sunny man
    In his sunny tomb, with the summer's sun.... more »

  • The Misery Of Misery

    I see you no longer than minutes of time,
    I am unable to grieve as my tears are fiercer.
    The description of a man that laments is like
    The tree of old oak, bemoaning always.... more »

  • The Moment I Choose

    The moment I heard your choice, I relaxed
    And fed the chickens, twisted the chin, fixed the eyes
    Of summary and brevity and disease.
    This moment is a mine of options,... more »

  • The Moment Of Truth

    I am the dad of signals, of the best,
    Those pictures mash, collide, retain and burn;
    From actual right we stride too soon and churn
    This message so much loud, then so assessed.... more »

  • The Moments

    Seize the moment with the heart
    That hands out dangers,
    Fists of trouble understand us
    As we resort to politics and economics.... more »