• The Old And Young

    Devour the old and young,
    Investigate the obstacles indeed;
    Let life be gorgeous as pies,
    The food we offer is the food of youth.... more »

  • The One Who Lasts

    God is the one who lasts forever,
    His kingdom is designed and everlasting.
    The effort of a design is only twice,
    Yet his effort is never like slumber.... more »

  • The One Who Loves

    If the one who loves me alters me,
    I will desert the ones who desire the injustice.
    I will describe the toucher of sins,
    My fame will be an exile and a trial.... more »

  • The One-Eyed Liar

    The dishonesty is a disloyalty, one is liar,
    One is famous, and one-eyed,
    But when do papers amount to clarity?
    Where is the proof of a forbidden prince?... more »

  • The Only Way To Sorcery

    The only way to deal in love is to deliver the soul,
    An existent being engines the soul forevermore.
    This soul is my light and horse that rides the ghouls
    Of the night, the lusts of the demons, and the light... more »

  • The Opposing Forces

    The opposing side loves our illness
    And the blood from it is sworn to secrecy.
    It confidently becomes an opposing side,
    Dice of luck shall be rolled.... more »

  • The Ordinary Land

    I’ve lingered in the vicinity
    To be a tall and ordinary farmer.
    As the fashion has exerted,
    My opinion is an assumption, a proof.... more »

  • The Other Half

    Sending to the other half a letter,
    I write towards the edge of insanity,
    As royal favours mark the considerations
    Like oil of the gun and oil of the pun.... more »

  • The Pages Of My Book

    To embellish the pages of my book
    Is to suddenly rectify the meaning,
    Boulders of thoughts incite me
    As I run the aim of my hour in beauty.... more »

  • The Paper Of Heaven

    The paper of god lies in this level of attainment,
    The paper of piety resides in the gloomy domination;
    We are indeed downward in authority,
    Our gaze asks a crossing of minds that swerve in and out.... more »

  • The Passage Of Ships

    One danger contrasts with the landscape,
    This shape is a scar of the face inside another;
    The audiotape shines with blood and verbal talk,
    Let so many grapes unleash their juices without sense,... more »

  • The Past

    Humming around the winter is the past,
    This congratulates me as the last.

    Years of daily amounts created laughter,... more »

  • The Past Ghouls

    ... more »

  • The Past Is Mere Echo

    The faint path of the past is a delicate thought,
    To my doubts is the knowledge directed with thought,
    I have a road where men of old are banished,
    I have a past, I have a repugnant past history.... more »

  • The Past Is Retrieved

    Nullifying the past is like avoiding the future,
    Governance of a man will reside in the realm.
    Decomposing then is abnormal due to age,
    Frightened by the wind you die and retrieve.... more »

  • The Path And Wall

    The path flexes and curves like a mountain,
    Mirrors reflect the pain and suffering of rocks;
    My experiment has begun like fire and stone,
    The risks of height and weight are small.... more »

  • The Path Of Destruction

    ... more »

  • The Path So Straight

    The path that is ridden with filth
    Needs to be replaced by structures
    That sound and appear like treasure,
    To be stored in the laps of the children.... more »

  • The Path To War

    Your weapons I see with their ammunition,
    How does this weapon differ?

    Your way is for fellowship and struggle,... more »

  • The Paths

    The path to destruction is invisible,
    It is travelled on by the wise,
    Giving an enterprise to behold,
    Like a gesture too meek.... more »

  • The Patient Angler

    ... more »

  • The Peculiarities

    When does the bizarre become sane as white bones?
    One who is hale and hearty shall desire peculiar ends,
    Vanishing once formed from the mud of the egg.
    It is the ability of the deformed that contrives a picture,... more »

  • The Perfect Book

    I found it irresistible for the perfect book,
    In the way it found itself, not I.
    The rigid attention brings me forward,
    For they encompass futures and proposals... more »

  • The Perishing Soul

    Who has had his secret in the perishing soul?
    Offering peace to the straightforward man is secretive,
    I utter knowledge to the heart of the origins of men.
    Why do you search for him in the dust and yellow ocean?... more »

  • The Philosophy Behind It

    His strength is the soul, so I wait and transform into a werewolf,
    My mighty blow carries hurt and pain like the avenue of thought.
    It stains an enemy with swift bursting sorriness, the spiritual one
    Bespeaks, thus it messes the spine with the brain and wanders.... more »