• Banks Of The River

    As I sway to the other side of the river,
    The bank is arriving, the banks are retelling;
    I see a tale to be delivered, a tail is made,
    To walk the action of a boulder and man.... more »

  • Banner Of Love

    The strong and brave bannerette displayed his skull
    According to the strokes of the sword, and its play.
    Men could hear the outstanding miracles before them,
    But one compares oneself to parents that describe... more »

  • Barbarian

    How sacred are the duties of some,
    That special careers subdue barbarism.

    How fed are the learned ones,... more »

  • Barmbrack

    I break this brack, a bread of fruit,
    A bread too good for the eating.
    My wives still make me some sawn ring,
    A bagel, or a bangle, or sweet pie so much.... more »

  • Barn

    ... more »

  • Barricade

    To pass the barricade I am unsure,
    Opening the wars carries a bite that is monster,
    I stay around with the passing crowd,
    But they swept me from shore to shore... more »

  • Basic Ability

    Basic abilities are the life of my work,
    Just be authority, and certain trees are grown.
    The sender of thoughts shall weigh half,
    Justice finds a place for the weak and infirm.... more »

  • Battalion

    Statistics jog our memories,
    Alternatives of thought and abilities.
    Begin with originality
    And the battle is ordinary.... more »

  • Bazaar Of Balloons

    If the ballooned bazaar is barraged by thieves,
    Sell it afterwards to a balloonist who believes.
    He sells it perhaps to a merchant on the loose,
    This man offers a price to others to abuse... more »

  • Be Helpful

    Be helpful to the spirit of the chapter so holier and godlier
    Than most of the sages who inspire and decipher us and them.
    Then a bed of roses is launched into darkness, like the gift,
    With ample news of the towns and cities of this generation.... more »

  • Be Jewels

    To give a strong jewel to a man who gives
    Is descriptive of a man who is wealthy
    Beyond beliefs, a system of jewels can craze.
    The modern age gives and forgives,... more »

  • Be Love

    ... more »

  • Be Near Heaven's Door

    Be awake like heaven's door,
    Let cheesecake be your companion,
    And cupcakes for the dusk,
    With dawn as a friend and equation.... more »

  • Be Over

    It is devious to be relevant on a task,
    This task rests with godly men of good measure.
    The gods of righteous nature shall presume,
    But we strive forwards in life never making sure.... more »

  • Be Proud

    Be pride and poison for it,
    Poor is the friar who took.
    Pleasure is soon, sooner than ever,
    When bones are picked by the vultures... more »

  • Be Punctual!

    I have crazy helpers and lepers,
    All of the scripts say wonders
    Of the high profits and worries
    That submerge and emerge... more »

  • Be So Boy

    The riches I emerge with are strange so cold,
    Innocent gold! Higher wealth is around that is told.
    A rich man hurried towards his house
    Finding a woman called his wife with a white blouse.... more »

  • Be Thanked

    Now, God be thanked with outstretched hands,
    Made sure by clear eye, and forsaken gesture;
    Leave the hungry minds and the sick heads,
    And all the emptiness of the love that we breed.... more »

  • Be The Desert Of Ice

    Be the grass of this wild desert of ice,
    It will search for the lights and darknesses.
    With showers of cold righteous fluid,
    We submerge ourselves in abundant triumph.... more »

  • Be The One

    Be the one to be the coffin’s fun,
    Buried under the wooden lid of love,
    Buried forever and ever like deadly wishes.... more »

  • Beach

    I was alone, on a beach of wonders and joy,
    Sand scrubbed my ankles, holding the box
    With fury, a little way inland there was the worry.
    I had possibilities, and the acts of a day constructed... more »

  • Beady

    Beady eyes looked out onto the field of vision,
    Someone cried, shorter and longer were the shadows;
    Locked into a storeroom, other senses quickly returned,
    Fitting the behaviour of the past and future.... more »

  • Beams Of Light

    He heard the cry for it a bit,
    Stepped in and didn't want to look
    As if the beams of light vanished,
    Relics were afloat fearfully arising... more »

  • Bear Incident

    There were limits to the valley,
    Also this resumed for the rise verbally;
    A final art erased its beginning,
    To this valley I return with grinning;... more »

  • Beards With Guilt

    Beating beards are beaming with guilt,
    The furnace of the heart is a guilty wart,
    One finds in it a spot of distaste as it
    Dissolves and reenters the head and heart.... more »