• The Time Of Warnings

    At precisely the time we marry our senses,
    My baths are taken with seals and symbols,
    Water has mattered to the beds of solemn deeds,
    A water collapses, and an air is a gas of greatness.... more »

  • The Times Of Love

    Let love be sized as silence folding out,
    Lose that that love is solved like air and ice,
    My fence is fed in floods of tears with clout,
    This blackness buys us time with one device.... more »

  • The Tongue Of A Wise Man

    He writes like a wise man with his tongue,
    Enjoying, striving, briskly walking in honest worlds.
    He endures the books called biblical literature,
    He must be pastor, but is he one of those?... more »

  • The Tradition

    Extend the tradition mightily winning
    Like righteous people who endanger the minority.
    Peoples gauge the wars devastating the few,
    My feuds run thick with temptation,... more »

  • The Train Made Me Play

    As the train pulled straight out,
    I left my home for the destination
    I liked to call my home on this planet.
    The world shivered, quaked and bit... more »

  • The Trees Are High

    The trees are high as after they have storms
    Their produce is low, and their height also forms.
    The tree has branches entering the sun and might,
    May destiny of a life be in the brain of someone alright.... more »

  • The Trees Of Life

    The trees command authority when called upon,
    Young men or women proclaim facts more than brawn.
    Branches of knowledge come from people called trees,
    Young trees are like orchards, they are not absurdities.... more »

  • The Tribal Leader

    He shivered looking at the tribal leader,
    Taking off the statues of this day he led,
    Like one of the bold men who died again,
    Littler than the beasts devouring him.... more »

  • The Tricky One

    To the advert I cruise and burn the tricks,
    Wrong and right are fluent speakers.
    I am here, my trying vocation is same,
    Loaves of bread sustain my body.... more »

  • The Troubled Box

    The box is trouble,
    Its corners murder its worship.
    The box elapses due
    To haste, and it unwound... more »

  • The Truth Is Before Them

    To their homes they fled, and they raced
    For their fear in the Lord was great,
    And still the fierce winds tore their hearts
    And the straightness of their whims was corrupted.... more »

  • The Tub Of Water

    By the tub of water stands an object too frightening,
    The steel dagger awaits bloody ruin from the majesty of evil;
    Into the place we surrender our will to the enormity of disgust,
    In this place of ruin we see everyday objects become murderous.... more »

  • The Tunnel

    I start talking once you will say four summers
    Are your dressage, the way you address me with solitude.
    We are married when mothers are you and your soul
    That blindly makes fifty years of your whole hat.... more »

  • The Turn

    The turn is your turn in this sleep,
    It deceives your pleasure when
    The goings of dreams are tougher
    Than a look into the reposed beings.... more »

  • The Two Towers Of Fear

    The two towers of fear are against the wall of fire,
    The fire swells and roars like water of the waves,
    And streams of binary input are conducted in concert,
    Like open ways and closed factors that sting onwards.... more »

  • The Ultimate

    He hated to be alone,
    In the wise world where dolphins
    Swim their hardest craft,
    When seas of silver and twins... more »

  • The Understanding

    Four men are the understandings,
    Their will is linked by the seasons
    And the sea and the moon.
    Look in the direction of youth,... more »

  • The Understanding Genius

    The ‘understand' is a genius word,
    The ‘man' is a delighted term of sequence;
    We from something, find worlds in action,
    Men of understanding fill the rectangle,... more »

  • The Unique

    The reputation of the troubles is huge,
    So then the fifth age gains a partner
    Who hugely hugs me with passes of heat.
    The caresses of a day are unique... more »

  • The Valley

    The valley must describe a way to the end of the world,
    This much is to know, this need in us exists;
    Which weapon came about? Where rests the pain?
    The valley and the gods well-explain our musts.... more »

  • The Vaster World

    The world is vaster than you can walk,
    Like horizon-walkers you have contact
    With other realms, you are a member of
    A loose confederation of confirmed travellers.... more »

  • The Vegetable

    The worst has destroyed
    My simple prison of plants
    Welling inside me
    In their longer life of might... more »

  • The Very Last Day

    The last day forbids you to invoke
    Other deities of the strong cults,
    A lingering hill is spent in journey,
    Like the mountainous trek and dress.... more »

  • The Very Straight Path

    To discover the path that is straightest,
    Look at the deliberate verses sacred and clear;
    What do they say when heat is added to stares
    From constructive peoples, from civilised seas of grass?... more »

  • The Vigilant

    The vigil was a night-time occurrence,
    Pathological liars were not apt for this,
    Instead the loftiness of their thinking
    Was liberating the mind further than expected.... more »