• The Words In Thoughts

    The words are like thoughts in membranes,
    Inside you describe the actions so wondrously.
    With a soul a word is born to endanger
    The ghosts that move solemnly, there must... more »

  • The Words Of Warning

    If you order me I will order you, and worse will appear
    Like a stranger in the mist and horizon, offering some form.
    If you invite the living to the dead I require a doctor,
    For I need to cure my illness, my wound of bloodiness.... more »

  • The World Cry

    Why does the world lament for its replies?
    To drop one tear through air is certain,
    But never do faces show such illness
    When the rains have washed the shores... more »

  • The World Is

    The world is up in flame and wrong health,
    It seized me by the hair and leapt in to ruin
    Which is enough to burn my life and living;
    My horror has come, and I wrong myself... more »

  • The World Is Earth

    ... more »

  • The World Is Watching

    The world is behind the curtain, passing winery,
    Dissolving salt in waters from the heavens.
    This world is a joy to be with, principles are the same,
    Joking will parade the sinners, and earth will comply.... more »

  • The World Of Joy

    This day I provide the world with joy,
    My price for the company is brilliant,
    I kept reasons too many for the toy.... more »

  • The World Of The Doctor

    He is elaborate, curing and intellectual, so brain after brain
    Rescues his soul when the doctor of doctors presides in his chair.
    Let the carrot weep when you are spoken, reaching into a design,
    The soil is the breeding ground, the ground enlightens all.... more »

  • The World That Lies

    Go to the world that lies and exhibits cruelty,
    That sins in many ways, in those ways we call evil.
    Then resent it from all your heart, and head back
    Introducing yourself to the evil people of your own country.... more »

  • The World’s Remains

    The top of the world is only the remains,
    This splashes with oceans, and it collects.
    This world created me and all that exists,
    Inside my bird and animal is a song.... more »

  • The Worst Crime

    On my pouffe I add the worst crime,
    The rejuvenation has begun of a time that conquers;
    The rabble subside into the horizon,
    Like radar I see them off, like war.... more »

  • The Wrong Brush

    From his horse he has had a vision,
    A diverted interruption, we used to say.
    No suffering there, their pain is rules,
    Ones to explain to the masses.... more »

  • The Wrong Path

    Never swear to the wrong path
    As much as the halls and mirrors,
    As little as this blindly follows.
    One path devastates some of the worries,... more »

  • The Wrong World

    A world of wrong has overcome me,
    Inside I feel not wanted, not ever in my anatomy.
    Any pride has been depleted due to anger
    That swayed from side to side, like danger.... more »

  • The Year

    Fast and forever in light, January lets the year,
    Each of us carry whims of something dear;
    Let January take on the next month,
    A saintly episode of high labyrinth.... more »

  • The Years Gone By

    To symbolize a year is to notify the world
    Of its influence on the years and centuries housed.
    Daylight has occurred and been received on this day,
    Inside them the days of the sunlight regress... more »

  • The Young Fight

    The young man cringed forming a truth of liquids,
    In the direction of flight and fight.
    A little piece of resentment created me instead,
    I desired a fight in the whole factor,... more »

  • Theatre

    To keep a man alive in the theatre,
    You need those who laugh to laugh,
    You must be a play, and an acting
    That lives with the very life you create.... more »

  • Theatricality

    The curtain is blessed by the action of courts,
    It is the court of law that we revere for law,
    The laws are demonstrated again and always.... more »

  • Theft

    ... more »

  • Theft Is Not Death

    God is the one who tells us all is well,
    That the genius has command over the cell
    That is inhabited by a prisoner of zeal
    From the political upbringing that can steal.... more »

  • Their Best Work

    Like their best work, a back road built so long ago
    Was hiding something decaying as the pavement,
    Overgrown in some places with moss and green
    Like the murders of the district and radio.... more »

  • Their Business

    They adjusted their business wear,
    Sickeningly rich and ringing with ruthlessness;
    The money of their triumph subjugated
    The talented men of strong covers and codes.... more »

  • Their Daughter

    Their daughter has passed to another world,
    Forming an image in the mind, in the heart;
    It lingers from frail limbs, the movement of death,
    This death is significant, and I am distinct.... more »

  • Their Enemies

    Their enemies result in air,
    To stand forever now;
    My work does work as your affair,
    This stance works on this brow.... more »