• Thinking Of Wealth

    My backer is the bank of thinking,
    A special boast for all the time.
    Loose are the raiders who speak,
    Less thinking and considering is to leap.... more »

  • Thirst For Words

    Thirsty icons are displayed by the public,
    Then messages revolve to astound the majors
    Who control the lesser troops of the day and night,
    Much is to be sought in this haystack.... more »

  • Thirteen Nights

    I was thirteen nights without an afternoon,
    Before sleep the eternal snows began
    To reach into my arctic heart, the running
    Was about and fruitful like the heart.... more »

  • This Container

    Tough are the edges of this container,
    I contain them, I persuade them
    To multiply inside and sting noone,
    Just to be polite and not harm someone.... more »

  • This Creation

    The whole goal of this world
    Enters the mind of columns;
    A universe has begun to resume,
    So time is tempting us when we are old.... more »

  • This Crime

    The want of this crime is astronomical,
    Feeling like the weight of a star, like our own
    That shines in heaven’s quarters,
    As if it smiled upon our face everyday.... more »

  • This Day

    How may I be this day?
    Be proud of course, not lazy.
    Jostle with the crowd now
    As fast as the winner... more »

  • This Day My Heart

    This day my heart pounded due to the sun
    Raging down on me with awesome rays,
    One of them was called Lucifer, and one was called
    Darkness, the one solution had arrived.... more »

  • This Endless War

    This endless war manifests itself,
    In their helmets they turn their backs,
    I do not know communications,
    And I do not have any irritable crimes.... more »

  • This Game Lasts Forever

    The winning game resolves itself from the pain of time,
    Success lasts forever, the doors to it remind me of space;
    Then my keeper trains me well, with food to demand from me,
    So that wealth is a picture of wonderment for the relaxer.... more »

  • This Gentleman

    This was a gentleman no longer young,
    He gazed blankly and dreamily at her;
    She was wholly unknown to the prolonged yawn,
    But then he pulled out a huge silver watch,... more »

  • This Greater Pilgrimage

    This pilgrimage of the heart entangles me,
    Inside the isle of the soul is another soul,
    Leaving us aside with blades roaring,
    Daggers dangling with split fires.... more »

  • This Heart Has A Purpose

    This heart bleeds due to love,
    This love enters the folds of the Universe,
    And my heart has served its purpose.
    Then death collects its sayings,... more »

  • This Hunger

    The hunger of life is in the food,
    Food is a charm that never dies,
    Food describes itself with splendour,
    Heat and taste of such deliverance.... more »

  • This Inner Line

    My bars are stars and guards, the inner line,
    So carry my fight on the life of boards, the inner line.

    So the blackboard needs awards from the helpers,... more »

  • This Is The Place

    I have come from a long distance to be patient in this place,
    I am remaining, I am staying where I am to stall, and this is the place.

    I have to be a perseverance, for my progeny shall require dedication,... more »

  • This Island Of Eyes

    This island is fluttering its eyes,
    With shock the tail of the land is on,
    Fire has been, fire has seen,
    Like boulders of the ire and pride,... more »

  • This Kingdom

    Had the kings and queens of this kingdom bled?
    The wild and eerie winter is upon us,
    We can not witness a criminal who has been dead.... more »

  • This Land Of Souls

    The soul of Britain is upon our saying,
    It determines the citizenry, the values;
    For we have loved humanity, and fevers
    Mark the occasion for some more leading.... more »

  • This Lord Exists

    You conquer a lordship of the world,
    While He, the Creator, masters the world
    With his creation, the light of existence.
    A secret bestowed upon the Gnostics,... more »

  • This Man

    Who is man?
    The resurrected spirit after death.

    What is in the sea after him?... more »

  • This Mountain

    The mountain is washed by the clouds,
    The mounted beast is ridden at last;
    But adventure is the solution to the sky
    And the dangers lurking in the chambers.... more »

  • This Mountain To Climb

    Come, you gifted men and women,
    Climb the mountain peak if you want;
    He who strives and cannot disturb
    Must watch and enjoy the very summit.... more »

  • This Path

    In the very path I trod, words were sung,
    Learning them was my business, around the trees.
    But I kept to the path of life, not of destruction,
    For peace was another avenue, one I took.... more »

  • This Path Is To The Palace

    The sense has to surround you with wet water,
    That is the dimmest of news for a wanderer;
    One way to forsake is dribble and ache with sight
    That believes in itself with taverns of almighty light.... more »