• This Philosopher, This Soul

    This philosopher of thoughts made himself soul,
    The man whose supremacy climbed above,
    Glistening and polishing other souls,
    Yet never agreeing with the same religion... more »

  • This Prison

    ... more »

  • This Sky Of Clouds

    This sky is with clouds of grey and silver light,
    Magical wonders are beheld with much to bring on as rain,
    The songs in the clouds are weak and strong,
    Their music is weak and strong, heavy with volume.... more »

  • This Smiling Race

    I looked across at him now, feeling the pulse,
    With the hold of a pen that curses and hurts
    The individuals of the halfling-race.
    These small creatures define what fine men... more »

  • This Truth Is Everyday

    This is the truth of his progress,
    This curtails the young heart and entices
    Us to interrupt the realities,
    I can honourably say what is miles.... more »

  • This Universe

    This universe continues without bridges
    To the other side of this good country;
    This continuation of life increases duly,
    The acceleration is compulsory and just.... more »

  • This Voice

    This voice may resume in finer fashion,
    So that sweetness and voices are in the past.
    This voice is diviner than most light,
    Green and golden is the light of the tree.... more »

  • This Whole Life

    Inside my life thoughts are good,
    Ogres sell their souls to the commonfolk.
    Yesterday we saw a substance so special,
    This was special for the dozens in slaughter.... more »

  • This World

    In this world of acres there is all being,
    Collecting weeds to kill and degrade,
    All creation subjugates the senses.... more »

  • This World Is Good For Travelling In

    The appearance of this world
    Is of the four elements,
    They are earth, air, water and fire.
    One stands still like a reed,... more »

  • Thor

    On Thor I rest my bones,
    On his throat is an emblem,
    On my tongue there is burden,
    And my malice is strong and forced.... more »

  • Thorns Will Shine

    Trying to be a dilemma creaks and moans,
    Acting towards the goals of a calm night;
    The hurt of painters is like the filling of wonders
    In circles of destruction.... more »

  • Those Liars

    Those liars in the middle of dungeons speak the truth
    If iron has emitted their anger, if lying especially mattered.

    The bags of corrupt people inside the dangerous times... more »

  • Those Merciful

    Those with mercy shall cure the blind,
    Choosing their wrapped friends,
    Citing prizes and complaints.
    One is full of concern for the youth... more »

  • Those Seasons

    ... more »

  • Those Terms

    Define those terms that need a distance,
    They must be distant and far away from home.
    Our language is made of those names,
    We describe the worry and behaviour... more »

  • Those Who Believe

    Those who believe then forsake the children of the devil,
    To the past is a sole source of learning that is a volcano.
    By the river joined to an extended world, we deliver the words
    To the breasts of a pair of humans whose partnership brings hope.... more »

  • Those Who Shine

    The sword is like the ocean and moon,
    Beauty preoccupies it with glaring beauty;
    This weapon of a massive hue shall be
    Wielded in the direction of you and yours.... more »

  • Those With Superior Minds

    Those with superior minds cast a shadow on the ground,
    Our willingness precedes, our readiness distances the self.
    My fortune resides in the heavens, for force exists in measure,
    After the reign has been achieved, wherever that may be.... more »

  • Thought Of You

    The thought of you connects to other thoughts,
    Escaping you brings misery, and so much avenue.
    Letting seasons pass enjoys itself, for we breed
    In the hours of the year, and fix the knives of life.... more »

  • Thoughtfulness

    A thought has resided in my head,
    And it is considered the blessing of the Earth;
    Very brave is my character if the thought has any basis,
    And any commentary still has a provocation of another thought.... more »

  • Thought-Program

    ... more »

  • Thoughts

    Inside the thought is an array of knowledge,
    When do computers basically examine this object of the mind?
    Never do they scrutinize, never do they work on brains,
    Like going to movies in the cinema, and risking their lives.... more »

  • Thoughts Beget

    My red colour shakes in the begotten springs,
    The blood streams ahead of reality today.
    For the colour of fortune is the same as clay:
    Sleep in innocence, so I admire though abstain.... more »

  • Thoughts Exist

    The lonely wands are magicking a religion,
    Their force survived as if the martyrs existed;
    Their thoughts existed, their acts existed
    And we exist in this union of laughter and marriage.... more »