• Thoughts Inside

    An agriculture of thoughts inside the brain
    Remains artistic, a feeling of war too attained.
    The traders of mental weakness are few,
    The industry of exact sciences remains the same.... more »

  • Thoughts Of You

    Thoughts of going away are abrupt like the snow and hail,
    I may never behold a costlier sight than castles on Wales's mountain.
    The adventure of the district is far greater than a general or computer,
    Forward-march is the ritual offered to some who bereave and sin and grieve.... more »

  • Thousand Bullets

    There are a thousand details pulled in scenes of borders,
    Countries have various posts to deliver their protection.
    One clicked and the other sang a tune offered by the clergy,
    Troopers triumph in splendour for the creation of the nation.... more »

  • Thousand Years

    I have lived out a thousand years,
    And in them was tranquillity, peace
    And various species, offering escape.
    Soon the light from the sun shines... more »

  • Threads

    The threads are collected, my art is this,
    For the beating of our brain.
    I hastily chase the boxes of string
    To finally attach these threads,... more »

  • Three Ghosts

    Three ghosts to the head of my thoughts
    Have the bowels to fuss over my teapots.
    Three are beauty and homage and kindness,
    Names suited on the characteristics of their blindness.... more »

  • Three Gifts

    There are three gifts
    We should donate to
    Shadows of our progeny,
    As ghosts walking the lands... more »

  • Thrilled By The Cold

    I have thrilled, past was present, we were stock-still,
    Stoic people were like us, rather longer in health;
    But we were still like the ice in stillness,
    Stiffly sticking to the air, of bad warmth.... more »

  • Throne Of God

    One God remains and is heard,
    With an apology one hears,
    With decent health a hearing is made.... more »

  • Throned

    ... more »

  • Through My Eyes

    Look through my face and actualise
    Acids and bases forming on the cheeks;
    I can spoil a surprise, my eyes squirm
    Hardly when you scream as a pie in height.... more »

  • Through My Life

    In longhand my life reveres the ideals,
    Books and volumes are bizarre
    Now that ideals fill the prisons
    That are barred to the correct and right.... more »

  • Through The City

    Through a village there stands a maze to count,
    I gather gold from this new city, and the amount
    I can not care what it is, its description may change
    According to times and magic for the wall to derange.... more »

  • Through The Garden Of Love

    He strove through the garden of love,
    Without limit the light glistened and moistened;
    His veins swore to tell joy as their relaxation
    Was becoming itself in the foolishness of light.... more »

  • Through The Heart

    I see through the heart like glass,
    Opening the books of the mouth;
    My solutions are clearer than the lips
    That politely shut to avoid duty.... more »

  • Through The Tunnels

    The tunnels look at you,
    Entering their pathways matters
    To the district so enclosed.
    My small river of mercy overflows,... more »

  • Through The Window

    My name was coming, from my window,
    I wanted him to retreat and collapse.
    The simplest desires have been looked at,
    Sewing thoughts for several people.... more »

  • Throwing A Ball

    During the ageing process is a gift
    For the hearty heads and the chiefs;
    They mean too much to be hidden away
    Like the age occurring with cultures.... more »

  • Thrown

    The stone is in an ocean of gladness,
    It cannot converse with our spirit, but we desire
    A conversation with the swimmers of the ocean.
    Freedom exalts, gems and diamonds excel us,... more »

  • Thrust

    Thrust us with brilliance, how didn’t I realize?
    Poke me with fun as murderers advise,
    In this is wisdom, my wisdom that has shattered
    Many souls of evil, those eager people who mattered.... more »

  • Thunder

    Stage after stage,
    Thunder has been passed.
    Concentrate on the noise
    To go away.... more »

  • Tickets

    The ticket was sold, in the soil of waters and roots,
    Profiting from the sale of plants, a real awakening.
    The gardeners travelled to a gathering so great,
    Locomotion no problem, making progress against the weeds.... more »

  • Time

    ... more »

  • Time And Another Time

    A man wades into the sands of time,
    Time sends messages to another time;
    When a man decides to plant a main thought
    In the cogs of time, he means it more than life himself.... more »

  • Time Belittles Me

    Time is swift to end its display of colour and shame,
    Time is like the army of men who keep their practice;
    A predator has kept always its standards, in this life,
    When it is belittled by Time, and we as humans love... more »