• Time For The Heart

    May time be a bonus etching the hands of a clock,
    This grandfather betrays my upper lips,
    This small treasured clock betrays my lower lips,
    Let my mouth be a jargon of repetitions,... more »

  • Time Is Night

    ... more »

  • Time Is Of Love

    Time is a destination called Love,
    It reads itself in the annual dreams,
    Forgiving, resenting and pacifying,
    Like tanks of war and tanks of peace.... more »

  • Time Is Too High

    Time is too high, time is too grand like the art
    Of our time, we are all time-lords in our machine.
    Life is engineered like a medicine of the tongue,
    Living is an art of the transparent, death is the result.... more »

  • Time Itself

    Time has presented itself,
    Rolling and naming the highest thoughts.
    We are uneasy as to which thoughts are correct;
    Why do thoughts arrive so highly?... more »

  • Time Long

    A long time ago with monstrosities,
    A godly prince once reigned with slight bend.
    Opening his doors to a wide variety of
    Colourful textiles, he concentrated on speech.... more »

  • Time Of Disaster

    In this minute is a time of disaster,
    Up with a second of mild calamity.
    This means a battle has been won,
    Life is on our side again, for the peace has come.... more »

  • Time Of My Years

    I had the time of my years,
    Owning glories far-reaching,
    Feeding on the inner tastes,
    Keeping ceremony after ceremony.... more »

  • Time Stands Still

    Twelve months of the year
    Concern us when we have the life.
    There is a black sea on all of our eyes,
    Inside our eyes colours flow for all-mankind.... more »

  • Time Stood Still

    It was time that stood the stand,
    Yet we return to the clock with might
    And represent our families with affirmations
    And respect.... more »

  • Time-Lord

    There was a time-lord from back in Time,
    Living a life of abominable crime,
    Was he in a war
    So desperately far?... more »

  • Timeness

    Descend into the mists of Time,
    Climb now fast and also at times slowly,
    So that the hours are passing by the hours
    And minutes do freeze enough to contribute... more »

  • Times

    ... more »

  • Tiny Humans

    Humans and tiny creatures are into the earth,
    Later they picture me interested in what they survey
    With eyes soldered together with iron and haste.... more »

  • Title Gained

    ... more »

  • To A Friend

    In these days you surrender to a friend,
    When does the turning-point reach you?
    Mighty are ships of stone that had sunk,
    They were built by those in moods of highness.... more »

  • To Abhor The War

    To abhor him sides with evil looking people,
    Ablutions are made by the priests for their prayers.
    To abhor them is to love them, in ways of good,
    For therapy arises for the able, the good in ways.... more »

  • To Adapt

    To say and explain we imagine why the one of us shall say,
    Your being is held in a fist after fist after fist until we end the day.
    This is totally abrupt, a policy to please, a lonely river of time;
    May majesty spell my soul without a flower, so the bell does chime.... more »

  • To Affect Me

    To affect me is to adventure on the prying sea,
    Towards the horizon and fellowship of mankind.
    The admiration will overwhelm and exhilarate,
    Just so special eyes cast their weary deaths on you.... more »

  • To Afford

    To afford the scene is torture, as it speaks,
    For always is the scene, and the scenery.
    Or will tomorrow sustain the ideas of your dream,
    That wakes this hour up, and then the summary... more »

  • To Allow Me

    To allow me the rests complains to my spirit,
    This spirit that rests inside my heart shall never cease,
    This spirit is a ghost of the sums of gold and silver,
    Forming me aright, from the icons that are displayed.... more »

  • To Always Enjoy

    Someone always enjoys the spring of the year,
    I already share my thoughts with the summer of the year;
    A lovely ending is a gracious beginning,
    One has relationships to enlighten... more »

  • To Ask A Question

    To ask a great question we cast a spell on someone else,
    About the great news, we daily read the knowledge of resentment.
    That over which they despair is a knowing heart and brain,
    Delivering the sermon of a thousand years on the mountaintop.... more »

  • To Astonish

    ... more »

  • To Attain

    Engage in deception of the order we attain
    To astound our enemies and count leading.
    A stately ritual has been born from the fires,
    Sadly, the wars have shunned us and left them.... more »