• To Bake One Cake

    To bake a cake needs pride,
    I stay and hear, stay and watch
    To see what is clear on this work.
    Offer us a cake when it is sweet,... more »

  • To Be A Palace

    This house carries skies of life,
    A pleasant country where it grows
    Into a mansion, and then palace
    So rich and glorious.... more »

  • To Be A Quest

    To be a quest of such effortless tasks
    Is to clasp the reins and be a weather
    Of toil and suffering as the pains request.... more »

  • To Be A Special Sky

    You do not have to be special,
    Clean blue air of the day seems relevant,
    But the small hands are a staring start,
    Deep stresses will overcome us always.... more »

  • To Be Adept

    ... more »

  • To Be Cured

    You accuse me of corners too tight,
    Living a lie that was demanded of me,
    But when do shoulders visit and dismay
    The liars who perpetrate the crimes to be.... more »

  • To Be Forced

    To be is forced on everything this day,
    Those questions come when work is done, and now;
    The beauty of this page is anyhow
    What life is brought for those who are a way.... more »

  • To Be Gentle

    To be gentlemen is an ideal worthy of the game,
    So lady after lady carries the emblem of good taste;
    To be this good gentleman is working too many days,
    They describe the features so eloquently these days.... more »

  • To Be In Peace

    To love, we demand it this century,
    Asking who commands the reasons for life.
    Happiness overshadows me after news
    Of a just law on the event we share.... more »

  • To Be In The Extreme

    To be a thought there must be work,
    Only work endangers those with thinking.
    Open fire on the enemy with whistling noise,
    Suddenly we clear the sight and interact.... more »

  • To Be In Years

    To be in years before the outward aspects
    Is the infinite wonder of this generation;
    To witness the fall of men as they stand before time,
    Is to be warts and abscesses, those finite changes.... more »

  • To Be Medical Men

    To transport the medicine to extravagant lands
    Means much to the relentless storms that brew
    And quake with some dignity of the old times.
    Horses enlighten one beyond the knowledge,... more »

  • To Be My Sincerity

    To be my sincere friend is like your own fate,
    To take the pinch and marry the wishes
    Is a sudden feature to be highlighted like alms.
    A leader of the talents and abilities... more »

  • To Be Thinker

    A thought may reach the other house,
    But my expertise stayed in this home;
    My thought is in the head like a mouse
    That risks its existence with a cat that can roam.... more »

  • To Be This Garden

    To be this garden is to be found
    With a name distressed as the flowers,
    They abide in the well of anxiety,
    Their illness lies in the wilting of time.... more »

  • To Be With Provisions

    To be furnished with provisions,
    Avert theft so as to be certain and measuring,
    I clasp you by the hand and deny
    The apparatus of your legend.... more »

  • To Be Words Of War

    To create a profession of being is like calling a home the house,
    My life is full of comedy, full of tragedy, fulfilling ghostly precepts;
    The book is a glamorous option for the dozens who ignore war,
    When war has been, the heart wrestles with its future like iron ore.... more »

  • To Become Itself

    To have emotions but be in dim light,
    To be stubborn yet subtle in life,
    A return is asked by the one who sent.
    I am perfect so call me sane and not insane,... more »

  • To Being

    To being a word is enough, a word distills
    The cosmos, it carries on regardless,
    Feeding the frantic soul with hearts
    Bleeding from the factual books.... more »

  • To Climb

    I tread and swallow, just swallow my food,
    Altitude is high, and higher when arguments are argued.
    Beauty was halved and the old mountain stood,
    It was looking like boyhood, just now it was advanced in life, not babyhood.... more »

  • To Combat

    To combat I strive and find at close quarters
    The opposition, who build a closet of anxiety.
    Struggling and wincing, the combat is high,
    A higher man shall concentrate and win.... more »

  • To Cry For It

    To cry is to believe in tears of toys,
    To lament is to design a corridor to youth.
    Knowing can create obstacles for the heart,
    But real knowledge digs into cardiac flesh.... more »

  • To Cuddle With A Picture

    To cuddle and mention the verbal talk
    Is when ignition has been contained,
    Plumage matters then, and plumage spreads
    Inside another demon that resounds in the head.... more »

  • To Deceive Me

    There was rustling and muttering in
    The foe-swarming fields this time.
    The captain of the company decided to
    Visit this stadium of mumbling joy and pain.... more »

  • To Deceive Me Carries Burden

    To dissemble me is like flowering the planet
    With insidious plants, watching me afterwards;
    Like a film I associate the basket,
    The ballot is strong, an animate procedure.... more »