• To Deny The Death

    To slay is to deny the real deaths,
    The realistic death is a cosy affair,
    Feeling down the hill and country
    A certain pleasure from a nature.... more »

  • To Dine

    The night we dine is a fine old time,
    Worst health happens to those who abstain from fun.
    The nights are cold to the touch,
    Dinner awaits.... more »

  • To Dissipate With Time

    I gather enough sin to dissipate with time,
    Time shows no reason to speak to me;
    I gather you sinfully deceive me with deeds,
    But words aptly discover the world within.... more »

  • To Eat Some Admiration

    To eat away at souls, we recede into darkness;
    To conceive thoughts primitive, we must deceive others.
    We are told the philosophers of our own time,
    The best part is a strict joy from strict woe.... more »

  • To Enjoy

    To enjoy yourself your energies exalt the brightness of truth,
    Too many men involve themselves in cherishing the stars of truth.

    One of the stars lurks behind another to confront the enemy,... more »

  • To Enjoy Life

    Our life has many windows of joy,
    The joke is serious and to enjoy.

    Our existence is special and fully exposed... more »

  • To Enjoy This Treasure

    To enjoy the life is a blessing unto humankind,
    One remembers the days and nights like awe,
    In the end of this time on earth is a blessed reality.
    One’s moments are counted and numbered,... more »

  • To Envy

    To envy is to die for the sport,
    The block of wood was broken
    So faster than the wood of the heavens,
    Let their spices run deep.... more »

  • To Evaporate

    To evaporate is to cooperate,
    Then operate on oranges far too little,
    Juice has a car in the engine,
    Decelerating is the hobby and endeavour,... more »

  • To Exalt Him

    To exalt Him we feel praise first,
    To Him is the regard out-beautifying belongings;
    For Him is transported our stones and idols
    To the Hell-Fire, when souls disintegrate.... more »

  • To Falter At Times

    At times applauding the old and young is similar,
    The unwavering support we trend towards is missing.
    Centralize on this issue and why hearten thousands of young
    Where hundreds of children teem with darkness?... more »

  • To Fight A Lazy Man

    To fight a lazy man, who is fatigued by illness,
    Causes us to decide gratitude as fast as vastness.
    Howl! Pills comb our hair, forever the light is dimming,
    Fine are the faces, for the faces are howling, screaming.... more »

  • To Fly

    Howling may cease, their howls mean sense
    To the doctoring few who have some to commence.
    The shout has an animal on the brain,
    More than the worth of an aeroplane.... more »

  • To Give Your Soul

    To give your money is to give your soul,
    I have gold as shiny as the pencil of light.
    One writes letters of height and breadth,
    The calligraphy has a sound of the highness.... more »

  • To Go To The Room

    To go to the room of substance of mind,
    I press and think to understand the alarm.
    A white-washed wall is all I truly sign with my look,
    My face changed expression into curious... more »

  • To God I Promise

    My promise is to God for goodness
    Is seen. It is muttered on the tongue,
    Released by the heart, as it sways
    To the bridge of eternity we cross.... more »

  • To Grow Inside

    To grow old I must wait and sparkle
    Inside the doom of this planet;
    I must feel stronger than my brothers,
    Harder than the realities of the heat.... more »

  • To Her Mother

    To her mother a temper is kept,
    The life story is a vital force,
    Beginning is an ending,
    And what should be begotten?... more »

  • To Hidden Eyes

    It had become a plea for the eyes hidden,
    Staying always in the twitch of the instant,
    Keeping beneath the covers of this life.... more »

  • To Humiliate Him

    Don't humiliate my humour,
    Don't deviate from a creation,
    And don't emaciate the inside task.
    To meet a dream of the future is a word... more »

  • To Keep Names

    To keep names after names is a religious attitude,
    Being benign as the wind of the southern and northern
    Skies is tricky, for you drive a fiction and fact,
    And a novel and a blast, fulfilling my mines of gold.... more »

  • To Know

    To know is like giving birth to knowledge
    Of the wise sort, and the learning will take time.
    But time has riddles, and these are solvable when a horror
    Commands the soul and body to act in unison.... more »

  • To Leap In Learning

    To leap is to learn,
    Saying this is frolicking in the knowledge;
    This weakness, this hard luck,
    We certainly bend the rules of engagement.... more »

  • To Learn And Live

    To learn is too enormous now,
    My life creates a mind,
    This land is bigger than your brow,
    On peaceful terms we find.... more »

  • To Learn Bravery

    To return to him, you must learn with the seeing,
    Pretty pieces of the pathway appear to us when sown.
    Cool and stopped, a freedom of the house is propped,
    Returning us yet again to oblivion and soul's rest.... more »