• Tomorrow’s Blessings

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  • To Understand The Reading

    I do not even read the newspaper,
    I sigh in the lounge to overwhelm with fun,
    Pins and more pins blow their odd ends,
    The headlines seem to shrink before the trees.... more »

  • To Unite My Hand

    This feather is made to unite my hand,
    Yet to tickle others is a feat of bravery.
    For the One Above on His throne is to reside
    In this existence of the solutes and solvents.... more »

  • To Walk

    To walk is an action from the head,
    It requires patience and easygoingness,
    Offered by easiness,
    Instilling calmness to the head, beauty to the brain,... more »

  • To Warn Those

    To warn those I say are apt to trouble themselves,
    I enter the cauldron of disappointments that never die;
    Who will share my path to the other side of town and city?... more »

  • To Ways Forever

    Be good to needing values that strike fear,
    Leave the sharpening moods that conspire,
    Coming is going from the places of claws
    Striking hard at beds of danger and jeopardy.... more »

  • To Words Of Volume

    To the volume I say it works like words,
    Feeding a frenzy in some hearts of ancient
    Spring, the summer has begun, the summer
    Has won, like the winning of the birth of a cow.... more »

  • Toady

    For the historical record I report the scheming,
    It has liberated me, for the staff at work are accumulating.
    The tardy work suppressed our feelings,
    There were bookings and beginnings.... more »

  • Today My Friendship

    Today we have chosen the friends, and tomorrow
    We fall into oblivion altogether, like a goal has entered
    The fold, the pages have felt of emotion and lusts,
    Books are reading themselves by the glorious ages.... more »

  • Today My Soul Breathes

    Today my life became a living of the utmost quality,
    Tonight the passage of time accepts a lonely traveller.
    My patter of raindrops is the investigation from the heavens,
    When do breathing exercises cease? What are their values?... more »

  • Toilsome Exercise

    Toilsome exercise began sympathizing with masses,
    The work raised itself, belonging to our abacuses.
    The joy of our times touches on beautiful palpitations;
    Whittle away the clocks. Whittle away the hours and agitations.... more »

  • Tomb

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  • Tome Unopened

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  • Tonight Is A Right

    I have been about what came tonight,
    I also resent the pillars of evil and concerts,
    Music of the future guarding our arms and legs.
    A book has neither entered nor exited,... more »

  • Tonight The Mist

    Tonight set in misty and silent,
    Till my knuckles tingled, and our fixtures
    Stepped into wildness.
    Through mud the wilderness did spread,... more »

  • Too Much Friendship

    Two friends are fused forcibly and wittily,
    Finding them faces me with interrogations;
    I see friendship after two long nights of crying
    As the weeping is carried out in a single device.... more »

  • Too Much Life

    Attain the faith of your heart
    As it beats for your life to be certain.... more »

  • Toothsome

    Toothsome material beckons total teasing,
    You must return for the throats and livers.
    The food consumed by the thieves of sin,
    Actually spent on you, shall be believers.... more »

  • Toppling World

    If the world was to topple and crawl,
    My heaven would be described by the wise
    As secondary to the wisdom of this world.
    For when we select the silver and gold,... more »

  • Toss It

    He tossed the map to the side,
    A road emerged for the undertaking.
    This day a route was produced
    For the three miles or so.... more »

  • Tossed Map

    He tossed the map from the finger of his right hand,
    Wondered at the middle of his month of November
    With searching amazement and lonely accusations,
    That were a mile away, in the breezes of the west.... more »

  • Totally Bandaged

    The arms are bandages with morbid juices,
    Those with flesh burn the cookery;
    My legs are shaved by the whole horizon,
    Letters flow through the letterbox.... more »

  • Towards Him

    Towards Him the dances are made,
    His world delivered me, after a time;
    I became His solution for all problems,
    He is on His Throne, with a reality.... more »

  • Towards Peace

    Tomorrow can begin once you steer towards peace,
    Inside the house of mercy is stored Byzantium.
    To this brick of happiness and longevity
    We study the references made of joy to come.... more »

  • Tower

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