• Tower And Dove

    ... more »

  • Tower Erupted

    A tower erupts suddenly, it is volcano.
    Severing ties with kin and soldier,
    Breaking the bonds of slavery with civilisation.
    The towers are full of people, the artless;... more »

  • Tower Of A Man

    My paths are numerous as the pens of ink,
    They write along the way that is righteous,
    And stray thoughts ignite my calibre
    For the passages are distinct and ready.... more »

  • Tower Of A Nation

    A tower seizes the thoughts of a traveller,
    Once again, tragedy strikes those below;
    The traveller invites repeatedly the men on top
    To a duel, and this meant war for them.... more »

  • Tower Of Strength

    It is my tower of strength,
    This poses a threat to the man opposite,
    In his attitude is a look of harm
    So I thrust my sword to darken the matter.... more »

  • Toy Face

    My unfamiliar face was another altogether,
    In one moment, the muscles were meaning it,
    Then next one cut the air with a sense too bright,
    Looking at the sky with all the colours so hard.... more »

  • Toy-Making

    There when I played and told,
    The hearers placated me with their ears;
    Closing behind me, taking all the seats.
    Before the toymaker and the officer... more »

  • Toys And Tomes

    Toys discard the real gestures towards pain
    And the families at the end of the world stay
    As familiar ones would in the same day.... more »

  • Toys Bring Joy

    Toys are to obey and part with,
    Their answers solve the goldsmith.

    Toys bare all secrets of youth,... more »

  • Trade And Tread

    Never more to tread and trade its serenity,
    Pass those lives with charm and stoppage;
    Why are you buried and burnt with stupor?
    Supply an action of new neatness that offers... more »

  • Tradesmen

    Forced by tragedy the tradesmen sell their goods,
    Damning the praises coming for their livelihoods;
    Cotton, wool and silk give in to their owners,
    Wealth shall empower some of the loaners.... more »

  • Tradition

    Already an ancient tradition,
    Wisdom travels further than saliva;
    To digest is to consume and understand
    Meeting the sky and being among clouds.... more »

  • Traffic

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  • Tragic Comedy

    Amusing and comical, the tempestuousness of animation
    Was of weight and mass, of heavier degree to the common.
    A furious burden enraged me of a comedy,
    It featured in my animation, in my life,... more »

  • Tragic Rains

    The sudden roar of rain is running swift,
    May we pray yet another day,
    May our prayers be the roll of paper
    Withering in its sleep, curling its... more »

  • Tranquil Setting

    My friend’s disposition grew intense
    Towards the purloined thoughts,
    As I reiterated my own speech
    In favour of a tranquil notion.... more »

  • Transaction

    Those considered in life as losers
    Shall die as a success, but when?
    Those considered fearful of death
    Shall create sayings applicable to love... more »

  • Transformation

    I made a story that snatched away the transformation,
    Its transmission fully solved that there was a light;
    The flashlight of an age is like blood and guts,
    Never does a story work more than boredom.... more »

  • Travels

    The road up to the Acropolis
    Winds around the hills
    And the souvenirs carried their treat
    Like a famous puzzle in the heart.... more »

  • Traverse

    To walk over this Traverse
    Needs courage all around your view;
    Valour is an enemy of soldiers
    But you befriend bravery like Spartacus.... more »

  • Treasured

    Treasure is a lovely love, a built book,
    One of the heavens contains the treasure.
    Treasure forbade me to truly become you,
    Understanding the gold and silver is becoming clear.... more »

  • Treasured Horizon

    Hold onto rapid treasure
    Due to gods that lighten the load
    As death approaches the wand.
    I cannot mind you if deserts... more »

  • Tree Of Diamonds

    The diamonds on a tree radiate their warmth,
    Having flown to the summit of the earth and rain,
    Having love and cherishing qualities that beat the soil.
    One imagines diamonds on a clear day,... more »

  • Trees Of Darkness

    The trees of darkness are tall, wise and livid with rage,
    A cheese slice is covering our eyes then the tree-cage.
    Black trees are not yellow, red and orange
    But the slice of fun moved like a lunge.... more »

  • Trees Of Pages

    Underneath the tree of lights springs a bird
    That flies through mountainous wastes
    And deposits eggs of the higher calamities.
    A word has been brought to feed the masses,... more »