• Twins Of Death

    Twins of deathly courage embrace each other's arms,
    Bravery enters their dying arms with deadly aims,
    Courage has formed a collision of importance in the meanings,
    These twins are your armies of throats and illnesses.... more »

  • Twisted As A Snake

    Twisted as a snake, the man is pausing to reply,
    Response is unlimited from him, loathing him,
    Clothing him in ways known to the scriptures,
    Finding him a distinction for the whole people.... more »

  • Twisted Plot

    The twist of the plot is upon the lips,
    He embraces a virgin with colours
    And calls the chastity of splendour
    A real stamina, a real hurtling arrow... more »

  • Two Candles

    Two candles and an old oil lamp
    Shed a dim light on the house of blood.
    This manufacture folds and entwines
    Towards the horizon and seeing is old.... more »

  • Two Debates

    Two matters conceal one another,
    The passing of the seasons is a factor;
    There are faulty workers in this season of our
    Making, the making is in the folly.... more »

  • Two Innocent Men

    Two innocent men walk into each other’s paths,
    A crime made a spectacle of them both,
    A cell of squalor occupied them after much hope,
    And the end of life happened all-of-a-sudden.... more »

  • Two Loves

    I have loved you with two loves -
    A selfish love and one of the other loves.
    As for the love which is selfish,
    Therein you must accomplish... more »

  • Two Manners

    Two cats and manners assure me as the death,
    Preserve us when silly, it can be said;
    The knowing of laughter causes us to resent
    The futility of the island, as impatient as it can be.... more »

  • Two Men

    Together the brains of great men amount to all,
    Their tall stature is like the seal of the forehead.
    One is in agony over the student hood and cities,
    Bustling transactions, and devious routes are argued... more »

  • Two Men On Fire

    The air of two men is alight,
    The fire surrounds them and fights,
    What do we gain from this?
    It stings and shudders our blood,... more »

  • Two Other Gardeners

    Who might he be? His name was number,
    The prize was certain and curious,
    For the look over the world deserved it,
    Like the two other gardeners,... more »

  • Two Paths

    Two paths diverged because it was cold,
    I marked the real destination on the map;
    Somewhere there was a road of significance,
    It had made all the congregation.... more »

  • Two Soldiers

    Two soldiers have nearly died fighting with heavenly
    Swords, their names entwined, necks bruised, legs shamed,
    So blessed are their bodies once chewed by the earth.... more »

  • Ugly Men That Lie

    Ugly men carry meaningful lies,
    Beautiful men understand knowledge,
    So the liar halts, and the man of justice carries on.... more »

  • Unable

    I am unable to say yes or no,
    For I am a soul who listens to help.

    Then a fate is met which I conceal... more »

  • Unceasing Rain

    Unceasing is the rain, all of pain
    And suffering, and mild anger;
    Its cold nature is choice
    And lasting effects are present... more »

  • Uncertainty Of War

    ... more »

  • Undead Warriors

    Horrible bizarre men are brought as fodder
    To the pizza-parlour to exact a punishment,
    For eating their pleasure is consuming distaste,
    For the drink is essential on a form of travel.... more »

  • Under The Bed

    ... more »

  • Under The Dawn-Rays

    Under the day's sun a worship is dreamt
    By the tongue of the heart,
    And great houses swing into remorse
    At the sensation of a strong source.... more »

  • Under The Eyes

    Tell me, what are your eyes
    That wore lids and plentiful numbers
    Open to the public hours,
    Loathing the stay of the century?... more »

  • Under The Heavens

    ... more »

  • Under The Moon Is An Ocean

    Under the moon is an ocean of anxiety,
    Underneath the waves of doubt is an abyss.
    You must submit to the realities of blessings,
    Your employment is precious beyond all care.... more »

  • Under The Peaceful Sea

    Under the sea is a revolution, of water,
    Wells have been blown off the map,
    Volumes of water are stretching their pains.
    Inside the sea is a dolphin, a sole founder... more »

  • Under The Pleasure Of Snow

    Under the snows fallen by the wind and rain
    A little man of grateful beams of light has emerged;
    His visions powerfully strut and perform an escape
    From the endangering isle of a great weather and might.... more »