• Best Men

    Begin to undersize him even now,
    And when he realises you, say how.... more »

  • Begin This Quest

    Begin the dazzling quest with many stars,
    Concentrated skies of little lights all this way;
    Begin this night with illumination at best,
    Never does the land submerge itself in the rain.... more »

  • Beginning With Those Tyrants

    I begin with beginning, story after story,
    The overflowing words are mere birds
    Flying to their homes and nests like lightning
    Natural as the wind and as much as meaning.... more »

  • Begotten

    No stealing is allowed when you meet him,
    The son of his is condemned for being him.
    A thief is excellent due to poor health,
    But when he is begotten, the wealth is contrived.... more »

  • Behaviour

    The fulcrum of my behaviour is life,
    Fortune forced its tentacles, conniving
    And banishing the very layer I existed in.
    The reality faced me in the head of affairs,... more »

  • Beheading

    He is bemused by the priest,
    He slants his head like a beast.
    The priest does not stop,
    He is sacrificing with a chop-chop!... more »

  • Behold The Jungle

    This jungle of sorts recognises me when I deliver,
    The revolving doors are open, then we conclude the monument.
    The river dangles behind like a sea open to enemy,
    Much sauce collects when the sewing has begun.... more »

  • Being Brother

    Spinning and being a pseudo brother
    Or witting the tale of a scrap of land
    Is to be a king in your own home.
    Into sanity we describe the acts of a boy... more »

  • Being Grim And Greedy

    I saw an apple being grim,
    As long as the heavenly spread;
    Not as soldierly as a grimace,
    But the smile of a normal root.... more »

  • Being Men

    Excitement knows the certain men
    Who enlighten the few in this prophetic time,
    Mighty soldiers march frowning
    And bound to carts and horses... more »

  • Being Nearby

    Being nearby was never enough,
    Some worthwhile hours were spent.
    Actually present, the boy and girl carried
    Each other like the trains that pass the night.... more »

  • Being Of

    Who was the being of spirits?
    I plead to the story-tellers,
    And I plead to the distressed.
    The years have astounded me... more »

  • Being Poor

    Being poor will decease, bringing the light
    Of the heavens to your grace, so great.
    Inside the heart is the soul and its legions,
    What does the heart speak when committed?... more »

  • Beleaguered Army

    An assemblage of characters worked below,
    Brooding on remorse and sin as a graveyard;
    Beleaguered by death, it had dissembled the enemy,
    A comely thought for the comely soldier.... more »

  • Belief Of Relief

    This fear guides belief
    For the summer understands
    Relief and of this
    I pray to elongate my... more »

  • Belief Of The Heart

    The belief of the heart is extreme,
    Inside one finds a mine of gold and silver;
    The interior of your organ called the heart
    Has a number of rooms to fill;... more »

  • Belief Of The Winter

    I believe in the winter and how it sings
    To the music of our forefathers,
    Dazzling with sins and happinesses,
    That revolve around me and winter.... more »

  • Believe In Love

    Love is the father of belief,
    Inside the tumultuous memory
    Is the remnant of disbelief
    Mastering a few of the ideas.... more »

  • Beneath The Sea

    Beneath the sea is too much fire,
    So people may not lie
    About a man who leads desire
    And laughter is to die.... more »

  • Beneficial

    The benefits accompany the man who wins,
    Problems of sleep calculate me and his worries.
    May I learn in ways too important, too wise,
    That returns appear and exercise - too wise.... more »

  • Bereavement

    Do not get tired from grief as you are bereaved,
    And bereavement is relief as you are bereaved.

    Do certainty on the scene of writing, when all is leisure... more »

  • Berserk

    They looked calm, ripped asunder
    As a meteor wrecked the village,
    It hung over the skies as a boulder
    Flying into the region of distaste.... more »

  • Berserk And Charming Man

    A berserk man is a charming one,
    Childlike in his being, in boiling point.
    Bitter moments are remembered,
    Decorous life shall inhibit his trials... more »

  • Best Of The Creation

    The best of the men are the lovers of creation,
    Stagnant and moving, still and alive;
    The best of those who suddenly move are verses
    That stutter and state what the stations of existence... more »

  • Best Of The Worlds

    Best of the worlds,
    Be a place for the delicate ending,
    Make an effort to water the eyes,
    Those eyes stay on earth,... more »