• Under The Sea

    Under the sea is a boat,
    Lovingly fond of a sea,
    Under the fountain I wrote,
    Of a mastering tea.... more »

  • Under The Shade Of Paradise

    Under the varying shades of Paradise, my stars have exhaled,
    I say my words with honesty, under the shade of the old tree.

    I am like the lion of the peaceful season of the sides of the square,... more »

  • Under The Sun

    Under the sun is a reason and a run,
    Forming clever tactics with the real one.
    The moon is intelligent and wise
    Like so many lies under the clear blue sky.... more »

  • Under The Water They Live

    Days of the friendship can stay awake,
    Forceful in love to bleed with hated-like.
    Fierce is the struggle and undersea they hurt
    Where the water is too deep and learnt.... more »

  • Under This Heat

    This heat, this heat is penetrating the joints and meat
    Of my corpse, later to have risen for some blind life ahead of me.
    I am forgotten by most, resurrection is no crime,
    Follies abound inside my soul, that readily is devoured... more »

  • Underneath Is A Monster

    Under the fountain is a loathing monster,
    How hundreds have perished from such a beast.
    The internal conversation we are having
    Represents the evil within and the one good of it.... more »

  • Undersea

    ... more »

  • Understand My Horse

    Understand me this time.
    By what is knowledgeable and certain,
    The reins of this horse weigh on my hands,
    As I approach the house I built,... more »

  • Understand My Religion

    Understand my religion of triumph,
    This way and that is the line in front;
    An apology asserted, we are heinous sometimes,
    Upon a time we asserted the truth,... more »

  • Understand The Stars

    Understand and know the reasons behind me,
    Raise the certain issues with frank discussion.
    I look into hearts with a certain praise,
    Look at me now that you are gone.... more »

  • Understanding Reality

    Good work comes to those who are real in their effort,
    Good will is a factor of brilliance in the ways of the world,
    Good living carried all audacity throughout the time,
    Good jobs are distinct now that they pursue righteous action.... more »

  • Understanding The Birds

    Understanding a bird is like knowing a deed,
    Deeds fly for the joys and laughter to come forth.
    A session called the season mattered most to our heart and soul,
    This Autumn my manners attained the fallen leaves so brown.... more »

  • Underworld

    The underworld is full of complete yellow
    Of red and yellow to follow,
    Like fire and no ice under the Earth
    When underneath it is hot and of worth.... more »

  • Uneasy Elucidation

    I made an uneasy attempt on my own,
    Repeating the requests of salvage,
    Like opinions of the desert,
    Otters were swimming along the bay of the... more »

  • Unfitting For Him

    Unfitting for a man, obligations are prominent,
    But unfitting for a man, since a woman is absent.

    Lucky men have such awareness, forever in consideration,... more »

  • Ungovernable In Her Arms

    Peter was ungovernable in her arms,
    They murmured a measure of imagination
    To themselves, forgetting the stereo
    And radio, to be forgiven at length,... more »

  • Unholy Gathering

    Icy faces walk among the graves,
    Hapless victims of an unpleasant case;
    Heady potions, imbibed by the dead,
    Are strong in intoxicating spirits.... more »

  • Unicorns

    Are you uneasy about the many ghosts in the palace of fright?
    The feathers in my head and body,
    When the ghosts commence, and the air
    Is sweeter and sweeter,... more »

  • Union

    An union has appeared before my eyes,
    Sight yells hard health, due to heavenly hearing.
    My amalgamated spirits are due to the words forming,
    Collapsing and disintegrating like paper burning... more »

  • Unique Heart

    I have been a twin of the soldiers of the heart,
    I awaken the spirits to be accused of delight,
    This lightning is rain upon the soul of life and death.... more »

  • Universe Kept

    I was very dreadfully nervous about the ball,
    A ball resides in freefall, in the universe
    And you must never escape the ball’s sight
    For the balls and the flying few shall die as matter.... more »

  • Unknown Health

    The reasons for living are few, so few,
    Yet we survive many times, but so few.

    How does sport entice the believing?... more »

  • Unknown To Books

    The unknown is the beautiful one,
    The one that stares and encompasses.
    It presides and collects the gem stones,
    Sparkling in the minds of men who see.... more »

  • Unlawful Business

    Unlawful systems result in disaster,
    Inside this terror lies a further horror.
    Internal stories reside in the head and heart,
    To fulfill terror and the letters of the young.... more »

  • Unlock The Desk

    Unlock your desk and retrieve your fitness,
    Trust the acid of the heart, trust the reading;
    An industrial activity has been in condition,
    In bewilderment, always your own admission.... more »