• Unseen Affairs

    You have been knowledge of the unseen affairs,
    I have committed boredom of the sense, of the unseen affairs.

    Some give duty to the realm of the heavens and earth,... more »

  • Unsuitable Ladder

    He is merely unsuitable,
    For the task terrific,
    Mighty flesh has connected
    To the lusts of the future.... more »

  • Until Death

    My saving of light considers the art of life,
    I derive equations of beauty to fit my heaven.
    The god of love descends on the night of power,
    Open to the love, open to the beauty of a saying.... more »

  • Untrained Combat

    He was untrained in combat due to his age,
    Some formal training had been gathered;
    Dazzling was the beauty of the moment,
    A spark raised the question, forms of disbelief... more »

  • Up In The Skies

    Up in the skies, there are matters of strange habit,
    Just we succumb to labours, these are accurate.
    The fate of a man skills in armour and pain,
    Open history of someone when to abstain.... more »

  • Up In The Winds

    Up in the winds carries a scent,
    Fully dangerous for its beautiful smell.
    Gods are with us, fully aware
    Of the brilliant Sun, for gods bring... more »

  • Up The Road

    Fellow of my life and hazards, as fiend not foe,
    I speak of misers as road-like and toad-like.
    Fellow of retribution, find suitable lodgings,
    And speak again to friends and sly people.... more »

  • Up There

    Up on the mountain a confusion breeds,
    Poising on the summit is coherence;
    A rotund man confronts conjurors
    Who confine him with a penance.... more »

  • Upon A Hill Is A Sword

    Upon a hill is a sword that intimidates,
    It strikes at the expense of tragedy,
    What does it do but fabricate debates,
    Meaningful dates are spoken with ability.... more »

  • Upon Death

    They are passing their tests so seriously,
    The graves house the dead who talk
    Due to their success, and their successes to come.
    Passing the test is like graduating,... more »

  • Upon The Grave

    He stepped towards them to lay upon the grave,
    Soil fell and clouds broke up to dust the feathered wastes;
    So it was all right with smiling back,
    Withering in the breeze was the embarrassment:... more »

  • Upon The Mountain

    Upon the mountain was steering animal of minor flesh,
    It tasted of the forests, and plants were kingly and fresh.
    Fixed and pained, these creatures leapt onto the moonscape,
    Tilting the axis to risk the whole loving ritual, to reshape.... more »

  • Upsetting Sun

    I feel the upsetting sun on my hands,
    Felt like a monument to be acting,
    Like the black death or white stupor,
    This motion of the planets never stopped.... more »

  • Upsetting Thoughts

    It showed simple questions
    With thoughts of blond men and women
    Going on deck and slaughtering
    The weak, infirm believers,... more »

  • Upstairs Peace

    ... more »

  • Use A Thought

    Use your mallet to strike a thought
    Into your head of wrong.
    With the real money of your house
    Win back courage and peace.... more »

  • Useful Life

    A useful life begins at the home of life,
    In the deeds of men are soldiers who learn;
    To learn is godly, much too much,
    Searing heat has been launched on us.... more »

  • Useful Troops

    Useful troops are pronouncing their names,
    Loosely clasped, eagerly submitted;
    Let the chase be on, let them come to the kitchen
    So that worries disappear, so that replies are cast.... more »

  • Users

    Go to the computers and hail the users,
    Their programs are unique according to the losers.
    Here inside the mini-computers are super works,
    Then work yourself with boldness like clerks.... more »

  • Utterly Overflowing

    One is dry when the rain utters its faith,
    The seas collect, the worship occurs once more.
    When glory arrives in the soul we celebrate the tears
    Of our fellowship, glorifying the souls of the love and heart.... more »

  • Vampires And Mortals

    They crowd our hidden imagination,
    Only by embarking on such a journey
    Do we expose their true nature.
    Mortal superstitions deal with vampires... more »

  • Vampires Have Disappeared

    Gouge the eyes of feminine lust,
    Those dreary men do give a thinker
    One good stare, and you compel her to order her
    Into a riddance, one of those funny songs... more »

  • Vanished

    I saw what vanished from under the nose
    Of feathers that crawl beneath the soul of roses;
    Nothing reminds me of the days ahead,
    On this stage I commit my jokes and laughter... more »

  • Vanishing Flood

    The air is forced into tragedy
    For those who work are indeed called
    Work, as this speeds up the age.
    The drama is unfolding sweetly,... more »

  • Vast

    Vast story of pain, lulling the blamed,
    Its deadliness was forcing my soldier to run
    And hide, forming the reality behind his back;
    Your backs are turned to him by the temperature.... more »