• Vast Oasis

    Open with obesity the vast oasis
    Of this fragile planet we call ourselves;
    Absent with abruptness, this land of love has achiness,
    My counting counsel has many bookshelves.... more »

  • Vaster

    The heavens of the heavens are vaster than space and time,
    They unite the past with the present, and the future.
    Our playing is in the middle, the opinion of mastership,
    Which carried full life, living like lice, loving loathingly.... more »

  • Vehicle In The Mind

    He had an unplaced vehicle in his mind,
    The alligator thought, the trotting pony.
    One was a sentinel of the graver anger,
    One was sentenced to a death, forced to... more »

  • Verses After Verses

    In the world are verses after verses
    That revolve around a tree called Pain.
    This tree burdens the young folk,
    With brotherly pains, with corrections.... more »

  • Very Big Answer

    I suppose they give goodness signals,
    And that is whatness of levels very big.
    Actually they side with a big answer to irksome quotes,
    As they are nowhere on Earth and everywhere in Space.... more »

  • Very Friendly Computer

    Very friendly, very automatic
    Is my computer,
    Leading us astray in many ways
    And finding a humourous mask... more »

  • Very Lost

    ... more »

  • Very Praiseworthy

    Very praised and happy, a futility occurred
    To the man with eyes of gold, golden eyes.
    They saw like crystals and diamonds,
    In the very snow, in the snows, and in the winter.... more »

  • Very True Doctor

    I well remember a very true doctor,
    In his school of filial love and honour,
    Finishing the sense to stay until the meanings
    Entered the hearts of the true cured ones.... more »

  • Very True Friend

    Very true, my demon-friend, my foolish song,
    This play concretely states easy melodies too long.
    Very false friends discuss new meaning so boring,
    May the deities laugh in their faces when one is abusing.... more »

  • Very Upsetting

    Very upsetting the eyes became sore,
    The soreness can be contemplated;
    One thinking moment enables the ideals
    To vanish and appear like the cursor.... more »

  • Very Worthwhile

    Worthy is you if worthier is the bone you lick,
    Often the hammer has a guess and kiss,
    That wonder can be a bonus to each and every woman and child
    And every man. Yet I find it in me to erase all hope and entity!... more »

  • Victims

    An unassailable victory has been in demand,
    To forgo is to relax and be polite like a mummy.
    To abjure the heaven is to relate to disorder,
    And where is now the victory? Where now?... more »

  • Victorious Nights

    Theirs is the grief of challenge and servitude,
    Forms of livid rage have been understood,... more »

  • Victory In The Eyes Of God

    Goal of demanding challenges,
    Please us with the victory,
    In this land of the courageous
    And the brave... more »

  • View The Dragon

    View the powerful dragons of this century,
    Find their names and view the common logic,
    Chew the warehouse with its smoke and abbey.... more »

  • Vigilant Soul

    One result will be a word of relationships and customs,
    Another can mean a phrase of strong punishment;
    What is the judgement of blessed nature and act?
    Where do you listen to these monumental figures?... more »

  • Vile Sleep

    I sit back as the evening draws closer,
    My snout is of an eye, my endeavours duplicate.
    Two eyes arise, with the spectacles in the collision,
    This man fought my brain and body.... more »

  • Villainous

    First a beginning takes place,
    Secondly, the rigours are rallied,
    Then thirdly a witch finishes the sport.

    This simple method bears fruit... more »

  • Viridescent

    The sky stood out motionless,
    For a moment it was highly probable
    That electricity had verified itself,
    Or the clouds surpassed in surprise;... more »

  • Virtue

    ... more »

  • Virtuous

    ... more »

  • Virtuous Youth

    Going to the flowers of virtue
    Overshadows the other half;
    On this side of the face is strength,
    I sway my arguments so well.... more »

  • Visited By The Press

    Lucky evidence has emerged and submerged accordingly,
    Bending on both beauty and best action of soldering affluently.
    I guess the prime pressure has numbered in thousands,
    I estimate and extrapolate the desires and wont of legends.... more »

  • Voice Of The Gaming

    The voice is blooming,
    Suggestive of fleeting thoughts;
    Yet beauty is the order
    Of strong behaviour.... more »