• Vulgar

    Vulgar tastes recombine to make a new taste,
    Ugly, and so ugly;
    I wanted a darling feeling, not one that tires,
    For haste is the best solution.... more »

  • Wailing On A Mountain

    I wail across the edge of mountains
    To echo my speech, that is a roar.
    The lion has a heart of language that is old,
    Rent in twain, like fire in the wind.... more »

  • Waiting Angrily

    There were moments of anger and waiting,
    Rustling and muttering was among the men.
    The one cried, the one cried with effects
    Constant and overreaching, like barking... more »

  • Waiting For A Death

    Waiting for this moment my life is raised to the grave,
    It is mind and matter that is erased, minds enfold the
    Moods of death, they play on the wishes of the soul.
    My life enters the route to unhappiness, blessed,... more »

  • Waiting For Success

    This day I perfect the whole hour of reasoning,
    Inside this whole month my sentences are concise.
    Philosophy is sweet, just and not ruinous,
    With polite speech you talk over matters real.... more »

  • Walk In The Forest

    One walks in the forest to see good plants,
    They burden each other, they are brothers.
    The family is larger than the world itself,
    Botany so bountiful is absorbing the air.... more »

  • Walking Tables

    How do tables walk as one?
    And why do chairs seem to run?
    How my rest is desired, and how
    Do I kick in the air for relaxation?... more »

  • Wall Of A Boat

    The wall is a word of much finance,
    It must be led into a belief of dance.
    The expanse of a sea is of a wall or fence,
    Such tragedy dispels magic of defence.... more »

  • Walls

    Between me and you exists a barrier,
    A wall between you and me;
    I test you for prime evils,
    Your logical premisses dictate the time.... more »

  • Wanderer Of The Seas

    To exasperate this lonely wanderer is to shoot the brain,
    It is mild logic to astound a thief, exasperating him.
    To astound the criminal of general state is appalling,
    The statement of an offence is in his grasp.... more »

  • Wanting Perfection

    A news-sheet locally upsets the panic,
    The head of the royal family;
    The Kaiser wants perfection
    Not psychedelic arithmetic,... more »

  • War

    ... more »

  • War And Joy

    Joy is a product of war, like the fed up world,
    Like mania, danger and deceit, all the way too cold.
    Joy has decided to show up after all,
    In a guise too marked and cruel.... more »

  • War Is A Lie?

    The ending of war is like the finish of a race,
    It is never then in mystery, never in peace.
    The destruction has hurt a man too much,
    It has constructed the bridge for civilization... more »

  • War Of Words

    The war of words is a tiny fear,
    Inner schools of thought do wear.
    My action is nothing new and words made us,
    So thus the morning took place, after a basis.... more »

  • War On The World

    I like the war on the world,
    I love all of the prisons praised,
    An H-bomb erupts like a volcanic act,
    The bacillus will die, in front of the balustrade... more »

  • Warm Cave

    There is nothing but warmth
    In this soul of mine, O Beloved.
    A breeze interrupts me while I speak
    Through my heart, understanding peace.... more »

  • Warm Evening

    A warm, smoky evening walked and ran,
    Knowing has a certainty, of resentment.
    I had thought of significant ideas and moments,
    Inner thoughts destroyed me afterwards.... more »

  • Warm Within

    You keep me warm within, like a dove of mirth,
    Clapping the wings as flight meets the fingers,
    Teaching the happiness of the air with legs.... more »

  • Warn Only

    Warn only when instructed by the little brains,
    Their messages dissolve in water too finely,
    Fully ridiculing the blowing botany,
    And the zigzagging zoology,... more »

  • Wars Above

    Dripping visions collide with the fantastic,
    It was a failure, dressed or not dressed.
    One of the triumphs became one of the losses,
    Bunches of lilacs and groups of roses.... more »

  • Wars And Words

    Certain people ride and wage a war,
    Jostled by the crowds of cowards;
    Certain representatives speak ill
    Of those in the zone of battalions.... more »

  • Wars Are For Winning

    They war on us to give keys and secrets,
    They war on us for reasons and with treasons.
    They war on us to shake a fist or beat a bone,
    They war on us to condemn and to destroy.... more »

  • Wars That Be

    Wars of the athlete are solid like grass,
    The grass empties into the pit of sand
    And the legs are bursting forth over it.
    Many pits contain the message of eternity,... more »

  • Was Blind

    He was blind as a head of triumphs,
    The coast capped with headaches
    As hems of the sword were sworn in,
    Words considerably wept from the blood.... more »