• Washed Animals

    After ablutions and breakfast, the cattle are raised
    To be fine helpers in the family farm so to speak.
    Turning the radio to a desirable station our keeping
    Is alerted by the frowning of a gentlemanly farmer.... more »

  • Watch Out!

    The best and finest work of art is stored in a house,
    That looked rather grand and mansionly to put,
    So much framed I made of this home for the living
    That you even could not object and learn anew.... more »

  • Watch Your Move

    You seem to like my moves,
    In the rare instant lies my very moves.
    To lie is harsh, harsher still,
    For they wonder far on the other side,... more »

  • Water Defies

    The performance mounts the horse,
    A thanking river blooms in full view;
    One is exactly admiring this natural
    Monument of strife and strictness.... more »

  • Water Flows

    Any extraordinary water flows from the fountain
    To dive into more water, this fluent language resents;
    Labour terrifies our belongings and territory,
    The guns blow their bullets as fast as the universe.... more »

  • Water In A Well

    I have found a watery well in the living world
    And hastily embarked on a listening session
    For my future and past;
    Now my lesson has been proclaimed.... more »

  • Water In Eternity

    Water burdens the hated being of all,
    Earth cares for the hated burning body;
    But they are buried beyond a solution,
    Opening the coughing and fallen paint.... more »

  • Water Is From A Cloud

    Water is the act of living a cloud,
    We twist and twirl, forget our country
    And skip the religion, wanting a leader
    To turn the tide and commit anger.... more »

  • Water Is Of Us

    I cleverly walk the road as destitutes gather
    And walk with me as well. How are they to live?
    My past has excelled by its standards,
    And I achieve more than God,... more »

  • Water Mouth-Full

    A passing ruptured river or stream,
    I define terror as this single rupture.
    You have found water from utter violence,
    Violence from the jungle behind,... more »

  • Water, And No Water

    Rings of water collapse, interfering with us,
    A solvent is blooming with a solute.
    This pool can inspire the mood into a light,
    Full light, what is the whole light?... more »

  • Waters Of Grief

    Could stagnant waters stare into grief?
    Could blame be cast on shadowy streets?
    My hearts are structured on unique winds,
    Blowing through the veins and arteries of size.... more »

  • Watersome

    He died of old age and not disfigurement,
    Yet I loathe the bold character inwardly clever
    Of a man who resides in the back of my head.
    He kept stinging and fed me with jargon... more »

  • Watery Eyes

    This crossing kept my eyes watery,
    The marks of my command became abnormality;
    The beginning of my prose was bland,
    Fearfully, this writing was somewhat grand.... more »

  • Waves Of The Ocean

    Waves draw back in the distance,
    Smart and simple waters up to the waist.
    The ebb is certain, like the teeth that munch,
    Forming a tide of grief.... more »

  • Waves Of Thoughts

    Waves draw back to see the breath
    Of a thousand gods and their lights.
    Warring day after day, they never suffer
    The blows of a cruel hand,... more »

  • Ways To Forget

    The day came where it was,
    Why do exits come to will
    The ways of men and women
    In union?... more »

  • We Are A Road To Travel On

    We are the old roads travelled by wary mysterious men,
    We trust their footprints, their treks and treats and displays.
    When lessons abide in the heart, that time there is a sandpit,
    Where the head joins the heart, we heard a beat of mercy.... more »

  • We Are Born Beautifully

    We are born out of arduous ways, fulfilling
    The dream descending on every soul that shudders.
    The huddling men are shorter than the cuddling women,
    The lives of children seem to blend and actuate problems... more »

  • We Are Generous

    Please the poor with some money and riches of high nature,
    These people need love, full of loveliness, and we are generous.

    To individuals of highest repute I look at their heads... more »

  • We Are Hearts Of Life

    We found the life inside the heart,
    We find it speak to the birds and moon;
    Differences are higher than expected,
    Life is a discovery of the wonderful man.... more »

  • We Are Sweeter Than The Wheel

    We are sweeter than apple juice when odd stars
    Reckon like the kings of the queens, the right in health.
    We are blessed like the rage of the ancients, the rights
    Of a man derive the equations of physics and ascertain... more »

  • We As Poets

    We as poets must command a sacred accent over a language of our choice,
    We as poets must gift the minds of a failing generation,
    We as poets must demand a clear explanation and a fair occupation,
    We as poets must dissolve into particles and dust if we have not known enough,... more »

  • We Can Build

    We can build a nonsensical man
    So that ideas become a reduction,
    The increase in sin is expertly done,
    The symbols of a whitewall are absolute.... more »

  • We Die So Soon?

    The way we die? Death is an obstacle,
    Must it hurt to train the hunter or be hunted?
    Bruises are daily, yearly, infinitely, like liars
    Of the night that sparkle diamonds in the sky.... more »