• We Do Not Remember

    We do not remember a necessary fact,
    Events are too remote for greater respect;
    Great bodies are great facts of squalor,
    Under the names that are mattering to us.... more »

  • We Dress In Human Attire

    We dress in an attire so perfect,
    That skin is perfect as perfect can read,
    And the boundary I cross is beauty,
    For beauty has an another author.... more »

  • We Dwell And Yearn

    In these smaller moments of turning and yearning,
    Where countries embark on adventure as everyone dwells,
    And calculus meets trigonometry from the highest tasks,
    What is the straight meaning of our worlds and words?... more »

  • We Find Her There

    ... more »

  • We Gather With Luck

    We gather love like mothers who listen to their speech,
    Everything is fair, every woman will bow before Her Maker.
    Men will do the same according to the customs of squires,
    Menace them not in the woes of their existence, nor their reason.... more »

  • We Grow And We Die

    May we die as we have delivered,
    Natures of the brain are compact;
    Nested in the rights of Our Word
    Is the brilliant brain and the well-spoken heart.... more »

  • We Have Become

    We became the river of the veins, a servant of distress, who winks,
    Liking the sending of a message, which runs into the heart and cavity.
    Our reason was clear from the outset, leaving us feeling the care of high,
    Forces bled into a straight and narrow highway, forming tears in the eyes.... more »

  • We Love To Read

    We love to read the finer prose,
    Cool letters are like the breeze blowing,
    Inspiring my intelligence with souls
    That tread the complications of books.... more »

  • We Met In A Freezer

    Vaporize me when I am ailing, pretty,
    As golden as the ripest cooked chicken.
    I have reentered my room of chickens,
    Chills are learnt, it is the chimp.... more »

  • We Must Dissolve

    We must dissolve and reunite like water molecules,
    Still the names are mentioned to be exact like my weapon,
    But these words frequent the pages for the exact men,
    Because we ponder and understand these talking points.... more »

  • We Name

    We name and keep listening
    To the heavenly voices
    Which collide with the words
    I recite from old books and new.... more »

  • We Negotiate

    Electric as the wind in sizzling mode,
    The sweat of the train is at best and bliss;
    I cleanly arrive supported by statesmen,
    The friendly haste is suspense,... more »

  • We See Light

    We see light and sound as waves,
    Arrows do sell a pain and pang,
    Finding us with guile and wit,
    Forming a circle of doubt with those who sang.... more »

  • We Stay In Light

    We stay in the pleasure of the light,
    Offering peace to an expanse of sayings,
    Then light unfurls like a scroll of life,
    Watching the deities with a scary line.... more »

  • We Stood In Awe

    We stood in awe, my words reigned behind my back,
    Like frogs, turtles, and agonies of the summer singing.

    More of the sky burst forward, capsized as a boat,... more »

  • We Talk

    Now we talk in ways of order,
    It must be sometimes the good of being,
    Or the rights of a human,
    Yet now the disease has spread.... more »

  • We Worship

    Why do we worship? The man who does this
    Is a person who believes in belief itself;
    A mind races with his hood and wage,
    Flowers are mostly strong in their talents... more »

  • Weak And Surprised

    It means we abstain from pleasure and pain,
    Concluding the righteous life with an act
    We state on our death-bed, the very head.... more »

  • Weak Or Strong?

    Never before in this life
    Do we extend our greetings
    To the infirm and lame.... more »

  • Wealth

    I declare beyond fortresses then and now,
    I decide when and why my sayings are run,
    We demand the wealth of the world to be,
    And we devise a holy happening because of we.... more »

  • Wealth And Food

    There is pity where we walk
    In the mouths we float our food
    Sin is again in the mind
    What will this bring when we think?... more »

  • Wealthy Son

    I leap and creep, like a baking son,
    Eating my bread from the one who stakes
    His heart on the love of wine and weather.... more »

  • Wear A Joke

    A wear is all of you, like me,
    But when do you just wear;
    The answer brings a morning ski
    In snow, in too much stare.... more »

  • Wearing A Shirt

    It is better to wear a shirt to protect your happiness,
    The wearing of an item of clothing like this one is immense.
    We stagger and wait more than others, wearing shirts and trousers,
    Still this happened a long time ago, once when the sea opened.... more »

  • Weathers

    We work like weathers so hurried,
    Today, we are crowded and accompanied
    By the slashing of rain accelerating,
    Muck like what is accompanying.... more »