• Wedding-Feast Is Over

    The wedding-feast is over,
    The lawn is dark again,
    Shadows boil and become royal,
    Like witnesses of the puzzle.... more »

  • Weddings Of Colour

    The song wedded itself when a note of illness
    Rang the other person, a man of stretched ability
    That stayed on his bed for a night and a day.
    This funeral was finer than objects of colour,... more »

  • Weeping Has A Sound

    The weeping sounds empty wallets one day,
    Opening an ossified mind, a solid sacred river.
    The weeping has been heard before time,
    A selfish colour of the deceiver.... more »

  • Well Actions

    Worship accordingly, well are the actions
    And the deeds concern us having an ordeal.
    In our banks of thoughts we have an ordeal
    For the money to grow on the heavenly branches.... more »

  • Well Of Water

    I pray to God and find a nation too old and real,
    Thirsty is He who finds fellowship of health,
    And big is He who is better of never never topics,
    Of little and loving statements, too hard... more »

  • Well, Don'T Die!

    Well, dancer of the skies,
    Don't die for the forward action,
    Live like a diamond in the night,
    With wooden legs and heavy heads.... more »

  • Well-Respected

    ... more »

  • West And East

    ... more »

  • What Can I Do?

    Rather than telling me so many problems,
    Cling to me and save yourself;
    Too right.... more »

  • What Is A Man?

    What is man?
    He is the eternal reflection.

    Who is the first man?... more »

  • What Truth Is In Love?

    What is the truth in love
    When the mountain air is complete?
    My interest is my intellect, sudden
    And abrupt like follies and findings.... more »

  • What We See

    Can we believe in our eyes when we see?
    Is there a reason to understand for us to be?
    Being can act like experience, and thoughts will dither,
    Implying safe contracts and wise descriptions.... more »

  • Whatever You Keep

    Whatever you steal from the devil - keep it.

    Whatever you own and possess, kill it and decide
    The ruination of your trusted object.... more »

  • Wheeled Feet

    The feet have wheels of young endeavor,
    Their signs are numerous and weighty,
    For the weeks go by to succumb to pain
    As the days roll by, as the days always sigh.... more »

  • When Astray

    A total warrior closes his sword when astray,
    Offered by him is the law of the cured, when astray.

    Destiny has its roots in madness of a solution,... more »

  • When Do I See Him?

    When I see the prudence of the prophet
    I can see the sight according to oneness.
    In this emergency of lights fading into reality,
    My position smiles, it leaves like the lead in a pencil.... more »

  • When I Am To Die

    When I am to die my life must be born,
    When I am to die my death must be bliss afterwards.
    Inside the soul is some pain,
    Inside the body was a gel or spirit or gem,... more »

  • When I Dream

    I occupy him when I dream,
    His mind addresses the dream.
    His interaction can be cruel,
    But why do we cry for him?... more »

  • When I Was With My Father

    When I was young, my father and I talked
    Of the ways we grew like magnets to each other;
    We went to the lectures together,
    Learnt industry by meeting the top bosses,... more »

  • When Man Exists

    Who is man?
    He believes that his dreams are what reality brings,
    He thinks according to his own philosophy,
    He states the political end.... more »

  • When Questioned

    To linger in the night requires patience,
    Reading the pages of a book.
    To wade into the day after sleep
    Gains the subjects and goals of life.... more »

  • When You Work

    When you work it is musical, we are brainy and sane,
    Don't speak of sincerity when physics and astronomy.
    The speaking child is a bored dilemma of straightness,
    The path is gained from bored men who slam their tongues.... more »

  • Where For Me?

    But, where is the prison for me?
    I see light through a window of my own making,
    And my tasty food enchants beings
    Who stammer in their speech.... more »

  • Where My Parrot Lies

    The budgerigar lines the tree sealed,
    Seeds are sown tonight to see if growth swims.
    The rug is a garden of vice, the brick is about,
    For the house of leaves collapses with guesses.... more »

  • Where There Is Grass

    Out where lies the grass, we grow too, harnessing energy,
    Protecting the livestock, and ensuring happiness reigns supreme.
    Lovers are seen in the dust, causing our children to follow their
    Steps into the darkness and light, forgetting day and night.... more »