• Where Trees Are, I Am!

    Just trees will grow in shapes that please,
    My shapes do grow like limbs;
    Eyes see, ears hear - abilities!
    But trees possess just whims.... more »

  • Where Was I?

    Where was I born? And now I am
    A new repeated spirit of some behavior;
    The disturbed house has been afraid
    Of the felt minds and occupations.... more »

  • Whirlwinds

    The rain petered out after days,
    Suddenly the rain began always.
    The fashion of the club we call the nation
    Was a fashion of rain, rain and erosion.... more »

  • Whispers From A Dog

    The beach whispers cold health
    Of weeds and the sea.
    A faint gale has arisen
    And gains the mind’s adventure.... more »

  • Whispers Of Canal-Ghosts

    The whispers of damsels are like moonlight,
    Subtle like ghosts of the winds and rain;
    The river banks overflow from their tears,
    Gleaming reluctance is in their breath.... more »

  • White Ropes

    Harrowing ropes glow from the throats,
    Tightening the throats can be gladdening;
    Upwards the stream of air escalated,
    Disturbing and traumatic was the wind.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    A bleary friend is seen through my eyes,
    To be exact we derive a bleary eye;
    Be able of this moment, be the command of liberty.
    From liberal measures the abandonment of the eyes... more »

  • Who Are We?

    Who are we?
    Are we humans that have made ourselves provisions?
    The hierarchy results in collisions
    And we are unique, in the way we were.... more »

  • Who Believes?

    I believed in the eyes that devolved,
    Watching still the scenes of nature;
    I gathered myself to be thrown
    Into the abyss of my design,... more »

  • Whole Swan

    The whole hearted swan has flown distant lands
    Where seas have merged and disgrace has paid an
    Awful amount of love.
    The love forces one love to bring the swans to bigger... more »

  • Why Am I Chosen?

    Why have I chosen the priests to work hard inside?
    There is a stern reason to this simplicity,
    This light of joy that springs from the woods,
    And it survives with a long life of right.... more »

  • Why Do Knowers Whisper?

    Why is knowledge so powerful, when I am powerless?
    In every society, in every family, and in every household,
    The powerless gain company, and the whole prize is taken
    By the gentry, by the gestures and the golden statues.... more »

  • Why Do We Know?

    Is division a cure or is additional comfort the bridge?
    Why, I have almost all knowledge, all advantage.
    This adeptness in the mirror angers my intelligence
    As much as advice over the folly, the announcement in absence.... more »

  • Why Do We Suffer?

    Why do I suffer everyday and sit silent from exhaustion?
    When do tears try a little silence, from the heart and soul?
    My authority is my blessing, his brotherhood stays an author,
    But Allah is the Author Most Great! Allah will judge your soul!... more »

  • Why The Gods?

    Together we expect the Gods to grow,
    And our search is before the tomorrow
    Brings our results as wonderful feeling,
    An emotion I keep too bringing,... more »

  • Why Was I Exterminated?

    Why was I exterminated?
    Why are there destructive forces?
    When do they cease divorces?
    And where can they be debated?... more »

  • Why?

    I wonder for an arrest to be argued
    To leave a man without his job,
    With his job, without his job,
    With his job, without it,... more »

  • Wicked War

    War measures undertaken at midnight
    Seemed pitiless, wicked as pitying;
    The call to arms of a special race,
    A race of demons not warriors... more »

  • Wide Crowd

    Was it not for you the wide skies and wells of pure water?
    Have not the birds seized their wings in an effort to die?
    But you fly further, your flight is boosting the living life,
    Feeding the mouths of children, feeling their tension.... more »

  • Wild Manners

    Wild manners offend you in places that spit blood,
    Those hells are greetings from the wise at evil,
    Filling their holes and pits with holding fists
    That dangerously murder as well as torture... more »

  • Will Of A Shape

    Here was the will of a shape,
    He became noisy in speech;
    Now for the way inside others,
    He lurched into the scene offering... more »

  • Wilting And Weak

    Do not step on soldiers who mightily maraud the weak,
    Who are the soldiers? What is their command?
    These soldiers marry into fellowship and youth,
    Knights roam the country in search of young help.... more »

  • Win

    ... more »

  • Win Over

    It was regular as clockwork,
    Opening the pages of a volume of print,
    Licking the paper of old and ancient times
    That swayed and swung from corner to corner.... more »

  • Wind Blows

    Never does the wind blow twice
    In this way that it blows.
    Many dearest friends are compelled
    To inhabit the air with frozen attitudes.... more »