• Women And Men

    Let passion be a weapon,
    Men heard the women speak!
    They raised their voices to fit,
    And compassion faced us.... more »

  • Wonder At All

    All you do is talk of why I was true,
    All of me is saying pleasant news you;
    Almost far I push the leather at whim,
    So to enhance my living at being dim.... more »

  • Wonder Of The World

    I am peaceful in this puzzle,
    Forming season after season,
    Keeping the air while I climb,
    With these pyramids of joy,... more »

  • Wonderful Dreams

    Wonder is the brain of dreams, the wearing of wisdom,
    The highest praise, a negative positivity, a live wire.
    Wondered were they who survived the annual struggle,
    Their wonders never finish, never do they conclude into struggle;... more »

  • Wonderful Job

    To travel and find a sensible person,
    Is the task of a scout who wants to converse.
    His job can mean several wonderful pursuits,
    One he chooses out of these.... more »

  • Wonderful Seeds

    What does sprout from seeds?
    The flowers might, but do not war with deeds.
    Then a darling panting comes from the breathing space,
    Wonders adjust the expenses of the body, and this is the case.... more »

  • Wonders Of The Day

    Wonders of the night are lower when dancing is taught,
    There is pain and promise, pain and promise, fully taught.
    Wonders of the day are absolute, regarding the issues of light,
    Everywhere we see the night and the day, enlightening.... more »

  • Wondrous Souls

    The wonder of the soul enlarges
    To fill hills with mountains of gold;
    This virtue of the whole fish
    Is lightly felt, but humans tread... more »

  • Wooden

    The wood of the trees is burning like a star,
    Its a satan in the greenery, a star of hideousness.
    The wood is cold, fierce with ice and snow,
    The star has been absorbed and all is called now.... more »

  • Wooden Staff

    It was raining and the wooden staff conquered
    My daily meals for its veracity was stronger than before.
    All the greens and golds and clouds of stairs
    Came finding me with brilliant items of clothing.... more »

  • Woodsman

    A man of the woods carries his belongings
    To a hut, where he proclaims a message
    To his family, and restores himself with comfort.... more »

  • Wording Is Accurate

    Cauldron of broth is alive with speech of vapour,
    Valour has a new notion of pleasure,
    Altogether, and altogether clever,
    Will simplicity speak solid?... more »

  • Words

    Unutterable words have been spoken by the man in front of me,
    Fools sway, in institutions and in parks, with drink and joy.
    Words are hastened in speech, in writing by the professions,
    As professors teach new skills only to move onwards in life.... more »

  • Words Again

    Thoughts can be words, can be flowers that burgeon like words,
    Thunders that are right in the middle of happiness,
    Ones that make talk with books and with all speaking sense.... more »

  • Words And Wars

    If you understand me, duty calls,
    And it trains you in arts of thinking thin;
    The language of the soul is fast and warm,
    It slithers in the crevices, it dives into beaches.... more »

  • Words Are Chosen

    The words are the philosophy of our lives,
    Their wisdom has both brother and sister;
    The unique pleasure is a solid endeavour,
    Speaking casts eyes upon the user of phrases,... more »

  • Words Dressed

    A tailor of your words has dressed you up
    And your old speech, to make you better for it.
    The release of relics is sacred, all this completion
    Seems to question the authority.... more »

  • Words In Existence

    Speaking fortitude beyond the ideals of knowledge,
    We are on a bridge investing pride into the society;
    To cross is to ignite, today a delivery has emerged,
    Tomorrow will be a fire so huge that infinity returns.... more »

  • Words Of Heaven

    The words of the heavens are arriving
    To see supplications from the believers;
    Inside the country of love is a belief
    To encounter and explore, for all the folks.... more »

  • Words Of Law

    A madness has been adapted,
    My words of law are aborted;
    Abandoning them is like discourtesy
    So well claimed that it meant apostasy.... more »

  • Words Of Peace

    Peace had come, to arouse feelings with emotions,
    Gathering a desperate courage was ideal for peace.
    He observed the sails flapped more sensibly with clothes,
    By the intensity of the weather of the tempest, a system.... more »

  • Words Of Some Sort

    The balancing action of a few words wraps us in sin,
    Sin has a way of telling others the whole secret.
    The embroidery so sudden enacts the religious view and worship,
    A word or two carried new meaning to the select.... more »

  • Words Of The Jungle

    You feel the strength forever in this righteous night,
    You are dismayed by this blackness that is all right;
    Forcing me rivers, the light of the calamity is the day,
    These rivers bend and subjugate a mighty ruin.... more »

  • Words Of The Sea

    ... more »

  • Words Pass

    Words pass the air with rapid success,
    Words and more words shall gather in bliss.
    Their faces are passages of concern,
    A limit to the function seems in doubt,... more »