• Written

    It is terminated, finished and complete,
    The writing on the pages of my book.
    I have learnt of the distress, the look of disease,
    Such as intelligence and wisdom of hard strength.... more »

  • Written Words

    One written word connects to another
    With fidelity, light life and strong snore;
    We have scores of the highest trifle,
    Words follow clauses of districts and names,... more »

  • Years Gone

    Years have gone by, and I have joined
    With my friends in absolute peace.
    These wishes bestow mercy on us,
    The streams of joy shall spread into our lands.... more »

  • Years Of Rightness

    O right one! class Him with eyes of steel whilst you live,
    And never lie!
    For the righteous one clasps the nose and knows a secret,
    So never travel space-time.... more »

  • Yelling

    My infamous place inside this plane of existence
    Is of a heavenly nature, the nature of heavenliness.
    My hate is overcome by love for the impolite few
    Yelling fortnightly, yelling as if they conquered.... more »

  • You A Soul

    To be a soul I cancel my own look,
    Then schisms catch the whole of thought and speech.

    To one the saying breaches trust so good,... more »

  • You And Your Career

    Your ears were choosing what to hear,
    When mighty jungles claimed noises,
    The reason behind the brain and what is clear.... more »

  • You Are Born

    Knowledge is in need of action when you recite it from the heart,
    Rote memory is required, but the limbs from the prior souls also, for you are one born.

    The mothers have given birth to you, your father is godly for he is good,... more »

  • You Are Dreary

    When you are dreary
    And feelings are rare,
    The sleep must be mounting
    Like horsemen who dismount... more »

  • You Are Human

    Fancy a jelly-like idealist, a manly felonious criminal
    Of ill-repute; He does all that pain for your summary
    And these poets carry pots of words on their heads,
    Telling or reporting, murmuring or completing,... more »

  • You Are In Loss

    I am the one who loves most,
    If seeing me is bitter, then most will weep.
    My face is a solid goal for beauty innate,
    If seeing me is better then it is bitter.... more »

  • You Are In Office

    Forced by the hundred and pushed by thousands,
    It implies the multiple office and ending of some.

    They had an elephant of ice and snow police,... more »

  • You Are In Triumph

    I wail and wince at your triumphs,
    Whilst my urges grow stronger everyday.
    The garments of beauty on my body
    Outweigh the weight on my mind.... more »

  • You Are Incarnate, Like The Heart

    Life is an utensil of the flesh, the wound that never
    Perspires, or grows too tall in the spirits.
    It is your heart that alarms you when in fright,
    So beat your heart with your might, solely to feel... more »

  • You Are Just A Small Bush

    The world is a bush, and I am a small bush,
    In forward marching, I contain the ideal stance,
    Protecting my poetry as it unravels into signs,
    Knots are untied, their nature undone and exalted.... more »

  • You Are Minor

    I am major, you are minor,
    For what do you meet?
    If size bellows from minds,
    Then largeness is your goal... more »

  • You Are My Character

    But you are two and I am one,
    Superior talent beside the tree;
    The only playing is the board game,
    This playing is more of the complexions,... more »

  • You Are Old As Well

    There was an old man from the monastery,
    His life was too solid and goodie,
    Because of his expulsion,
    From the religious region,... more »

  • You Are Right

    It may be that you are right,
    Yet Adam believed you were right.
    Righteous action is trusted,
    Like the storm of winds in trust.... more »

  • You Are Sorry

    You are going to be sorry,
    With distress gone back,
    When the brick walls cascade
    Like feathers of the hall.... more »

  • You Are The Way Of Light

    You are the way of love for love is in the Sufi,
    You, you are ignorant of the path ladled with ruin.
    Instead, your eyes grow according to the godliness,
    For Sufis teach the soul's trick, and you are clever.... more »

  • You Die

    You die and life bestows promise
    And reward.
    You die and live for the work to end,
    And to what reward?... more »

  • You Enlighten Me

    You do not know a light that burns,
    So safe is your quality that hides.
    Its world is its group that hides,
    Light emanates like a life.... more »

  • You Enter

    As you enter, a flag flies past,
    Fluttering and grieving like pain,
    A prize compensates you
    Like the winged knight.... more »

  • You Entered Like The Officer

    You entered the nose of the house of eternity,
    We found the body obviously, the body of dreams,
    The truth is nasal breath, the truth is obliterating us.
    A trumpet sounds often, we firstly become the other day,... more »